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Wildflower: The Wildflower Series Book One (Volume 1) ePub download

by Mrs. Amy Maurer Jones

  • Author: Mrs. Amy Maurer Jones
  • ISBN: 1477542396
  • ISBN13: 978-1477542392
  • ePub: 1876 kb | FB2: 1722 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First Edition edition (May 31, 2012)
  • Pages: 294
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 117
  • Format: mobi lrf lit mbr
Wildflower: The Wildflower Series Book One (Volume 1) ePub download

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Amy Maurer Jones has been happily married to her own version of Edward Cullen for sixteen years Wildflower (1 book) by. Amy Maurer Jones (Goodreads Author).

Amy Maurer Jones has been happily married to her own version of Edward Cullen for sixteen years. She and her soul mate, Kelly, live in Tabor City, North Carolina with their two beautiful children, Olivia and Keaton. When Amy isn’t reading and writing, she teaches high school theater arts and dance. On April 10, The Vampire's Daughter, Book One of the Emmie Davenport series, will be published by Nevermore Press. Today I'm very happy to help Erin show off the cover and blurb for her upcoming release. Ordinary girl Emmie Davenport thought college would be a fresh beginning. Wildflower (1 book) by.

By (author) Mrs Amy Maurer Jones. Amy Maurer Jones has been happily married to her own version of Edward Cullen for sixteen years. She lives in the small town of Tabor City, North Carolina (close to the North and South Carolina shore) with her husband Kelly and their two beautiful children, Olivia and Keaton. Amy loves reading and writing Young Adult because she finds young people inspiring. She appreciates how teens are able to look at the world with a fresh perspective and willingly open their minds to the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

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The Wildflower Series by Amy Maurer Jones - YA Historical Romance.

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Laney Stillwater has obsessed over gorgeous Jordan Stone for as long as she can remember, but when Joshua Bangs moves to Plymouth, her fascination is divided. Laney’s instant connection with the new boy lessens the appeal of perfect Jordan’s game of cat and mouse. When he finally levels with her about his true feelings, it may be too little too late. Unfortunately, the three souls have been intertwined for hundreds of years, living the same life over and over. When destiny demands a tragic ending, how can love prevail?
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Wildflower is a truly different type of story that is both beautiful and emotional. Taking reincarnation and throwing in past loves, makes, in my opinion, the overdone love triangle okay.

This book was a great and enjoyable read. I loved every page, held on to every word, and felt every emotion possible for the main character. When I first found this book, I was kind of iffy on it. The summary didn’t give me much to work off of, but is still intrigued me enough to try it out. Honestly, I’m glad I did... (continue this review via website)
Wow Wildflower was unexpected!!! I saw that a lot of the authors I followed were on Twitter about it incessantly so I figured I see what all the hype was about!! I was pleasantly surprised! Wildflower is a cute love story about the reincarnation of a love triangle between Wildflower, present day Laney, Joshua Bangs and Paco, present day Jordan. Laney is next to be her reservations Shaman and has been dreaming about her past lives of forbidden love and tragedy and two men who have been fighting for her heart. It's amazing when their past life is unraveled and the pure love story there is wonderful. I like how she uses modern day teen angst to develop the love story that has happened so long ago and keeps recurring life after life. And the two love interests are adorable! I will definitely be reading Fly Away, the next installment just so I can see how the love triangle unfolds!!
*possible spoilers, but I will try not to, just a warning* I so loved this book. It was different and well put together. The whole reborn concept with lovers and their dreams was fun to learn about and I was curious if I knew the 'when where how' by the end of the book. Wow, there were so many interesting, entertaining concepts throughout the whole book. Along with the dreams of past lives, my heart ached for all of them involved. I loved the uniqueness of the 'markings'. Awesome book!
The storyline okay. There is a part in the story they go to a different realm which could have been built on. Instead, the way it is now, I don't see the importance of them going to this realm. The ending seemed rushed to me.
i really loved the whole aspect of this book, i was so entranced from the get go. strong character development and since im such a dork i was totally sucked in to the historical and reincarnation element. and i may or may not have had some disney songs going through my head lol once you read it you should know which ones. i cant wait to read the second book and see what other suprises Amy has waiting for us.
This has a really good story line and easy to follow. I will read more from this author! 2 Thumbs Up!
I will be waiting as patient as possible for Fly away this book was amazing. I read it in one day I couldn't put it down. Love love love
Amy Jones you make me Moan! Lol ew that's gross, but anyway WILDFLOWER was intense, intriguing, emotional and amazing! I absolutely loved it!

The book starts off waaaaay back in the day, I'm not talking 1990 I'm talkin' 1700's! WILDFLOWER is the daughter of a powerful Shaman who falls in love with Joshua Bangs (I'd Bang him alright lol) an Englishman's son who comes to trade with the Indians. When their souls connect it causes problems for her tribe and his... um... clan? Group? something! Anyway then the book shoots us into present day 2011 where young Laney Stillwater is crushing mad serious on Jordan Stone! This kid is sketchy at best, I mean one minute he's into her then the next he treats her like sh**! Serious WTF moment for me! I was like "This b!tch lost his mind!" A disastrous date causes Laney to write Jordan off for not sticking up for her! (Guys you gotta stick up for your girl PERIOID!) Laney starts to dream of a mystery boy named Joshua and when she gets to school the next day this kat just strolls in like BAM! I'm Here b!tches! They both realize they dream about each other and Laney discovers that when she draws shit on a notepad the image comes to life and ends up tattooed on her skin! I loved this about the story, Laney ends up with wicked tattoos by just drawing! Hello! I wish I could draw and have this happen, it would save me a s*!t ton of cash on paying a tat artist! When Jordan starts believing the stupid rumors about Laney being a witch due to her tribal beliefs it breaks her heart and he ends up turning to the b**ch click in school. They all start to realize through their dreams of past lives that they have a tragic history that could possibly be doomed to be repeated!

I wasn't too sure where this book was going but I found myself hooked into the story from the first chapter. I have always loved the history of the Indians and WILDFLOWER satisfied my curiosity. Laney was a cool character I thought. The girl could draw and it come to life literally and ended up somewhere on her skin!!! The relationship between Laney and Joshua was so beautiful and sweet! I was really rooting for these two but then the author throws in a dang surprise twist ending that left me completely salivating for what happens next dang it! Jordan pissed me off a time or two but his part in the story was crucial and I loved how he was included into everything! involving Laney and Joshua! UGH! Amazing read! You have to check this book out!!!

(Review by Hootie of Globug and Hootie Need a Book)
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