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Back When You Were Easier to Love ePub download

by Emily Wing Smith

  • Author: Emily Wing Smith
  • ISBN: 0525421998
  • ISBN13: 978-0525421993
  • ePub: 1505 kb | FB2: 1419 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers (April 28, 2011)
  • Pages: 304
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 987
  • Format: lrf docx rtf lrf
Back When You Were Easier to Love ePub download

9 quotes from Emily Wing Smith: 'Being soaked alone is cold. I like reading, but I love libraries. Being surrounded by books makes me feel safe, the way some people need trees or mountains around them to feel secure

9 quotes from Emily Wing Smith: 'Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure. 'But I loved the library simply because it was a library. Being surrounded by books makes me feel safe, the way some people need trees or mountains around them to feel secure. Not me – nature’s not what I cling to. I cling to books. Emily Wing Smith, Back When You Were Easier to Love. tags: books, library.

Emily Wing Smith lives with her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was fun to read, at first I thought it was kind of confusing because it was the start of the book and throughout the book it goes back in forth to when Jody was with Zan and then back to the "present" where Zan is gone. The plot had me SO freaking curious as to what happened to Zan. I got sucked in and couldn't stop.

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See 1 question about Back When You Were Easier to Lov. And it doesn't hurt that I really liked Noah. I spent probably the first half of the book thinking Smith was taking the easy way out and making him too perfect, too nice. And he is very nice and all of that

See 1 question about Back When You Were Easier to Lov. ists with This Book. Young Adult Road Trip Novels. And he is very nice and all of that. But Smith does right by his character too as his flaws and weaknesses come out and we begin to understand him better (coincidentally, as Joy begins to understand him better).

I say, rummaging through my backpack, then at least let me change out of my Barry shirt first. hange clothes entirely and have my friends think that I think this late-night visit to his room is a big deal. But I don’t want to wear my Barry shirt, either, and make myself look like an even bigger service project than Noah already thinks I am-a lunatic Barry Manilow fan who drags some guy who couldn’t care less to her old hometown and makes him meet her friends

Автор: Smith Emily Wing Название: The Way He Lived ISBN . Sara Zarr, National Book Award Finalist Compassionate and heartfelt. The truth is, there are untapped sources of meaning all around us.

Sara Zarr, National Book Award Finalist Compassionate and heartfelt. Ellen Wittlinger, Michael L. Printz AwardHonoree Winner of the 2009 Utah Book Award".

Dutton Children's Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

The romantic conclusion is safely assured. Annoying as Joy is at first with her obsession with Zan, it soon becomes clear that she is an unreliable narrator, which adds intrigue. Short, present-tense chapters with some lists and almost poetic interludes interspersed keep the pages turning relatively painlessly.

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What's worse than getting dumped? Not even knowing if you've been dumped. Joy got no goodbye, and certainly no explanation when Zan-the love of her life and the only good thing about stifling, backward Haven, Utah-unceremoniously and unexpectedly left for college a year early. Joy needs closure almost as much as she needs Zan, so she heads for California, and Zan, riding shotgun beside Zan's former-best-friend Noah. Original and insightful, quirky and crushing, Joy's story is told in surprising and artfully shifting flashbacks between her life then and now. Exquisite craft and wry, relatable humor signal the arrival of Emily Wing Smith as a breakout talent.
I have to say, this book wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I enjoyed it anyway. Joy is consumed by her relationship with Zan; it is how she defines herself. When Zan leaves unexpectedly for college with little to no explanation, Joy is convinced it's not because of her, but because of the extremely perfect, Moran town they live in. Unable to see the relationship from outside the box, Joy embarks on a journey to find Zan and get the answers she is looking for.

What I loved about this book was the ability to see myself in Joy. Everyone has a relationship in their lives that consumes them. A relationship where you lose yourself and feel as if the other person makes you who you are. No matter how good or bad the relationship actually is, you are unable to see it for what it really is.

Joy's journey is more about finding herself and how she lost herself than finding answers. This is a great read for anyone who has felt consumed in a relationship and lost it!
Very well written! Enjoyed this book; this one I liked better than her first book. Maybe it's because the cheesy dramatizations of teenage girls always amuses me and I think,"I was never like that." In all reality, I'm sure I had my the-end-of-the-world moments as an adolescent. I enjoyed the end the most, her growth and realization of herself as a person. Every teenage girl should come to understand that what others think of her is less important than what she thinks and finds within herself; and that she can stand as an individual, instead of an attachment to someone or something in order to be of worth.
I don't know. I keep going back and forth on this one. I literally just clicked 3 stars. Started the pro list and changed it to four. Finished the con and changed it to two. Three. Two. Four. Three. Whatever. There were good things, and one big giant thing that irked me a lot personally. I'mma give you a pro-con list and let you decide.

- Pacing was pretty good. A light, easy read. I don't know how to give my opinion about this without being SUPER spoilery... but let's just say that we peaked earlier than expected with a fake-out climactic scene and then the real climax never really came. I know this is a romance novel but that sentence was not a euphemism.
- Voice. Voice. VoiceVoiceVoice. Nailed it. To the point where if you get annoyed by teenagers you will definitely be annoyed by this. But mostly you'll just notice how conversational and real it feels.
- Adorable. Cutesy romance without being insta-love or forever love or anything other than what it is: a blossoming teen romance.

*deep breath*

The main character is Mormon, living in "Haven", Utah. "Haven" could be Provo or any other predominantly Mormon town. The main character spends most of the book complaining about how Mormon-y everything is. She is annoyed by Mormon people, Mormon traditions, Mormon trends, Mormon rules, everything. She mocks their clothes and their hair and their music and their food and their crafts and their kids and their parties and literally everything about them. She mocks their teeth, their language, their shoes, the fact that many of them play soccer and are hygienic.

I didn't know the main character was Mormon until around page 50 or so, when she explicitly says she is.

And I get that her rejecting the church and the culture was part of her arc, and I get that teens definitely do that. But it's hard for me to be on board with the "heh heh, I'm so cool, I can even admit that the rest of the people in my church aren't cool".

I guess I can sum it up this way: You know how when a guy says "You aren't like other girls" and he means it as a compliment*, it's actually REALLY insulting? 1. He's saying "other girls" are all the same. That "girl" is a monolith and that monolith is bad. 2. He's saying that you are better than them, meaning they are worse. Your best friend, your sister, your mom, his mom are all unworthy simply because they are "girls". 3. He's letting you know you can never be like those other girls, which means you have to actively eschew all girl-related things and who knows what that even means because girls are all different.

Replace "girls" with "Mormons" and that's this book. So.

*also the love interest guy says this word for word. "You aren't like other girls" and it's meant to be swoony.
Also reviewed on my blog, The Vintage Bookworm ([...])

Wow. I don't really know how to explain my thoughts on this book. This is another book that is finalizing my decision to create a new rating system. Three stars doesn't seem enough and four stars seems like it's one of my favorites. I mean, yeah, at first when I started reading I was worried I wouldn't get into it. But it's one of those books that is just easy to read. Everything flows to where you read fifty pages and don't even realize it. Which makes it a fast read.

Nearly 300 pages could seem like a lot to some people, but the chapters are very short. I mean, a few chapters were only a page and only a few sentences were on those pages. Some of them were just lists.

It was fun to read, at first I thought it was kind of confusing because it was the start of the book and throughout the book it goes back in forth to when Jody was with Zan and then back to the "present" where Zan is gone.

The plot had me SO freaking curious as to what happened to Zan. I got sucked in and couldn't stop. I'm really glad that I needed to read this one next for BookDivas, because it was refreshing. The last couple of books I have read have been some type of fantasy. The last real contemporary novel I read, that didn't have some sort of supernatural, or magical element to it was Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes and that was back in August.

But anyway, on to the characters. At first I didn't really connect with any of the characters, even the protagonist/main character Jody. But after a while I started feeling bad for her. She had her heart broken, but she was also in denial. She was obsessed. So it made everything kind of 50/50 with me. I felt bad for her, but at the same time she could fix it and move on. She needed to face the facts!

Noah was pretty cool, I liked him. Though in the beginning you don't learn much about him because Jody doesn't want to like him. She thinks she doesn't like him, even though she doesn't really know much about him other than he's a "Soccer Lovin' Kid".

There are some religious references in here due to the fact that Jody is Mormon and basically the whole town she lives in, called Haven, is a Mormon town. It really kind of puts you into the life of really religious Mormons. Though that is by far NOT the main point. At all. So don't worry if you're a non-religious person like me. I mean, I'm Christian, I believe in God, but I'm not religious. And I don't like religions being pushed onto people. But I'm going to get out of that, because this book doesn't do that and I was very happy about that. It started to worry me a little in the beginning.

Overall, this book was a good read. Not my favorite, but I overly enjoyed reading it. Though I wanted to smack the crap out of most of the characters 80% of the time. It kept me reading. I kind of wish there were a sequel in the making so I can figure out about Jody and someone I'm not going to name. =) Don't wanna giveaway any spoilers!

The cover is kind of cartoonish, but it works. It's pretty. =)
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