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by Hailey Abbott

  • Author: Hailey Abbott
  • ISBN: 0061253820
  • ISBN13: 978-0061253829
  • ePub: 1597 kb | FB2: 1307 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher: HarperTeen; First Edition edition (April 22, 2008)
  • Pages: 256
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 102
  • Format: rtf lit doc mobi
Forbidden Boy ePub download

Forbidden Boy. Hailey Abbott. Enthusiastic girls in tiny cutoff sweats and bikini tops were tossing a Frisbee with a group of cute boys in lifeguard sweatshirts, their Billabong surf shorts hanging easily off of their hips.

Forbidden Boy. Julianne bopped her head to the beat as the music transitioned into last summer’s Rihanna song. Humming Umbrella, ell. lla. to herself, she continued her inaugural party lap.

Hailey Abbott grew up in Southern California, where she split her time between creative writing and creative beaching. The title of this book is Forbidden Boy. That would lead the reader to assume that a boy is, well. I enjoy this type of romance. She is the author of Getting Lost with Boys, The Secrets of Boys, The Perfect Boy, Waking Up to Boys, The Forbidden Boy, and The Other Boy well as the Summer Boys books and The Bridesmaid. Hailey now lives in New York City. Take the book, where the lovers in question are brother and sister. Or even Romeo and Juliet, which also involved feuding neighbors.

Читать бесплатно Forbidden Boy Hailey Abbott. Other Books by Hailey Abbott. toward the party, and Julianne shivered slightly as a whisper of cool ocean breeze broke through the warmth of the night. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: t three weeks at work in a. 1 Chapter Nine Julianne crept around the corner, trying to stay crouched dow. 9 Chapter Ten Julianne was close to discovering the perfect color of blue. Fearing that Jules might turn around and head home, Chloe switched tactics.

Flopping down on her sister’s red flowered Marimekko comforter, she announced, I give up!. Chloe, who had been sitting at her desk filling out her daily log for her internship at the Children’s. Hospital, immediately snapped to attention. She popped out of her rolling chair and dove onto the bed, practically landing on top of Julianne

Hailey Abbott grew up in Southern California, where she split her time between creative writing and creative beaching. This was a pleasurable book. Julianne's Summer Rules: Finish all art projects by August. Survive summer job surrounded by cute boys. Forbidden Boy. the dreamy melodies until she fully gave into conscious-ness

Читать бесплатно Forbidden Boy Hailey Abbott. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: aking out the curls that caught in the hood, Julianne crossed the room again, sat down at her desk, and glanced at her perpetually-on MacBook. Quickly, she dashed off a MySpace message to Kat in Spain. the dreamy melodies until she fully gave into conscious-ness. She wondered what sort of books he read, what he did for fun, where he hung out. She imagined sitting next to Remi on a towel, him glancing over her shoulder as she sketched fellow beachgoers.

See a Problem? We’d love your help. It's not summer without Hailey Abbott! The New York Times bestselling author of SUMMER BOYS returns with the follow-up to SUMMER GIRLS: a seaside tale of love, secrets, heartache, and betrayal. 182 printed pages. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Julianne's Summer Rules:

Finish all art projects by AugustSurvive summer job surrounded by cute boysHit the beach every dayAvoid the new neighbors (even though their son is hot!)

When Julianne falls for Remi at a bonfire party, her summer is off to a perfect start. Sure, her obnoxious new neighbors are muscling her family off their beachfront property, but she has weeks of fun in the sun to look forward to, a painting to finish, and an amazing guy to get to know. Then Jules discovers that her awful new neighbors are Remi's parents. That makes him a forbidden boy—but she can't seem to let him go. What do you do when your worst enemy is also the boy of your dreams?

This book is STRICTLY 4 stars. It's a very quick read because the story line moves so fast. It took me 5 minutes of reading (and I was talking to my brother for half of that) for Julianne to go to this party and meet Remi. Right after she meets him, like 5 minutes after in the book, they're kissing on the beach. It makes absolutely NO sense. As for the author, weak. She makes it seem as if it is totally normal and inexpensive to live in a beach house in Southern California. And like there is parties every night as a teenager. And like all sisters are best friends. I don't know anyone who is so close to their sisters that their sisters (that are a couple years apart) would set up dates for each other and talk about their dates with each other and have never been in a fight. Even two of my best friends who are twins don't get along that well. I sure don't with my sister. I am usually generous when I write a review. I usually talk about the good things in a story and give 5 stars. That's how you know this is not a great book. Only 4 stars and I was tempted to just put one. Anyways, here's how the story went in my perspective:

Julianne and her sister Chloe are best friends. Chloe takes Julianne to a party and tries to set her up. Julianne meets a hot guy (isn't there one in every story?) and hits it off right away. 5 mins later their kissing. The next day Julianne finds Remi outside her beachfront home surfing. This is where I got creeped out and she didn't. They hit it off again and Remi says he gotta go to dinner and he walks into the Moores house. The Moores are building a gym on the beach and apparently ruining it. Julianne over reacts and suddenly hates Remi who is totally clueless. They get back together even though it's only been like, 3 days. Chloe (Julianne's sister) finds out. Chloe gets mad. They break up again. Chloe forgives Julianne. They get back together. Ending sucks.

Great road trip book. Short, and an easy ready. Its interesting enought to keep your attention too. Great for teens into love stories!
this book was very well packaged but i couldn't get the stickers off the cover. there stuck onto it, so that's my only complaint.
This book is about a girl (Julianna) who goes to a party and meets the guy (Remi) of her dreams. It takes less than 10 page turns (all in one single hour) for the girl and guy to kiss. And the next morning, she's all like "Remi this" and "Remi that". I mean seriously, this girl is soooooo in love with him in a single day it actually makes me sick. And some other things:
1. The prose itself is less creative than that of a science textbook.
2. Bad jokes are splattered EVERYWHERE.
3. You're totally left out of things. You have no idea of what's happening sometimes and it's not revealed in a mysterious way. It's just not explained till the next chapter.
4. The characters are boring.
5. The tension between Julianna and Remi is never there. They're just somehow not awkward at ALL.
6. Everything is predictable.
7. The author never stays on the same name. It's Jules, or Julianna. And sometimes it comes across as AUTHOR LAZINESS.
8. Niether character has something that will make a relationship difficult. They're both sexy and funny (at least, that's what the author says; the jokes are even worse than those of Fred [the annoying YouTube kid]) and junk like that, which is impossible.

I must, however give the author SOME credit:
She got it past the publisher, so SOMEBODY was obviously getting SOMETHING under the table from the author.
I don't really know where to begin, but I'm going to try and keep this short and professional. Even though I'm raging on the inside and want to rant for the rest of my review.

-The relationship Julianne has with her sister in this story is ludicrous. Who are all of these authors that think that sisters are either absolute best friends or sworn enemies? There is a middle ground, you know. Her sister tries to get her to make out with boys in order to relive stress, and Julianna doesn't find this at all strange or intrusive. Ew. Maybe it's just me, but if my sister was like that, I'd probably flip her off and walk away, not grab a beer and have a giggle fest.

-All of the conversations in this book sound forced and fake. The slang between characters is awful, like something in a Saturday Night Live skit. I never bought into the realism that this realistic fiction eluded to, and preferred the plot when no one was talking.

-The title of this book is Forbidden Boy. That would lead the reader to assume that a boy is, well. Forbidden. I enjoy this type of romance. Take the book [book:Forbidden|7600924], where the lovers in question are brother and sister. Or even Romeo and Juliet, which also involved feuding neighbors. Only, they'd die. That makes their love a bit more forbidden. Just a smidge. This has cranky neighbors. There's nothing forbidden about him. Frowned upon, perhaps. But this isn't at all my definition of "forbidden."

-Instant love. That magical moment when everything in the universe aligns and a boy and a girl, in the most hormone filled time of their life, know that everything will be perfect with that other person. Sigh.

+The cover is pretty. I give it that.

All in all I found this to be a bad attempt at a quick beach/summer read. Maybe I'm just getting old or maybe it's because I'm not a "prep", but I didn't care much for this at all. I'd recommend it for maybe the younger end of young adult. If you read true forbidden romance, or are any kind of alternative stereotype (goth, punk, what have you), I would skip this.

Thank you to Cover2Cover blog for my copy.
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