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Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects ePub download

by Rockford Lhotka

  • Author: Rockford Lhotka
  • ISBN: 186100107X
  • ISBN13: 978-1861001078
  • ePub: 1846 kb | FB2: 1187 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Programming
  • Publisher: Apress (October 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 735
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 801
  • Format: lit mbr lrf doc
Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects ePub download

Visual Basic 6 Business Objects provides a thorough introduction to employing objects that are used to model real-world business problems

Visual Basic 6 Business Objects provides a thorough introduction to employing objects that are used to model real-world business problems. In recent years, the concept of 'business objects' has taken hold in the developer community. Basically, these are the processes that deal with some input data and mediate the appropriate business response. Whether this is a stock-withdrawal from a warehouse supply system, an invoice-sender or whatever, writing the code in such a way that it can be used by an entire organization to maintain coherent information on the business is worthwhile.

Visual Basic . business objects. Visual Basic . by. Lhotka, Rockford.

Visual Basic 6 Business Objects provides a thorough introduction to employing objects that are used to model real-world business problems. Business Objects book.

Visual Basic is the leading Windows development tool with 3-4 million licenses sold. Many VB developers face the challenge of building scalable applications using distributed COM objects in Visual Basic 6. There are many books which describe n-tier architecture and also object-oriented programming, but this book is about merging the best capabilities of the Object-Oriented (OO) approach with your system architecture. It does this with Rocky Lhotka's 'distributed object' technique.

Upgrading Visual Basic . Applications to Visual Basic. NET and Visual Basic 2005. Commonly-Used Visual Basic . Objects. desktop application solutions by using Microsoft Visual. This book is your one. 54 MB·2,219 Downloads. Replacing the Data Control with ADO Data Control in Visual Basic . 332. Replacing a01cPatter. 71 MB·5,437 Downloads. 217. a01cPatternsTest. Visual Studio 6 Complete Reference. Upgrading Visual Basic . NET and Visual Basic 2005 (Patterns. 21 MB·122 Downloads·New!

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Professional Visual Basic 5 0 Business Objects.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 1 Mb. Professional Visual Basic 6 Distributed Objects.

NET Business Objects. Rockford 'Rocky' Lhotka. This book details how to construct a highly scaleable, high performance re-usable business object framework that can be used by a variety of user interfaces i. ET. Apress - The Author's Press. Don't let the Visual Basic part of the title dissuade you, I have never programmed in Visual Basic and there is absolutely nothing in here that isn't useful and usable by C programmers as well.

Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture. NET is a software framework created by Rockford Lhotka that provides a standard way to create robust object oriented programs using business objects. Business objects are objects that abstract business entities in an object oriented program. Although CSLA itself is free to download, the only documentation the creator provides are his books and videos, which are not free.

From the Developer tab, open a Visual Basic project window. See Make the Developer tab visible below if it's not open. Note: You should clear the check box for the object libraries that you do not want in your Visual Basic project to reduce the time it takes to compile

This book is aimed at experienced application developers, who have developed applications in Windows using Visual Basic. It will also appeal to intermediate-level programmers because it presents components and techniques that can easily be integrated into their applications.
Great is not enough! Wrox did it again. If you want to do n-tier architecture, don't go further except if you want to get the Professional Visual Basic 6 Distributed Objects from the same author.
You can get into a more *real-life* programming examples with this book and ALL exemples are very well explained. It gets you in every twist there is to do good OOP with Visual Basic 6.
For beginner's to intermediate programmers, you might have some difficulties BUT it's written well enought where you can follow anyway. For experienced programmers, you will probably learn new twists.
A must.
Another fantastic Wrox book! I have already used Rocky's design principles in a 4 tier Web application and they are already reaping the dividends (literally!). Rocky doesn't just copy out examples from the MSDN - he actually explains in great detail HOW to design a working application outlining the pitfalls on the way. Rocky guides the reader through the basic principles all the way to a full blown 3/4 tier working development using different front ends, while explaining the limitations and power of Microsoft's DNA paradigm. You will learn and understand the principles faster by actually going through the examples and using the VB debugger rather than leaving it for bedtime reading. It takes a little longer to develop an app using components but the rewards come in the reduced maintenance costs, multiple front ends without re-code and the scalability of your solutions. No more maintenance budget gobbling code monsters!!
Not really for the beginner programmer though - too much melon twisting!
Thanks Rocky!
sunrise bird
The amount of material covered in this book is amazing. I would recommend this to any programmer who is experienced with VB but would like to get up to speed on Multi-tier development techniques. It proves to be a great introduction to other aspects of programming, like MTS and various web development technologies. After implementing what I learned from this book in a management system, programming became a much more enjoyable experience. Recommended!
Overall a good book about a new approach to VB Business Objects. But, like so many of these types of books, it seems that there was an effort to break the 700 page barrier. The author would always present a way of solving a problem only to explain in a later chapter why it was the wrong approach. If he focused on his optimal solution and why that was the best, then the book would have been about half as long. Maybe this helps people, but it seems like fluff to me. There are also holes in the implementation provided, most notably with regard to deleting persistent objects.
Visual Basic Business Objects by Rockford Lhotka. This book is a very good guide to advanced object oriented programming. But I stress ADVANCED. This is NOT for the beginner. However if you have been using object orientation for some time and wish to go to the next level, this book is for you. Chapters 1 through 7 give a very thorough coverage of object orientation. Chapter 8 discusses n-tier solutions. Chapters 11 - 15 give you such advanced topics as DCOM, Internet Information Server apps, DHTML applications, and Active Server pages. Its a great book if you are an experienced programmer, but it is probably to deep for beginners
What a refreshing book for those of us that know many pieces of the Microsoft OO puzzle but never really had a chance to exploit them all! How many times do we hear the words MTS, COM/DCOM, ACTIVEX, ASP, IIS without finding a good example that combines them all! The knowledge and entertaining style of the author make each page of this book worth the investment for intermediate-level developers who know a little about everything and wish to integrate that knowledge to boost application maintainability, scalability and performance using Microsoft technology. The author's detailed presentation on transactional business objects is absolutely outstanding. I will myself apply the knowledge gained with this book to not only VB, but also to general OO modeling for other languages such as Java.
Snake Rocking
This is a very good resource for intermediate level VB programmers. It shares the knowledge of an experienced programmer and will remove a few iterations in your OO/COM learning process. Unsurprisingly, it is similar to the version 5 book, because none of the core concepts have changed since VB5.
Fantastic coverage of concepts as well as terrific examples, and code samples. For VB programmers who have only dabbled a little with classes, this book will show you how to use them effectively. After reading this book, you'll be able to create well organized professional VB apps.
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