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Massively Multiplayer Games For Dummies ePub download

by Alexander Macris,Scott Jennings

  • Author: Alexander Macris,Scott Jennings
  • ISBN: 0471752738
  • ISBN13: 978-0471752738
  • ePub: 1175 kb | FB2: 1862 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Networking & Cloud Computing
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (December 19, 2005)
  • Pages: 342
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 867
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Massively Multiplayer Games For Dummies ePub download

Scott Jennings (Author), Alexander Macris (Foreword). Scott Jennings has been playing roleplaying games since 1976, when at the age of ten, during a game that had just come out called Dungeons & Dragons, he lost his first character, a 1st-level wizard, to a demon lord.

Scott Jennings (Author), Alexander Macris (Foreword). He’s been complaining about poor game balance ever since. More recently, he has been involved in the massively multiplayer gaming world in various capacities. This book helps would-be gamers select the right game for them, choose a guild or group that best suits their playing style, get up to speed on rules and strategies, join the fray, and avoid getting outdone in that first gaming session by more experienced gamers.

Massively Multiplayer.

In 2005, Jennings published the book Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies Scott Jennings, at the time writing as Lum the Mad and now an employee at Mythic Entertainment.

In 2005, Jennings published the book Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies. On February 17, 2006, Jennings left Mythic and began working at another MMO company, NCsoft in Austin, Texas. August 13, 2008 was Jennings' last day at NCsoft, having been let go as part of corporate refocusing  . Scott Jennings, at the time writing as Lum the Mad and now an employee at Mythic Entertainment.

In multiplayer video games, particularly in MOBAs, first-person shooters, MMORPGs and MUDs, kill stealing is the . Jennings, Scott; Macris, Alexander (2005-12-19). Massively Multiplayer Games For Dummies. p. 310. ISBN 0-471-75273-8.

This usually happens when a game only keeps track of which player defeats an enemy, leading to the so called last-hitting mechanics. H Brun (October 18, 2013).

History For Dummies (For Dummies by Greg Velm.

Massively Multiplayer (MMP) game development is one of the fastest growing areas in the game market

Massively Multiplayer (MMP) game development is one of the fastest growing areas in the game market. We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you. We don’t accept ads.

Jennings, Scott; Macris, Alexander (2005-12-19). MUD - This article is about a type of online computer game. For other uses, see Mud (disambiguation). pp. 307. ISBN 0471752738. MUD client - A MUD client is a computer application used to connect to a MUD, a type of multiplayer online game. Generally, a MUD client is a very basic telnet client that lacks VT100 terminal emulation and the capability to perform telnet negotiations.

In 2005, Jennings published the book Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies

In 2005, Jennings published the book Massively Multiplayer Games for Dummies. In video games, a raid is a type of mission in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) where a number of people attempt to defeat either: (a) another number of people at player-vs-player (PVP), (b) a series of computer-controlled enemies in a t (PVE) battlefield, or (c) a very powerful boss (superboss). This type of objective usually occurs within an instance dungeon, a separate server instance from the other players in the game.

Intrigued by MMGs? Here's the place to start Compare games, create a character, choose a guild to join, and have some fun! So your friend keeps talking about playing this cool game with millions of people on the Internet, and you really want to join in? Great idea! This book will let you in on the lingo, provide a little background on MMGs, help you choose a character, and prepare you for a trip into the fantasy world. Discover how to * Choose a game you'll enjoy * Start developing a character * Survive player vs. player combat * Find useful gameplay guides * Slay more monsters * Team up with other players
Scott Jenning does a great job of covering the basics of MMOGs, introducing the reader to a wide array of topics: Class role, group teamwork, endgame play styles, professions, and etiquette.

As an intermediate player (~60 days played in WoW, a level 60 and many level 40 alts), I still found lots of new ideas, as well as lots of confirmation about things I had suspected, but was unsure of.

If you want to find help getting into your first MMOG, this is an amazing book. If you are an experienced player, this is still worth the read for the entertaining anecdotes and the few tidbits that you might not yet know.
I bought this book because many members of my family play these games, but it didn't have the one lesson I needed most - how to actually play those games. When I actually tried World of Warcraft, I found that I couldn't handle the multitasking that the games required.
I ordered this book so I could learn about how to create my own RPG game. It discusses various ideas on gameplay. Some of which, I never thought of, which is probably why I never went further on the idea.
This book concentrated on two online games, one that has gone to the MMO game graveyard. Very disappointing book. I would not recommend this to anyone.
Dead Samurai
I found that this guide focuses mostly twords newer players but was still an intersting read for someone as experienced as myself with over 5 years of MMO experience. Typical of a "for Dummies" book it was a plesent mix of humor and facts making it a very easy and amusing read regardless of your experience.

Some of the main things that this book covers is considerations when picking out a MMG, an over view of games avalible at print time, first few days in the MMG world, a guilding over view, and end game. This book also has a glossery of MMG related terms in the back of it and a CD with a 14 day trial of DAoC and a 15 day trial of shadowbane(both of which are avalible for download).

For those that are new to MMG's I would strongly sudjest reading this book I wish it would have been avalible when I first started playing. A MMG is nothing like playing your standard consol game where everything is straight forward and layed out for you, I found this book to explain the dynamics of MMG game play in a fun and intersting way.

For those that are more experienced to MMG's its more dificult to see weather you will find this book to be of your liking. More experienced people to MMG's wont find this book to be praticlary informative but will probly still find it to be a fun read and will end up with a few happy memories poping into your mind as you read through this book.

I rated this book with 4 stars because while I found it to be a fun read it wasnt praticlarly usefull with my experience in MMG's however I did see where it could be usefull to less experienced people
I've been Playin DAoC for about 4 months when I bought this book. A friend who has been playing for 3 years got me into it. This book answered showed me alot about these kind of games that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. For just coming into the game, this was a real useful tool in getting me playing and understanding the game better. I now kill Hibs and Mids alot more effectivly.
apparently "new" means wear and tear signs all over the book. a joke Christmas gift so no time to return.
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