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Kung Fu San Soo: Secret Art of the Fighting Monks ePub download

by Master Ronald L. Gatewood

  • Author: Master Ronald L. Gatewood
  • ISBN: 0967528305
  • ISBN13: 978-0967528304
  • ePub: 1781 kb | FB2: 1642 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Individual Sports
  • Publisher: Walgate Pub (June 10, 1996)
  • Pages: 131
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 656
  • Format: mbr docx lit doc
Kung Fu San Soo: Secret Art of the Fighting Monks ePub download

This book introduces you to the devastating and practical art of Kung Fu San Soo. You'll learn about using your subconscious, making every punch count, the practical kicks of San Soo, the fighting "sounds", fighting multiple opponents, and more.
Excellent reference book as well as reading material. A good source of information on Kung Fu San Soo
for anyone who would like to keep up.
Would recommend this to any avid practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo.
black coffe
This book was easy to read but didn't say too much. I practice Kung Fu San Soo and the information here can easily be found on any number of websites or just by visiting a dojo. It was nice to read about my art but i thought it could've been more in depth and researched. More information about San soo's past needs to be learned and writen about.
This volume is NOT a "how-to" book. It IS a very thorough and detailed explanation of Kung Fu San Soo as originally taught by Jimmy Woo. For the first time, there is a decent explanation of Woo's San Soo Kung Fu history, which should put to rest rumors that he was an American Kenpo breakaway (he wasn't). Jimmy Woo, this volume explains, was originally schooled in Chai Li Fut (aka Choy Lay Fut) kung fu, and a chart on page 37 of this volume illustrates his lineage. Gatewood offers all the specifics of Woo's hostory, including his immigration to the US via forged papers (one of the reasons he changed his name--don't confuse him with James Wing Woo!). There are also some very good pictures of Jimmy Woo and other san soo folks. A lot of sensible theory is included in this book as well. I should add here that I am not a San Soo stylist, and have had no problem relating to or understanding the material presented in this book. Another good source for those wanting to learn more about San Soo KF history is the San Soo Journal, Volume 3 #4, which includes an article by a San Soo practitioner who visited Woo's mother in China, and described his converstaion with her (pictures included) concerning her missing son.
Any and all information put out on the art of San Soo is more than valuable, I've read the book and came away with questions to take back to my Master, Master Gatewood shares a variety of information that he's gathered for over 30 years in the art, Considering it takes years to learn the art I'm glad someone published something of this art.
At a time when many speculate about hidden truths of San Soo, applause goes to Master Ronald Gatewood who tells it as it was and is. What can be more noble and respectful than the truth.
The art and Jimmy H. Woo's life do not lend themselves to embellishment and half truths. The Grandmaster's story is simple but powerful, as was his goal in the teaching of his art. Anything more than good reporting would render this neat book, forgettable.
This book is an very good source of basic information regarding the Art of San Soo for both people who practice the art or those who are further interested in martial arts. Master Ron Gatewood has spend over twenty years learning, and teaching the Art of San Soo. He gives an insight into the art, and Jimmy H. Woo the man first responsible for the introduction of the Art of San Soo to the United States. This book should be required reading of anybody who practices San Soo, or anyone who wants a better understanding of martial arts in general.
Master Gatewood provides an excellent overview of Kung Fu San Soo. His insights come from decades of study under Jimmy H. Woo (AKA Chin Siu Dek) and as a law enforcement officer. He explains many Kung Fu San Soo principals in plain language. This work is well researched and provides an excellent resource for students and instructors alike.
Master Gatewood has done a suberb job in exacting detail. A must read for the San Soo fighter that needs to know, and wants the truth.
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