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Hockey For Dummies? (Hockey for Dummies, 1st Ed) ePub download

by John Steinbreder,Wayne Gretzky,John Davidson

  • Author: John Steinbreder,Wayne Gretzky,John Davidson
  • ISBN: 0764550454
  • ISBN13: 978-0764550454
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Hockey
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (October 6, 1997)
  • Pages: 432
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 670
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Hockey For Dummies? (Hockey for Dummies, 1st Ed) ePub download

Nothing gets by John Davidson. Hockey For Dummies was incredibly helpful when my son began playing the sport and we ended up getting so hooked that we started attending collegiate as well as professional hockey games.

Nothing gets by John Davidson. Nothing like a bunch of new hockey moms inquiring, "what is icing?" to which another replies, "it's something you put on a cake. The book's format was very easy to follow, so no matter what you want to learn (penalties, history, et. you will be able to get a no-nonsense answer to your inquiry.

This item:Hockey For Dummies by John Davidson Paperback CDN$ 4. 4. It seems the only thing missing from Hockey for Dummies is a dental referral for the first time one of your incisors gets in the way of an errant puck. Ships from and sold by Ergodebooks Ships from USA. CDN$ 1. 2 shipping. Soccer For Dummies by Inc. United States Soccer Federation Paperback CDN$ 5. 2. CDN$ . 7 shipping. About the Authors John Davidson is the Canadian-born former goalie for the New York Rangers who was the first goaltender to jump directly from the junior leagues into the NHL.

John Steinbreder is a regular contributor to ESPN, Golf Digest, Sky . John Davidson, John Steinbreder.

John Steinbreder is a regular contributor to ESPN, Golf Digest, Sky Magazine, and Forbes FYI. He has written two bestselling books,Golf Courses of the US Open and Giants: 70 Years of Championship Football. He has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, Time, People, and the New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune. Библиографические данные. Издание: иллюстрированное.

Hockey for Dummies, 1st Ed) (9780764550454) by John Davidson; John . Like its teammates in the Dummies series, Hockey for Dummies is cleverly organized and clearly focused, geared to both fans and players

Like its teammates in the Dummies series, Hockey for Dummies is cleverly organized and clearly focused, geared to both fans and players. It is filled with fun stuff such as lists of the 10 best things about the game, the 10 best players, the 10 best teams, and, given even a novice's inability to mistake hockey for Zen, the 10 best hitters.

John Arthur Davidson (born February 27, 1953) is a Canadian professional ice hockey executive and former player. He is the current president of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL). As a player, he played for the St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers in the NHL. He is also well known as a long-time hockey broadcaster

Nothing gets by John Davidson. From hat tricks to power plays, Hockey For Dummies provides the reader with the wisdom of an expert. From the Foreword by Wayne Gretzky.

Hockey For Dummies book. John Davidson is a distinguished National Hockey League goaltender. Davidson retired in 1983. He is also a long-time hockey broadcaster.

Hockey for Dummies (Hockey for Dummies, 1st ed),John Davidson, John Steinbreder.

Coaching Hockey for Dummies by Don MacAdam (English) Paperback Book Free Shippin. Hockey for Dummies (Hockey for Dummies, 1st ed),John Davidson, John Steinbreder.

Hockey For Dummies (Paperback). John Davidson (author), John Steinbreeder (author)

Hockey For Dummies (Paperback). John Davidson (author), John Steinbreeder (author).

John Steinbreder, John Davidson. Wanna learn about hockey, this is the book. When I first go into hockey back in 1996 I knew nothing about the rules of the game. Hockey for Dummies is an easy read - it's laid out well, has the facts you need to understand hockey, as well as interesting information about the history of the game and the players. I purchased this book and could not put it down. 19 years later I still reference this book. I use it to educate people about the game over the current books that are out.

"If you're a fan, you'll want this book. If you're not a fan yet, Hockey For Dummies will turn you into one." —Mark Messier, NHL All-Star "My dog, Blue, and I loved it. We give it two paws up!" — Don Cherry, Former NHL Coach and Coaches Corner Commentator for Hockey Night in Canada "J. D.'s insight and sense of humor give die-hard fans and newcomers to the sport the inside edge!" — Scotty Bowman, NHL's Winningest Coach and Coach of the Detroit Red Wings®, 1997 Stanley Cup® Champions "A must read for all hockey fans!" —John Vanbiesbrouck, Goaltender, Florida Panthers

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Hit the rink with Hockey For Dummies® and you'll discover how to:

Understand the basics from the players and their positions to the penalties and checks Polish your hockey skills — from skating and shooting to passing and scoring "Talk the talk" — from hooking and icing to power plays and hat tricks Buy the best and safest equipment — from pads and pucks to sticks and skates Get into "hockey shape" with expert tips on diet, exercise, and conditioning Play and practice hockey year-round — in any climate — with popular in-line skates Catch all the great plays whether you're watching on TV or from the stands Get your kids involved in hockey through youth leagues and organizations
Hockey For Dummies 2nd Edition was a very entertaining 300 page read chalked full of fun stories and information for the person who literally just stumbled upon hockey and wants to know more about it. Furthermore, its' also presented in such an engaging way that those who have some experience with hockey like me, won't be bored [though I personally thought the hockey exercise portion was a bit much]. The real problem I see with this book is that it hasn't had a new addition since the early 2000's and hockey like everything else changes. There's been AHL expansion, the 2010 Olympics (which made me a fan), rule changes, and the NHL sure as heck is not on ESPN/ABC anymore. This baby is past due for an update.
Good comprehensive book on all aspects of hockey, like no other, but could use a good update. For serious NHL fans, or those who will be, the NHL, tweaks, or entirely changes, or even eliminates a few rules, almost yearly. Get the current NHL Official Guide, and Record Book, to go along with this book, and you should be very well covered.
This is a grat book for new fans and those who need a efresher course. It explains every facet of hocke in an easy to understand format.
Few times in life can it be said a product is a game changer, a true life enhancer. I can say with a soul untouched by marketing ghouls or any partiality developed by product loyalty over the years, that this item has changed the course of my life. This product has the ability to take any mundane, boring life, and make it analogous to being Crocket in Miami Vice as you drive along a hot Miami freeway at night with the top down. This product is the air I breathe, the warm touch of sun on my skin, the look of love reflected in a child’s eyes. If I was ever trapped in a layer of the space time continuum with no hope of escape, and could only have one item to spend the rest of time with, it would be this item. I attempted to take a picture showing me with this item, but so much of my pure essence is focused on enjoying this item that I no longer reflect light as a normal person and can no longer be seen in a standard photograph. I would say more, but that would take time away from using my item, and I physically cannot handle that…..
Hockey for Dummies is overall a very good read for fans of Hockey, or even the more causal person who simply wishes to know more about a sport which the great white north is so passionate about at least. So with this said I think that Hockey for Dummies accomplishes its own stated goal. I purchased this book with the intent of reading it during the hockey season, but as it worked out the season didn't start, instead we have yet another lockout, so in light of that I decided to set it as my goal to finish it before the lockout was over, hoping to have hockey back quickly. But unfortunately I have in fact met the goal of finishing it before the lockout has ended, which is still going as I write this (Nov 7, 2012).

I agree with most of the other reviews that it is quite dated and that is nearly my only grip with it as a whole. Being published in 2000, but having the Kindle edition listed as being a 2011 release, leaves this as odd not knowing the version I was reading was over a decade old at first.
Also being a New Jersey Devils fan with none of the books statistics reflecting Brodeur whatsoever and as such failing to note that Brodeur now holds nearly all goal tender records, is well to say the least a bit frustrating. Now this is a bit anachronistic I confess, but I think it is a worth while complaint for at least the Kindle edition. I also wish it would have told where the award names for the NHL came from like the Norris, the Lady Byng, the Vezina, etc. Obviously what this trophies represent also not being in the book is an obvious oversight I think for people new to Hockey.
Other then these minor points along with what others have stated about rule changes since this edition (2nd) was written, it is a solid volume and can give us all a solid ground to better enjoy not merely the game today but also how we got where we are. It does this in a very light hearted manner with plenty of anecdotes of both bizarre and at times amazing facts, such as goalies not wearing masks at all until 1959, which I frankly find insane, thou to make that even worse they weren't universal until 1973! There was also a wonderful story of a team meeting at a hotel pool that involves a third story balcony.
Now if you have been watching Hockey for some time you will have heard some of these things in bits and pieces over the years, but this is a great place to have them all collected together and makes them so quotable, particularly with other hockey fans. So all in all I wish they would make an updated version, but this being said I still found it a pleasant and worth while read for anyone interested in such.
I'm a new fan to hockey, which has gained immense popularity over the last two decades. I've watched hockey for years, but didn't understand the nuances of the game, and this book provides comprehensive coverage for the beginning fan. It succeeds perfectly at its mission--to be an easy-to-read intro to the game for folks who want to learn more about a sport that is fun to watch and is rapidly achieving equal popularity with football and basketball. Highly recommended.
This book is really of no use unless you buy the most recent edition. I wanted to learn about the rules of hockey. There was about 8 pages of that and dozens of pages about how to exercise, where to find a place to play and who the stars were at the time of publication. This is the first "dummies" book I have ever purchased and I will never purchase any again
Been into watching NAHL hockey for a few years and of course the Stanley Cup playoffs. Even been playing a little stick & puck now and again. The more you watch and play, the more you realize how complicated the game really is. The pastor of my church is also the chaplain for our local team and suggested the book. As all "Dummies" books it is easy to understand and informative. I use it like a dictionary for hockey. Learn something new every time I pick it up.
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