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by Robert B. Parker

  • Author: Robert B. Parker
  • ISBN: 1842431161
  • ISBN13: 978-1842431160
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Nature & Ecology
  • Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd; UK ed. edition (May 31, 2004)
  • Pages: 304
  • Rating: 4.4/5
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Stone Cold ePub download

Robert Brown Parker (September 17, 1932 – January 18, 2010) was an American writer of fiction, primarily of the mystery/detective genre. His most famous works were the 40 novels written about the private detective Spenser.

Robert Brown Parker (September 17, 1932 – January 18, 2010) was an American writer of fiction, primarily of the mystery/detective genre. ABC television network developed the television series Spenser: For Hire based on the character in the mid-1980s; a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced. His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area.

Another great Jesse Stone book. In general I have enjoyed all the Robert B. Parker books I have read. Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone books are awesome. Also the fact that it is an easy read and easy to understand. Jesse Stone can hold his own against Spencer, as characters go. Both characters are men of few words but great actions.

Robert B. Parker was the author of more than fifty books. He died in January 2010. The character of Jesse Stone is the reason to read this book, though it is mildly disappointing that the author really gives us little of his background. In addition the perpetrators of the murdering spree remain mostly a puzzle. How did they get to this point?

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A woman drives her Volvo to the store to do some grocery shopping, and is then found dead, her body crumpled behind her loaded shopping cart.

Unabridged Audio Book. Parker uses the Stone series to examine what happened to Joan and himself, the repercussions of infidelity and obession, and how he repaired his heart and learned to be a better man, and a better mate to Joan. Parker was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring Police Chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole–Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels

Robert B. Parker was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring Police Chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole–Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels. Winner of the Mystery Writer. ore about Robert B. About Robert B. Parker 4 Novels 3 Spenser/1 Jesse Stone Cold Service Stardust Potshot.

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The book cover was Stone Cold, but the reading was a Spenser Novel. Don't know how that got mixed u. Show more.

Tony and Brianna Lincoln just moved into Paradise, but friendly they aren't  . The book cover was Stone Cold, but the reading was a Spenser Novel.

Investigating a serial killer in an affluent suburban town is difficult, and dangerous, and with the added pressures from the town selectmen and media, the heat is on.
Robert B. Parker "Stone Cold" (a Jesse Stone Novel)
"Stone Cold" is the forth installment of Robert B Parkers Jesse Stone series. Like all of Parkers stories you don't need to off read the previous three novels to enjoy this one. "Stone Cold" takes place in Paradise Massachusetts and centers on the Police Chief Jesse Stone. Jesse was initially hired on as police chief because a corrupt councilman mistakenly thought that due to a past drinking problem and troubled divorce that Jesse would be easy to control but like all of parkers characters Jesse has a personal moral code that in unwavering and resists external influences of any kind. Like many of Parkers protagonists Jesse is an ex semi professional athlete, in this case minor league baseball, which has struggled with a drinking problem and has attachment issues with his ex-wife. Jesse is a man of deep intellect but uses few words, which sometimes leaves those unfamiliar with him thinking he is not all that bright. He is a complex character portrayed in a simple way and it is easy to identify with him.
In "Stone Cold", Jesse matches wits with a truly deranged couple who get a sexual thrill from stalking and killing random strangers. The lack of any real connection between the victims makes solving the crimes nearly impossible. In a time where we are all inundated with television shows that highlight technology in the solving of crimes and complex murder mysteries are almost magically solved by some mysterious trace evidence, it is refreshing to read about good old fashioned leg work. Jesse must sift through old records and actually talk to people in order to solve this set of homicides. As Jesse closes in on the couple the dynamic between them is interesting, the couple almost flirts with Jesse as he narrows down his investigation on them. As usual with Parker there is several sub plots going on to fill up the gaps, the usual love interests and issues with his Jesse's Ex wife is one. Another of the sub plots centers around the rape of a teenage girl by several of her classmates. Justice is served but the reader left understands that justice isn't perfect and that the story that continues when the book ends.
For fans of Parkers work, "Stone Cold" won't disappoint, like all of the "Jesse Stone" series it is darker than his previous work and the Jesse is far more damaged than his other leading characters. But this damage makes him easy to relate to. His constant battle with drinking and marital issues is humanizing yet Jesse still comes across as larger than life, a true pulp fiction detective. "Stone Cold" is a very entertaining, quick and easy read, though this can be a problem, I sat down to read for an hour and four scotch and soda's and five hours later had finished the book.

Robert B. Parker. "Stone Cold." New York, Putnam 2003
Late in his career, when he was writing three books a year and juggling four series of protagonists, Robert B. Parker said he never wrote more than a first draft of his novels, did not read the finished product, and shipped them off to the publisher after a bit of tweaking by his wife Joan. It showed, for as he became the equivalent of a cottage industry, Spenser became less consistently good. Of course, when you repeat characters contantly, you are bound to repeat scenarios and events. And Parker seemed tired of the creative process at the end.

The beginnings of the Jesse Stone series showed promise, but in Stone Cold, it seems Parker was just as anxious to move on to the next book as I was to finish it. I flipped through it in one sitting, for there's not much meat on its bones.

Jesse tracks two crimes. A husband-wife duo, joyful serial killers, are the main evildoers. Secondarily is a case of gang rape involving a teenaged girl. Parker dealt much more skillfully with serial murder in the Spenser classic, Crimson Joy. Never strong on plotting, Parker's charachters all seem here to have the same verbal technique. Lines uttered by the killers could be spoken by Jesse Stone. Cliches mount as the pages turn.

Uninterested in creating new characters, a couple of Spenser staples take a detour into these pages. And continuing a trend that started a couple of decades ago in hard-boiled stories, the protagonist is personally a jellyfish. He just has to get in touch with his inner feelings. Stone has a tangled love life, still hasn't overcome his love of the bottle, and is suffering from bouts of depression. What he sees in his ex-wife, an empty-headed bimbo, is beyond me. And of course he makes a beeline for his psychiatrist several times. What's a good Police Chief without one.

This is a middling crime novel.Which raises a thought. Can you imagine Sam Spade, after turning his beloved over to the cops for the murder of his partner, Miles Archer, jumping onto a couch, hand over his eyes, and moaning, "Doc, I've got a problem".
On the first page of the book a F bomb was dropped, the Lord's name was taken in vain and a couple video taped themselves having sex. I did not get to page 2. My Christian faith will not allow me to read such rubbish.
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