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Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts and Case Studies ePub download

by Charles W. Fox,Jason B. Wolf

  • Author: Charles W. Fox,Jason B. Wolf
  • ISBN: 0195168178
  • ISBN13: 978-0195168174
  • ePub: 1859 kb | FB2: 1258 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biological Sciences
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press; 1 edition (April 27, 2006)
  • Pages: 608
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 633
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Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts and Case Studies ePub download

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Charles W. Fox, Jason B. Wolf.

Evolutionary Genetics. Concepts and Case Studies. Publication Date - April 2006.

Charles Fox is an evolutionary ecologist who uses quantitative genetic approaches to study evolution and adaptation of ecologically important traits.

Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts and Case Studies. The book is extremely up-to-date, authoritative, well written, and. The table of contents reads like a miniature who's who of evolutionary ecology. a valuable book for a wide audience.

Duccio Bonavia Maize: Origin, Domestication, and Its Role in the Development of Culture (2008) at Google Books. "Leonard H Vaughan, Seed Company Head, Dies at summer home".

Evolutionary ecology: concepts and case studies. CW Fox, DA Roff, DJ Fairbairn. Oxford University Press, 2001.

Evolutionary Genetics : Concepts and Case Studies. Free delivery worldwide.

The focus of the book is on current concepts in evolutionary ecology, and the empirical study of these concepts.

Evolutionary Genetics Fox, Charles . Wolf, Jason B. Oxford Academ 9780195168181 . Oxford Academ 9780195168181 : The diverse field of evolutionary genetics is unified by two goals: to understand the impact that evolutiona. Подзаголовок: Concepts and case studies Рейтинг: Поставляется из: Англии Описание: The diverse field of evolutionary genetics is unified by two goals: to understand the impact that evolutionary processes have on genetic variation, and to understand the consequences of these patterns for various evolutionary process.

Charles Fox and Jason Wolf have brought together leading researchers to produce a cutting-edge primer introducing readers to the major concepts in modern evolutionary genetics. This book spans the continuum of scale, from studies of DNA sequence evolution through proteins and development to multivariate phenotypic evolution, and the continuum of time, from ancient events that lead to current species diversity to the rapid evolution seen over relatively short time scales in experimental evolution studies. Chapters are accessible to an audience lacking extensive background in evolutionaryy genetics but also current and in-depth enough to be of value to established researchers in evolution biology.
Zeus Wooden
The most notable attributes of this collection of essays on evolutionary genetics are: broad, authoritative, up-to-date, well-presented. This is not a book for beginners, and the authors are not afraid to assume you know some math, chemistry, and biology. If you want to find up-to-date syntheses of major topics in genetics and evolution, including fine bibliographic references to recent empirical studies, this may be the books for you. I particularly liked the section on the passage from genotype to phenotype, including modern evo-devo theory, new results in canalization theory, and a nice chapter on epigenetics. Quantitative genetics is also well covered, including genotype-environment interactions, sexual selection, and social selection. The genetics of speciation is thoroughly handled, as is host-parasite interactions, senescence, and laboratory techniques for the study of speciation.
I'm not well versed in biological knowledge. I never have taken a chemistry course and I only have high school level biology education. I know little of genetics. But, I've learned much from this book. The reading is a bit over my head in some ways, but plain enough in others. I have read into it to learn more about the processes of evolution at work. It is an engaging and exciting read.

I won't bother readers with my rudimentary understanding. I recognize that I'm sort of out of my league here. But, I believe that knowledge is precious and that everything we can do to expand our knowledge is important, and thusly worth my time. When theory is applied to the practical mechanics a booming picture of the evolutionary process is powerfully displayed.

You may have no interest in technical knowledge concerning biological formations, but I urge you to at least consider expanding your knowledge base with real information. Don't buy popular level books which only cover someone else's agenda to promote their own view of the world. Actually take the time to learn about the real information, the real world. You won't understand evolution simply because someone else said so. But, actually looking at what happens in evolution brings you all the more closer to real understanding.

That's the goal, right?
The purchease of the product was extremely smooth. Not only arrived it safe and sound, but the shipment was well in due time.
Finally, I exactly got what I expected.

The book met all my expectations. It covers a wide range of topic within the evolution in molecular level, however, the construction is highly advanced. Thus, I would not recommend for easy reading or someone with the purpose of superficial insight.
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