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The Periodic Table: Elements with Style! ePub download

by Simon Basher

  • Author: Simon Basher
  • ISBN: 0753460858
  • ISBN13: 978-0753460856
  • ePub: 1888 kb | FB2: 1748 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Schools & Teaching
  • Publisher: Kingfisher; Pap/Pstr edition (June 12, 2007)
  • Pages: 128
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 291
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The Periodic Table: Elements with Style! ePub download

Basher Science: The Periodic Table, Elements with Style! created and illustrated by Simon Basher, Written by Adrian Dingle:

The Periodic Table introduces budding chemists to the world of the elements as it's never been seen before. Designed to resemble popular networking Web sites, the pages of this book feature "homepages" for each of the chemical elements -- complete with witty and informative profiles written by the elements themselves, plus a personally chosen picture.

Best book for kids curious about science but not yet into the thick reading. Each character/element is described in a clever and informative way. As a parent I learned A LOT. I do think these books are aimed at older kids in the 9-10 years old range or older. A couple of the descriptions were not meant for young ears (ex. "this element is used as part of a lethal cocktail for death row" - I just skipped over that part). We love all of these Simon Basher math and science books.
My six year old is very fascinated with the elements (partly from the They Might be Giants song) and partly because he is a young science freak. This book is simple enough for him to understand and interesting enough for me to be happy reading it despite the fact it brings me back to having to retake chemistry in summer school. The visuals are very bold but seem to help him retain and remember the chemical symbols. The symbols are on the right hand corner of the page. Easy to cover and quiz.

This might be a slightly more entertaining way to help memorize and learn the elements for someone struggling to keep attention on studying them because if I find it even tolerable to read it has some entertainment value. Note that not all elements are really represented equally--some of the newer elements and less used elements are grouped together and given a page when iron is given a full page spread.
After receiving the Physics book in this series, we've started collecting them all. My son (5th grader) is a science nerd (his words) and can't get enough of these easy-to-understand, information PACKED books. Grab them all!
I love everything about every Basher book! I wanted a simple book to help me understand the periodic table better as I delve into the world of healthy eating and the chemistry behind the food we eat. The periodic table shows us the building blocks for every substance in the world and it's so nice to understand them and see how they fit into the bigger picture of life. This book is written in a simple and humorous style with great illustrations that are interesting to me as an adult and also to my three and five year old who enjoy reading it with me. My three year old son thinks all of the elements are superheroes!
I bought this for my 8 years old and he loves it. I am a Chemistry professor and found this book very good for kids and even for my 1st year Chemistry students. It covers important facts one needs to know about the elements.
I purchased copies for my younger students to introduce them to the periodic table. Student ages were between 9-12 years old. Each student read the material well and understood the rudimentary differences between the elements. So, the goal was attained. The insert was a good starter for them and they loved posting it on their walls.
This is the coolest book out there for the visual learner. After this book, I have been purchasing all of the Basher science books. This book comes with a periodic table poster which I removed and laminated. It has been worth the cost of the book alone. My 8 year olds LOVE quizzing each other on the elements. It has really made chemistry exciting in our house.
The book is a well-organized reference and I would highly recommend it to any age... even adults learning the periodic table, maybe especially adults!
The reviews are spot on about the engaging characters and novel presentation of the Periodic Table. The series (we own several titles) has opened my children's eyes to science topics other than the ones they already liked. And because they read them over and over again, the books have deepened their knowledge and understanding of each topic. I think the method of this book is the game changer- it is FUN!

However, I disagree with the assertion (by a teacher and the editor- Ha Ha!- I am a chem engineer and homeschooling parent) that this book is for fourth graders and older. No, no, no. Let your interested 5 year olds page through the book and read every page they ask you to. Early exposure to science gives children confidence that they can study and understand these so-called difficult things. Let your child discover that she/he can do it!!! Learning about hydrogen today, oxygen tomorrow, and gold and neon next week is success. Encourage them. If you are unsure of the topic, learn with your child; discover the topic together; learn that you can do it. After you have read to them, tell them that they are learning the same information that is taught in first year college chemistry. That will be a wide-eyed, wow moment- enjoy it.

This book, and the series as a whole, has made my science reluctant 6 yr. old interested in technical topics. She realizes that science is fun, interesting, something she can do, and as fun as girly things like princesses- a big step at our house. She started with Basher's Biology because that was about cute things like animals and has since had the interest to read Physics, Astronomy, and the Periodic Table. My son read Physics and the Periodic Table first, because "those are serious topics," and has since discovered that Biology is also serious and, dare I say, interesting and not gross. I am ordering three more titles today.
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