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by Laura Matthews

  • Author: Laura Matthews
  • ISBN: 0446301620
  • ISBN13: 978-0446301626
  • ePub: 1959 kb | FB2: 1314 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Regency
  • Publisher: Grand Central Pub (September 1, 1986)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 576
  • Format: docx lrf lrf mbr
Aim of a Lady ePub download

Laura Matthews hades of blue which delighted the old woman. When Mrs. Lewis was introduced to Lord Alma, she was puzzled that he continued to stand,. and although he urged her to seat herself she was too much in awe of his title to do so. Therefore she continued to stand, even though she became weary and disgruntled

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Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. The Ardent Lady Amelia (Signet Regency Romance). File: EPUB, 947 KB. 2. The Aim of a Lady, In My Lady's Chamber, Lady Bountiful, Miss Ryder's Memoirs, The Loving Seasons, The 7th Suitor, The Nomad Harp and A Rival Heir.

Nell Armstrong accompanied her cantankerous Aunt Longstreet to Bath on the understanding they were going for the waters.

Nell Armstrong accompanied her cantankerous Aunt Longstreet to Bath on the understanding they were going for the waters. But in Bath they met Aunt Longstreet’s presumptive heir, the estimable Sir Hugh Nowlin, and the older but charming Lord Westwick, whom her aunt snubbed.

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Diana Savile accidentally shot Lord Alma with an arrow, an injury requiring several weeks recuperation at the Park. Books related to The Aim of a Lady. The Partridge and the Peartree. Распространяем знания с 2009.

We aim to show you accurate product information. Regency Romance by Laura Matthews; originally published by Warner. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. The Aim of a Lady - eBook.

Laura Lippman's new standalone novel, "Lady of the Lake', is one of the best novels I've read in the last few years. She's winging it when she gets on the staff of a Baltimore daily newspaper after finding the body of Tess Fine, an 11 year old who goes missing

Laura Lippman's new standalone novel, "Lady of the Lake', is one of the best novels I've read in the last few years. Lippman, who became well-known with her "Tess Monaghan" mysteries, has escaped the drudge of series writing and has produced six or so standalones. She's winging it when she gets on the staff of a Baltimore daily newspaper after finding the body of Tess Fine, an 11 year old who goes missing. Tess has been murdered - one of two murders in the book, and Maddie Schwartz has an involvement in each one's aftermath.

Чтение онлайн книги Matthews Laura. Matthews Laura - The Aim Of A Lady. Читать бесплатно Купить в издательстве. Matthews Laura - The Lady Next Door. Matthews Laura - The Seventh Suitor.

I recently loaned a book by this author from a friend and really didn't care for it. I then noticed that I'd bought this story years ago (before doing reviews) but I couldn't remember it. There's a reason for it - I hated it. There are loads of reviews so I'm not going to summarise.

I hated the way the main characters fought for more than half the book. There was nothing at all to redeem the H and his general nastiness towards the h. At 80% he is still going on about his bitterness towards the h for shooting him accidentally with an arrow. What a cry baby.
I didn't like the fact that the h had sexual 'urges' that she discussed with her brother following a close call with a young man in her youth. It made her sound like a nymphomaniac even though she was a virgin.
It got worse when at 77% the H was insatiable for his mistress and we then had to read about his encounter with her. We also read that not a day went by without him seeing her.
It was ludicrous when someone actually introduced the h to the H's mistress. I'm surprised I even finished the book after this encounter. Especially since immediately afterwards the H goes back to have sex with the mistress.
At 85% they're still fighting and the H is still awful to the h. Every time the H is with his mistress he is wonderful and tender towards her but he is never like this with the h.
The H finally ends his relationship with the mistress at 98%.
I never ever saw or felt the love in this book.

I really can't be asked to like a historical romance that has no romance
I read this book last year and liked it enough to read it again to write a review. George Savile invites his friend Lord Alma to his estate so Alma can meet George's sister, Diana. Unfortunately, Lord Alma rides behind Diana's target while practicing archery and her dog jumps on her and make her miss the target. She accidentally hits Alma in the backside and later has to remove the arrow when the doctor cannot be located. It's a mortifying introduction for both of them.

George is compelled to return immediately to London before losing his opportunity to propose to Alonna, and leaves Diana to entertain Lord Alma (with a chaperone) until Alma is well enough to travel. She demonstrates great patience for his churlish behavior and goes above and beyond to suggest activities like fishing, walking in the woods, playing billiards, and inviting neighbors for additional company. She even devises a way for Alma to enjoy some sport with his beloved horses without having to sit down. All of these country activities are a pleasure to read about and I would quite enjoy spending my time in her company! Diana is great!

Lord Alma is very grumpy with Diana, though everyone else assures her that he's usually very easy going. When they are invited to a local dinner party to entertain a visiting Countess, Alma is stunned by Diana's beauty when she dresses up and fixes her hair in a fashionable style. Then he's more confused than ever. George returns to the estate and realizes Diana and Alma are attracted to each other and seem to be falling in love, but they are still so embarrassed by their initial introduction they don't seem to realize their growing feelings for each other. Can they ever get past their mortifying beginning? Will they realize they love each other before another of Diana's suitors sweeps her off her feet?

Great book! I agree that is was too bad Alma continued to see his mistress when he returned to London, but that was part of the plot....we get to see Alma finally wake up to his feelings for Diana and when he does, he gives his mistress her conge. I think it actually demonstrates how seriously he takes his eventual courtship of Diana because he makes this intentional decision to be devoted as opposed to just going through the motions of unintentionally falling in love. This is a 4-5 star book. I would have liked a bit more positive interaction between Diana and Alma, but I never doubted their attraction with all of their highly charged (positive and negative) exchanges. They are never indifferent to each other and I enjoyed reading about their HEA.

** Mostly clean with a few brief, obvious scenes between Lord Alma and his mistress, but no anatomy lessons or detailed descriptions.
First of all let me say that I read the 1 star review, and I almost did not buy this book. Boy, am I glad that I decided to take a chance! This book is amazing. It is very well written, with wonderful characters, and a delightful storyline. Alma and Diana's relationship gets off to a rocky start when she shoots him in the butt with an arrow before they've even been introduced to each other! Matters are made totally worst when Diana is called upon to "surgically" remove the arrow. Alma is completely mortified by this situation.

In those days gently reared young ladies did not see a gentleman unclothed and Alma was very aware of and abided by society's rules. At first he is very uncomfortable around Diana and his mood is made that much worst by the fact that he is unable to sit and cannot participate in his favorite activities of riding and driving. He does fluctuate between being miserable and nice. According to all the other characters in the book, Alma is normally a very pleasant, easy going sort of fellow so his churlish behaviour towards the heroine is very unusual. George, Diana's brother and friend of Alma's, has to leave for London and Diana is left to entertain the Alma as best she can. Don't worry a lady is brought in from the village to play chaperone so all the proprieties are observed.

Over the next two weeks the relationship between the two develop and by the time Alma returns to London they are in love with each other, although neither is aware of his/her love for the other. Accordingly, Alma returns to London and his previous life, including his mistress. The two meet again in London, when Diana makes an unexpected trip to the city and so their relationship continues to flourish. It is not until close to the end of the book that they each figure out how they feel about the other. As soon as Alma becomes aware of his feelings for Diana he immediately discontinues his relationship with his mistress...even though at that time he has no idea whether or not his suit for Diana will be accepted. Yes, the introduction of one of Diana's past admirers does help to prompt Alma to become aware of his feelings, but that is nothing unusual.

I do agree that for such a lighthearted read this book dealt with some heavy issues, specifically the question of whether young ladies of quality did experience sexual desire was raised. Oh, the romance of George (Diana's brother) and his lady love, Alonna is also followed throughout the book. I absolutely loved George and Alonna! They were two lovely characters. All in all this was an exceptional read! BTW this is a clean romance.
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