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Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3) ePub download

by Roberta Gellis

  • Author: Roberta Gellis
  • ISBN: 0843936312
  • ISBN13: 978-0843936315
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Publisher: Leisure Books (July 1, 1994)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
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Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3) ePub download

Joanna (Roselynde Chronicles, Roberta Gellis). In the 3rd book of the Roselynde series, we spend several years with Joanna and Geoffrey.

Joanna (Roselynde Chronicles, Roberta Gellis). They're both miserable because neither will tell each other what is really going on. They're too busy trying to protect themselves and each other.

Romance Books Romantic Historical Books. Book in the The Roselynde Chronicles Series).

Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3). Roberta Gellis. Roberta Gellis wrote a historical romance series back in the 1970's called the Roselynde Chronicles. What set them apart from other romances is that the author knew what she was writing about and the historical background which gave the series a depth and base that made it just as much fun to read the details as with the romance between the leads.

The Roselynde Chronicles, Book Four. The Roselynde Chronicles, Book One. Alinor Devaux, is beautiful and very rich. She is also an orphan, but her grandparents had not left her defenseless

The Roselynde Chronicles, Book Four. Fate made them enemie. emptation made them passionate lovers. She is also an orphan, but her grandparents had not left her defenseless. She has been trained to manage her estates and to rule her vassals. But then the old king dies and Alinor becomes the ward of Richard Coeur de Lion.

Items related to Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3). Gellis, Roberta Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3). ISBN 13: 9780872164901. Joanna (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book 3). Gellis, Roberta.

I love Roselynde, and I hope that I will someday be permitted to come again. An almost identical conversation took place in the women’s quarters the next day while Joanna was helping Gilliane to pack. Do not be silly, child, Ian said, smiling. Come whenever you like. Ordinarily, Catrin would have packed, but Gilliane had been about to leave behind all the gowns Joanna and Alinor had given her, so Joanna was overseeing a repacking that included the gifts.

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Find nearly any book by Roberta Gellis (page 3). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Rhiannon (The Roselynde Chronicles, Book Five). ISBN 9780839828648 (978-0-8398-2864-8) Hardcover, Gregg Pr, 1984.

Roselynde (The Roselynde Chronicles, by Roberta Gellis. The mistress of Roselynde was young, uncannily intelligent, wealthy and had a reputation for being as fierce and protec. The end of her world. and the beginning of her greatest adventureIn a time of lords and ladies, Lady Alinor Devaux was an anomaly. Rhiannon (The Roselynde Chronicles, by Roberta Gellis. Gilliane (The Roselynde Chronicles, by Roberta Gellis.

Letting her passionate nature be frozen by her fears, iron-willed heiress Joanna defies every outward peril in King John's decadent court, until she comes face-to-face with Geoffrey, a knight whose presence unleashes terror and desire in her heart. Original.
'Joanna' is the third volume in Robert Gellis's beloved 'The Roselynde Chronicles.' The series was recently released in ebook format so I am enjoying the chance to revisit some old favorites.

'Joanna' is problematic for me. Usually Gellis's accurate historical detail and events is her greatest strength, giving strong context for her characters' actions and emotion and immersing the reader in another world. in 'Joanna,' however, context has trumped character, with the protagonists reduced to pawns swept along in an interminable succession of events.

This begins early as Alinor, Joanna's mother, describes Joanna as controlled and 'passive,' despite her 'flaming red hair' that signifies her passionate nature hidden deep inside. This gives us a protagonist who is often a recipient rather than an initiator of events and is frequently silent rather than taking part in discussions. We spend too much time inside Joanna's head with her ruminations. This does not make for a warm, appealing or even very interesting heroine.

The characterization of Lord Geoffrey is also unusually difficult for a Gellis protagonist. This is Ian's squire from 'Alinor' grown up, but he is no longer the winsome, self-possessed young man we grew to love. In 'Joanna,' Geoffrey does a lot of 'snarling,' frequently at Joanna. Though we are assured Geoffrey loves Joanna, he spends every night whoring, Gellis saying he does it out of frustrated desire during their lengthy betrothal.

That may (or may not) be common behavior for the time, and Gellis has Joanna aware of it and not caring as long as these are common whores, not mistresses, and takes place before they are married. All the same, it is a disturbing break in logic for Gellis to condemn King John as a lecherous beast then have Geoffrey engage in essentially the same behavior. It is particularly unattractive in a work of popular fiction for a largely female readership. Geoffrey's sexual exploits are not in any way important to the plot. All it does is make me dislike him.

And 'Joanna' feels overlong. Though it is roughly the same length as 'Alinor,' and only slightly longer than 'Roselynde,' the characters slog through an interminable series of events without any real goal in sight. In the first two books in the series, Gellis was able to filter the chaotic history of the times through the needs of her protagonists to create plots with specific goals and logical ending points. 'Joanna' lacks this clarity.

Yes, England has a king running amok and an on-again, off-again war with France, but this is a work of fiction set in that era, not a textbook. What really is the plot here? What specifically do Joanna and Geoffrey want and what is stopping them? If we knew that, then we could enjoy the events as stages along the road to plot resolution and fulfillment instead of just more pages to get through.

I recommend 'Joanna' only to devoted fans of 'The Roselynde Chronicles.' For those looking for an enjoyable, scrupulously detailed medieval romance, I recommend Gellis's 'Gilliane' and 'Alinor.'
Although this series it's not new I loved it when it first came out and ordered it for my kindle so I could re-read it. This is the continuation of the story of Alinor in the Roselynde chronicles. Joanna her daughter has grown up and this is the story of her marriage to Geoffrey. It follows their lives thru the time of King John and how they work thru a difficult political environment. Although not as forceful as her mother Joanna is a truly self sufficient lady out of character for those times. You can read this as a stand alone story but I really recommend starting from the beginning and reading the first two books ahead of it. By the way it does not have the amount of sex that has become a major part of more recent romance but there is sufficient to develop the relationships.
This has always been one of my favorite books. My paperback copy had been read so much pages were falling out. What begins as a marriage of convenience between friends who grew up together develops into a romance. Although I enjoyed all of the Roselynde chronicles, this is my favorite.
Roberta Gellis is a wonderful story teller. Her fictional characters are intertwined with non-fictional ones and bring history to life. ...and yes there is enough "romance" to keep it moving nicely.
I like this whole series. Very good history along with romance. Gets a little dry at times, but otherwise keeps you interested in the doings of both the politics and the personal lives.
These books are so well written you fall right into the story but you get as a sideline all this great history that's authentic. I have the whole set in print and now on my Kindle so I can read them again and again
Because I liked the novels about Alinor so very much I wasn't sure I would enjoy one about Joanna as much, but this one surprised me. I found it to be hard to put down and and was satisfied with the historical detail and intrigue.
The plot line is getting weary, but the historical aspects of the book kept me reading
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