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Old Dreams, New Dreams (Harlequin American Romance #406) ePub download

by Jacqueline Diamond

  • Author: Jacqueline Diamond
  • ISBN: 0373164068
  • ISBN13: 978-0373164066
  • ePub: 1898 kb | FB2: 1849 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Publisher: Harlequin (August 1, 1991)
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 332
  • Format: mobi docx lrf mobi
Old Dreams, New Dreams (Harlequin American Romance #406) ePub download

Old Dreams, New Dreams (American Romance, No 406). Paperback, 256 pages. Published July 25th 1991 by Harlequin American Romance. USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond has 102 novels to her name!

Old Dreams, New Dreams (American Romance, No 406). by. Jacqueline Diamond (Goodreads Author). USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond has 102 novels to her name!

by Jacqueline Diamond. Release Date:July 1991. Publisher:Harlequin Enterprises, Limited. 28 lbs. Dimensions:0.

by Jacqueline Diamond. Select Format: Mass Market Paperback. Contemporary Fiction Historical Literature & Fiction Romance.

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I enjoyed Old Dreams, New Dreams. I thought at first it started out slow but after the first chapter I was hooked. I enjoyed the fact that the book made parenthood sound exactly as it is, hard and trying at times but yet a complete joy at the same time.
it was a cute story. i love Jacqueline diamond safe harbor series. so I went looking for more of her stories
An okay story and good read for a quick when one doesn't have much time and wants to finish a book in only a couple of settings.
Old Dreams New Dreams
Harlequin Romance
Re-issued October 2011
Jacqueline Diamond

Eric Jameson and Emma Conrad attended the same school. Eric had been the class president and had been going steady with Sally Monroe, the captain of the girls' basketball team and Emma's boyfriend was Jerry Ramis, who like to take pictures. Eric was the son of a prominent family and he was planning to going to college to become an architect. Emma wanted to become a hairdresser for movie stars. After graduation they both started on their different ways to their dreams.

Unfortunately, Eric's family suffered a major tragedy, forcing him to drop out of college his sophomore year. Eric went to work for his uncle Irwin, who had a plumbing business, so he could support his mother and brother. Then another tragedy strikes his family when his uncle died, leaving Eric the business. Now eight years later Peter, Eric's brother, was ready to take over the business so Eric could go back to college to get his degree.

Emma had met and married firefighter Bill Lindt, after several miscarriages they finally had a son, Otto. Bill was killed fighting a fire, so Emma had to settle in a local beauty salon making a living for her and her son. One of her customers, Genevieve Loos, was an actress who was making come back. Her daughter Alyssa was a rock singer; they would both be in a special for television and Emma was going to do both of their hair for the show. Emma was just beginning to live her dreams, when a plumbing problem brought Eric, to her door. Eric and Emma were attracted to each other and after one time together, they will have to be ready to return to their
Dreams, only the new life that would be here in nine months could change their future.

Jacqueline Diamond beings Eric and Emma to the brink of old dreams, but will they be able to
follow through or will they be able to find new dreams? Eric and Emma fight for the dreams
but will they be able to discover that their dreams might be right in front of them?
Old Dreams, New Dreams by Jacqueline Diamond
Grade: C

"I want to do my best and I hope that puts me near the top. But I learned something from having a kid, Eric. Life isn't a competition. We can all win. We can all have things that matter."

Emma Lindt always dreamed of being a hair stylist to the stars of Hollywood but that was before life got in the way. Now at 28 she's a widow with a three year old working in a salon just trying to pay the bills. That was until Genevieve Loos walked in her shop and asked her to style her and her daughter's hair on their new television show. The two have a long rivalry going on and soon Emma finds herself in the middle. With things starting to come together career wise she never expected to run into Eric Jameson, an old crush from high school, or did she expect the feelings she had for him to still be around ten years later.

Eric Jameson had to drop out of college and put his dreams of being an architect on hold when his father died. To help support his mother and kid brother Eric went to work for his uncle as a plumber and took over the business when his uncle died. Out on a job he runs into Emma and finds himself thinking of the magical night they spent together so long ago sharing all their hopes and dreams for the future. Eric is finally going back to school to finish getting his degree and becoming an architect but both he and Emma will soon discover that life has different plans for them.

I liked Old Dreams, New Dreams but I didn't love it and I found myself questioning a lot of it as I was reading. I myself do not have any kids and I had to ask my girlfriends questions to see if I was being to harsh or if my thinking was just different because I'm not a mother myself. I love contemporary romance novels and one of the great things about them is I can just get lost in the book but with this story I spent most of my time questioning my feelings and wondering if should even give my opinion. After thinking about this for a while I decided that I'm still a reader who loves kids and I can give my opinion on a book with children and pregnancy because there are readers out there just like me.

Emma was by far my favorite character. I thought she was a great mother and did an amazing job of balancing work and home life. I really enjoyed her scenes with Genevieve and Alyssa the mother-daughter duo. They were fun and frustrating at the same time but that made it even more enjoyable to read about. My biggest problems with Emma was how she let Eric spend most of his time studying and not really help with the kids. Again I don't have kids but the fact that the man said he barely spent any time with his daughter who is now two months old was just not okay with me. I also found Otto to be kind of bratty. Emma seemed to baby him and let him get away with a lot. Usually I love kids in books but this one not so much.

As I mentioned before I had to ask my girlfriends a lot of questions while reading this book. Can you know you're pregnant that fast? Would you let your kid do this? Would you be okay with your man not coming to all the doctor's visits? Did your oldest act like this when the new baby was coming? I could go on and on. Eric really bothered me through out the entire book. I felt like he wasn't very involved emotionally with the pregnancy and when he was around he was doing a "poor me" routine. I wanted to just yell at him and say "you had sex and this is what can hapen. Suck it up, be a man and go hangout with your kid." He was a main reason I didn't enjoy this book as much as I would have liked.

All in all, Old Dreams, New Dreams is actually a cute book but for me it wasn't amazing and I spent too much time asking questions throughout it. Maybe if you're a mom or are pregnant you will have a different perspective then I did and enjoy it more then I did.
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