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Always And Forever (Zebra Debut) ePub download

by Gretchen Craig

  • Author: Gretchen Craig
  • ISBN: 0821780190
  • ISBN13: 978-0821780190
  • ePub: 1325 kb | FB2: 1603 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Publisher: Zebra (April 1, 2006)
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 235
  • Format: docx txt lit azw
Always And Forever (Zebra Debut) ePub download

Gretchen Craig has written a breathtaking novel rich in history and romance .

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Always and Forever book. Congratulations to Gretchen Craig. She has won another avid reader of historical fiction.

Always & Forever: A. .I have enjoyed many books written by Gretchen Craig and this is another hit! Published 10 months ago. Gwenieann.

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0 0 5 Kirjailija: Gretchen Craig Lukija: Allyson Johnson. His love will change their friendship forever and set in motion a series of events from which there can be no turning back

Hello and welcome to Always and Forever Books, the home of the Forever Forest children’s .

Always forever love you I said forever, ever love you Love you forever, ever .

Craig Sheffer One Tree Hill. What others are saying. one tree hill weddings (who wouldn't want a marriage like any of theirs?)

In 1830s Louisiana, two extraordinary women, a mistress and a slave, who defied the constraints of society to become as close as sisters, find their friendship tested by their love for the same man. Original.
Really enjoyed this one, but I am rating it a four because I didn't think Cleo should've ended up living the same life as her mother, though the author did say she paid her own way. Yet, I was disappointed in the turn of events for her and for Josephine, and I had hoped they wouldn't allow Cleo to be bleed when she had Yellow Jack. Otherwise, the novel is a good read and some may not be bothered by those events and feel they just make the story. It is a worthy story to read set during antebellum days in New Orleans. I love books set during that time period, which is why I chose to read it. I thought the author did a very good job with characterization and description since I was able to visualize the characters and felt like I came to know them. The author also did a great job of illustrating character change in Josie from the time she was a young girl to the time she became a woman. The best part of the book to me was the great job the author did with the flood experience. I am from Louisiana and endured a flood in 83 and one in 93 when the Mississippi River flooded its banks and entered my home both times, so I could really envision the flood and felt she did a wonderful job with description. I think that was my favorite part of the book though it was sad, probably because I could identify with the flood situation. This is the first novel I have read by this author, but I've bought the other two books in this series and look forward to reading them as well, even though reviewers say this one is the best of the three. It would be hard to top this one. I tend to choose my own books and make up my own mind rather than listen to reviews. If you like books set in this time period, you should enjoy this one. I did. The author also does a great job handling the relationship between the siblings, and that was another favorite part of the book for me
Always and Forever is a beautifully captivating read, emersing the reader into the heart of the Creole culture during thee Antebellum age. The book amazingly carries a whimsical overture despite the malice nature of its back drop and even so, this tale of two sisters, one the illegitimate child of a man of society and his slave mistress and the other the rightful heir; exudes two beautifully strong women living during a time of great uncertainty and prejudices, both against race and sex. What was unfortunate and prevented me 5 stars was that towards the last quarter if the book, the story of these two beautifully structured characters became muffled. The author seems to have carelessly breezes through the last quarter of the book robbing the reader of being able to see and enjoy the sweet build up of the various character relationships. I was greatly disappointed by the cliched turn if events for Cleo. For Cleo to be established early on in the text as a strong, wise woman of color to end up living the same life as her mother had is disheartening and seems a bit careless on the author's end. Nevertheless, no matter the direction these characters turned, there needed to been given greater care to the relationship development between the characters.
They loved each other like the sisters they were. This is their story. How after a terrible flood, the plantation was in ruins and with terrible debts. The father who loved them both was drowned in the flood. The white daughter managed though terrible times to keep The plantation in her family. The black daughter got false papers and ran away with help and went to New Orleans. The story goes on to tell of their meeting again, ending their differences and how through hard work, they survived
This is an excellent book that tells it like it was as far as relationships on plantations, and how those relationships touched the lives of all involved, white and black. The story line is believable and could easily taken place over and over again throughout the South prior to the Civil War. The characters are well defined and show great development. Their actions and reactions held true to the time period and also to human nature. The story is beautifully written and edited. This storyline reminds me of the Falconhurst Series which I read almost 40 years ago. Those wonderful books have stayed with me all these years, just as I'm sure this story, and others by this author also will.
There were times I couldn't put the book down but other times when I felt the book was dragging on and on. It seemed like some of the story lines that I thought were pretty significant were over in a few sentences, yet some of the details regarding setting, time, place, etc would go on for paragraphs and/or pages.
I found this book to be very interesting. It held my attention. I found myself involved with the characters who became real to me. Their era and struggle to survive. Their circumstances and pains. How hard the living really was. How hard one had to work. The confusion of slavery. The love and double sided relationships. All was touching and captivating. I look forward to reading her next book.
There is not much that I would change if I had written this myself. Sometimes, we don't share everything about our feelings with those closest to us, so I can see how Cleo unknowingly betrayed Josephine. Josephine never shared her feelings for Bertrand with Cleo. Bertrand made the first move towards their relationship, but loneliness catapulted Cleo into his arms.
I hated for this book to end. I didn't want to let go of the characters. easy reading, no jumping around in time, characters you love and know in depth and a great story plot. what else do you need? I was really glad it was a long book.
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