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by Judith E. French

  • Author: Judith E. French
  • ISBN: 0380755521
  • ISBN13: 978-0380755523
  • ePub: 1590 kb | FB2: 1571 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Publisher: Avon Books (July 1, 1989)
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 495
  • Format: doc azw mbr mobi
Scarlet Ribbons ePub download

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Scarlet Ribbons book. Judith E. French captures the essence of passion and brings her special characters alive on every page. A multiple award winner, including RT's Historical Romance Lifetime Achievement Author, Best Historical Author of the Year, The PEARL award for Best Anthology, and The Delaware Diamond Award for Literary Excellence, she is best known for her American frontier historical fiction.

Judith E. French has been writing professionally since she was 15. She has published over 60 novels in a career spanning nearly five decades and has over 2 million books in print

Judith E. She has published over 60 novels in a career spanning nearly five decades and has over 2 million books in print. Her works have been translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Bulgarian and Mandarin. She is the author of mysteries, contemporary romances, suspense novels, and paranormal thrillers.

1989) A novel by Judith E French.

Judith E. French is the award-winning author of over thirty novels.

From 'RT's Historical Romance Lifetime Achievement Author' comes the struggle of a courageous woman to protect her home and young son Joshua amid the chaos of the American Revolutionary War, on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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During the bitter winter General George Washington's troops spend in Valley Forge, an undercover Patriot spy's romance with Sarah Turner, a captivating Tory woman, threatens disaster for the Colonial forces.

Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)" is a popular song. The music was written by Evelyn Danzig and the lyrics by Jack Segal. The song has become a standard with many recorded versions and has appeared on several Christmas albums. Scarlet Ribbons" was written in only 15 minutes in 1949 at Danzig's home in Port Washington, New York after she invited lyricist Segal to hear her music

During the bitter winter General George Washington's troops spend in Valley Forge, an undercover Patriot spy's romance with Sarah Turner, a captivating Tory woman, threatens disaster for the Colonial forces
The girl: Sarah Turner. In charge of keeping her young son safe from both armies plus running the family inn whilst her older abusive husband is off fighting with the Royalists. Good servants are hard to come by (she's not fond of bonded servants, but she's got a good reason for that), so she's not going to complain when a scruffy looking Forest Irons comes calling offering his help for room and board.

The guy: Forest Irons is not quite the scruffy, second class type of fellow he appears to be. He's a spy for the Continental Army (I think that's the appropriate term), and he's sent to investigate King's Landing Inn and sniff out any Royalist activity.

Well you know this is a romance and the pair are going to fall in love and have some adventures on the path to true love and mutual trust, but I'm not going to spoil with the details - read it for yourself. Extra points for Sarah, she's no milksop of a delicate miss - she can shoot and kick a bad guy in the appropriate places when she's in a pinch.

"Shoot her," Sarah said matter-of-factly. "It's the only way to keep her quiet."

All in all, a very nice romance with a healthy dollop of historical setting. Purchased at Amazon for a whopping $.99.
What a concept! An HR offering for Kindle written by a U.S. author that doesn't take place in England, yet isn't a Western. Judith French's book takes place in 1777 Colonial America and is a very good read, well balanced with action/adventure, some history, and a lovely romance.

The heroine, Sarah, is a young mother running an inn by herself in the absence of her husband. She's of Tory inclination, supporting England in the colonists' struggle for independence, as are her husband and brother-in-law. Hero, Forest Irons, is, naturally, one of the Patriots. He's a soldier in Washington's army but is recruited to work undercover checking on Sarah's activities at the inn. Is she actively supporting King George's invading army?

Forest comes to the inn disguised as Abe Forest, army deserter, looking for work, and works his way into the hearts of Sarah and her little boy, but there are a lot of lies and deceit between them, both on Forest's part and on Sarah's part. What is her whole story anyway and where is the absent husband? So the path to romance is not easy.

In addition to the romance, there's a goodly amount of action and Sarah shows admirable pluck and backbone, not one of those shrinking violets often found in romances. This book is a very nice change of pace for me, who's getting sick of Regency and Victorian England, especially as written by American authors who fill their books, inadvertently, with so many anachronisms in behavior and speech.

Judith French is new to me but she has been writing, I learned from a Google search, since she was 15 years old and has written more than 50 books, most of them American romances set in the Maryland Tidewater country during the American colonial period. So apparently I've been reading under a rock for many years not to be familiar with her.
At last I have had the opportunity to read another of Ms. French’s stories and as with the others her storytelling is going to stick with me for a very long while. This story takes place during early America’s Revolutionary War and the gritty realism in this author’s descriptive style offers another peak into the struggle between British Loyalists and American Rebels. The unlikely courtship and romance between a Rebel Spy (Forest) and a Loyalist innkeeper (Sarah) kept me reading late into several nights because I just couldn’t abandon their story until I had read a few more pages before sleep captured me. It was that suspenseful and exciting and wonderful! I heartily recommend this author’s writing.
This is an American Revolution era book, but with a little difference. Most of the books I've read have had the main characters either Patriot or Tory, this one combines both. Sarah Turner is a Tory Inn Keeper and Abe Forest is a patriot spy. Abe has been sent to keep an eye on the comings and goings in Sarah's tavern because of the unrest in the area stemming from raids on supply wagons for the patriots by the Tories.

This is a well written book and it keeps your interest throughout.
My first historical romance and I really enjoyed it. Even without the steamy bits, it's a well-written and compelling story worth reading. But the steamy bits are why I bought the book and I wasn't disappointed. Forest and Sarah each got just the right amount of back story to give them dimension and purpose. I'll be reading more Judith E. French books in the future. ***If it matters to you, the story is set during war and there's quite a bit of violence and some animal cruelty described.***
Thoroughly enjoyed this historical romance about a very abused but strong woman with a son with a defect from an accident. Sarah meets Forest, the man she comes to love, as she ran an out of the way inn during the war. The history is rich and love story grabs you and takes you to a special place that only good fantasies can.
What a wonderful and adventurous read. I fell in love with Sarah and Forest, their story is thrilling. I cannot imagine a life so difficult and treacherous. Their love story is about very difficult times and grave compromises. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great historical read. I am looking forward to reading more of Ms French's books.
What an amazing story - one woman's life and love intervowen with the dramatic history of the war between Britain and the American rebels. Well written, interesting characters and a page turner of a story.

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