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Apache's Angel (Zebra Historical Romance) ePub download

by Karen A. Bale

  • Author: Karen A. Bale
  • ISBN: 082173900X
  • ISBN13: 978-0821739006
  • ePub: 1964 kb | FB2: 1155 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Publisher: Zebra (September 1, 1992)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 723
  • Format: azw docx mobi txt
Apache's Angel (Zebra Historical Romance) ePub download

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Items related to Apache's Angel (Zebra Historical Romance). ISBN 13: 9780821739006. Apache's Angel (Zebra Historical Romance). ISBN 10: 082173900X ISBN 13: 9780821739006. Publisher: Zebra, 1992.

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Series: Zebra Historical Romance. Publisher: Zebra (December 1, 2004). There is a tremendous amount of historical references sprinkled throughout this novel which I found to be a thoroughly engrossing read and it is quite a sensual read as well though not for the timid who may be shocked by scenes that could be construed as rape. 7 people found this helpful.

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Paperback, 448 pages. Published July 1st 1995 by Zebra (first published 1992). Downside: As stated earlier, Karen A. Bale began to pretty much mail in her books beginning with this one. There is very little to differentiate Apache’s Angel from any Cassie Edwards book. Shadow Hawk becomes a bastard after seeing Teroz hug Aissa.

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1992) A novel by Karen A Bale. Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Karen A Bale's Apache's Angel.

By (author) Karen A Bale.

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Recognizing her sheriff father's most recent prisoner as the Apache brave who rescued her from captivity when she was fourteen, Aissa Gerard defies her father's orders and visits the prisoner under cover of the night. Original.
This review is of “Apache’s Angel” by Karen A. Bale.

The Story: We begin by meeting the hero of the book, Shadow Hawk, in the Comanche Indian camp where he was born. His father, Black Hawk, is Comanche and white; Black Hawk’s father was white. Shadow Hawk’s mother, Broken Moon, is Apache. Later, after Black Hawk’s death, Shadow Hawk and Broken Moon go back to her Apache family. It is in the Apache camp that Shadow Hawk meets the heroine of the book, Aissa Marie Gerard. Aissa has been kidnapped by Shadow Hawk’s cousin, Teroz, who hates Shadow Hawk, who later frees her. Both of them fall in love at the same time and meet again five years later, when Shadow Hawk is injured by his uncle and ends up in jail in Agua Prieta, the town where Aissa and her father, Ben, who is the town sheriff, live. (Ben’s wife and Aissa’s mother, Celou, passed eight years earlier.)

Although Aissa and Shadow Hawk are in love, they have several issues to deal with. The fact that Shadow Hawk is uncomfortable being of mixed race. Then, there is an evil man named Ray Grimes, whose father cheated Celou out of her family’s land and now, forces Aissa to marry him or Ben and Shadow Hawk will be killed. Shadow Hawk rescues Aissa from Grimes, but leaves the Gerards, feeling he has no future with Aissa.

Shadow Hawk later marries an Apache maiden named Paloma, who is pregnant by one of his cousins. Teroz kidnaps Aissa to punish Shadow Hawk for marrying Paloma, who Teroz wanted to marry. In a twist of events, Teroz becomes a more caring individual while Shadow Hawk, for a time, becomes a bastard, raping and hurting Aissa in many ways. Shadow Hawk eventually realizes that he does love Aissa-despite being a bastard about it-and Aissa forgives him for what he has done and they are happy.

Upside: Aissa is a strong character. Despite being abducted twice, raped, drugged and beaten, she remains strong and resolute throughout the book. Ms.Bale does a good job describing Comanche and later Apache Indian culture.

Downside: As stated earlier, Karen A. Bale began to pretty much mail in her books beginning with this one. There is very little to differentiate “Apache’s Angel” from any Cassie Edwards book. Shadow Hawk becomes a bastard after seeing Teroz hug Aissa. Shadow Hawk gets angry at Aissa, is emotionally cruel and rapes her.Which Aissa, of course, forgives him for. Shadow Hawk mutters a barely stated “apology” for his behavior, which is completely inadequate.

Sex: One consensual sex scene, one rape scene and one of dubious consent.

Violence: Shootings, cutting, rape, human to animal violence and fistfights. None of the violence is graphic.

Bottom Line: There is a sequel to “Apache’s Angel”, “Apache’s Desire”, which is the next book I will review. By this point, Ms. Bale is simply not producing work up to her earlier standards.
The beginning chapters of the story really delve deep into the Apache, Shadow Hawk. But there isn't a whole lot about Aissa. The story of their connection developed well but his divorce to Paloma was too abrupt and out of character. Her addiction to opium was just as random. Her husband had used it on her once and then all of the sudden she begged for it. She never received a divorce. Yet Shadow Hawk and Aissa planned on marriage. Miho's disappearance was not satisfactorily explained. It was pretty random! I liked the story but it didn't get pretty tiring when Shadow Hawk never felt comfortable in any situation.
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