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by Anna Fields,Susan Elizabeth Phillips

  • Author: Anna Fields,Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • ISBN: 0736647635
  • ISBN13: 978-0736647632
  • ePub: 1185 kb | FB2: 1357 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: Books on Tape; Unabridged edition (April 1, 2000)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 235
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First Lady ePub download

Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. What if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team? The Windy City definitely isn't ready for Phoebe Somerville, the outrageous York knockout who’s taking over their home town team.

The first time I spoke with Cornelia Case, she was hot to trot, and no wonder, since her husband, the former president of the . None of the stories written about her ever mention that the lady has a temper, but, believe me, she does

The first time I spoke with Cornelia Case, she was hot to trot, and no wonder, since her husband, the former president of the United States, was-are you ready for this?-GAY! . None of the stories written about her ever mention that the lady has a temper, but, believe me, she does. For all her polish, Nealy Case can go after you when she gets upset. And she was definitely upset with m. .

The mantle of the First Lady was enveloping Nell Kelly like a magician’s . The conspiracy nuts were already having a field day with this, but-.

The mantle of the First Lady was enveloping Nell Kelly like a magician’s cape. But she didn’t want Nell to disappear. Nell was a new person being born inside her, the person she might have been if she hadn’t allowed herself to become a tool of her father’s ambition. The First Lady was on the run, and he was the only reporter in America who knew where she was. Through his daze, he realized he’d just been given back his professional pride. Every muscle in his body tightened, and for the third time that night he felt as if he’d been struck.

And Toni said they’ve got a helicopter coming in to a field not too far away. His teeth had been clenched, his jaw rigid, but he’d been there for her, even six weeks ago when she’d finally stepped aside as Lester Vandervort’s First Lady

And Toni said they’ve got a helicopter coming in to a field not too far away. His teeth had been clenched, his jaw rigid, but he’d been there for her, even six weeks ago when she’d finally stepped aside as Lester Vandervort’s First Lady. Taking her place were the three women she’d hand-picked for the job. Two of them were longtime congressional wives wise to the ways of Washington.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips can do no wrong It was narrated by Anna Fields/Kate Fleming. I believe it was one of the last SEP books she narrated before she died.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips can do no wrong. Another fabulous book by a phenomenal writer. It was narrated by Anna Fields/Kate Fleming.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Because Life's Too Short to Read Depressing Books. HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS Avon Mass Market Paperback ISBN-10: 0062106090 ISBN-13: 978-0062106094. THE GREAT ESCAPE Avon Mss Market Papeback ISBN-10: 0062106082 ISBN-13: 978-0062106087.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Phillips Susan Elizabeth.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (born December 11, 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is a romance novelist from the United States. She is the creator of the sports romance and has been called the Queen of Romantic Comedy. Phillips was born on December 11 in Cincinnati, Ohio to John Aller Titus and Louesa Coate Titus. After receiving a . in theater arts from Ohio University, Phillips taught drama, speech, and English at a local high school until her first child was born, then became a stay-at-home mother.

When Cornelia Litchfield Case, the widow of the recently assassinated president, learns that his successor, a widower, expects her to continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the first lady, Cornelia disguises herself so she can have some time on her own, meets a man with something to hide, and helps him take two orphan sisters across the country.
I love SEP's books but I have to admit that I found this one very lacking. It was so slow paced and there was just nothing much to the story. I felt that the characters did not have enough chemistry among each other (Mat and Nealy). The book was so slow paced that I actually had to skip some parts. What actually kept me reading was that I wanted to know what would finally happen to the children Lucy and Butt. I actually reached a point when I felt Lucy's rudeness was beyond cute and she needed to be disciplined. So overall the book was fair but nothing exciting like her other books where you stay up the whole night because the chemistry between the leading characters gets you hooked.
FIRST LADY is the fourth book in the Wynette, Texas series. This is a very loose series where the early books are connected in the end with some reappearances of the children of the early heroes and heroines.

FIRST LADY is the story of Cornelia "Nealy" Litchfield Case, the widowed First Lady of the United States. Nealy has had enough of her very public life and runs away. She meets up with Mat Jorik, a journalist who is dealing with a crisis of his own. Mat's ex-wife had died and he has inherited two girls for whom he is listed as father on the birth certificate -- even though he is not. Mat only wants to get rid of the girls and he decides to take them to their grandmother in Iowa. During the road trip, he runs into Nealy, who is disguised as a pregnant woman. The two join up and the four of them end up forming a strange family during their travels.

I read the description of this story and really wasn't sure that I would manage to get through the book. The book sounded too unrealistic and I couldn't imagine liking the book. I was determined to get through the series, however, and so I started this book. I ended up really liking this book. The story is crazy and unbelieveable and yet the characters are bold and sweet and the story of how this perfectly imperfect family is formed is engaging and incredibly real.

This book has a great story to tell about families and how they can be bulit out of love and not biology. I appreciated that message and I enjoyed the journey of the family. The romance between Nealy and Mat is complicated, in a nice way, by the presence of the children and I appreciated that realism as well.
Dancing Lion
This is one of the best books I have ever read. Entertaining, funny as all get out, great wit and banter between the protagonists. One of the most enjoyable books out there. You will not be disappointed!
If you're a sucker for stories about unlikely people forming unorthodox families and/or an idealistic political junkie who re-watches The West Wing, this book will make you happy. Filled with likable characters and radiating SEP's trademark humor and warmth, _First Lady_ leaves you smiling and possibly a little teary-eyed. Nealy Case Jorik gets my vote.
Most of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books are very up beat making them a fun read. I have read many of them in paperback, now I'm re-reading them on Kindle. She paints pictures with her words. Again, these are fun reads.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips' fans have come to expect first-rate romances with enganging characters and lots of humor. "First Lady" certainly delivers on those fronts, but it is nonetheless an intriguing change for this leader in contemporary romance. The plot is a difficult one, and I can't imagine any other author handling it so well. It's actually a pretty complex plot, but Phillips does an excellent job of bringing the details all together and keeping the plot flowing. The heart of the story is the relationship between First Lady in disguise Nealy Case and rugged Mat Jorik, a burnt out journalist struggling to find a home for the daughters of his recently deceased ex-wife. Not only does Phillips plausibly bring these two soulmates together, but she also manages to introduce a wonderful cast of secondary characters. The romance alternates from steamy to incredibly sweet and touching. This is an excellent read and lots of fun.
I loved the wild journey of the former First Lady as she sneaks away from the White House to Iowa in disguise. I loved the dysfunctional family she hooks up along the way, each character adding more depth to the story. An enjoyable read with a perfect HEA ending.
When you are glued to the pages till 5AM... it's a sure sign that the book is not only captivating, but also, funny, poignant and throughly enjoyable. First Lady by SEP was the book that I was glued to! This romance novel is an original story about a widowed First Lady, Cornelia Case, in search of herself on the roads of suburbs of midwest in a disguise... and in turn, finds herself a new adventure... and love in the form of Mat Jorik.
SEP *always* present the most realistic (as realistic as they can get for a romance novel) characters and dialogue and FL was no acception! From the beginning, I was intrigued with the burnt out First Lady and Mat- who seemed to be surrounded by numerous females from birth. When this two most unlikely characters are thrown together in a beat up Winnebago named Mabel along with a baby named Butt and a rebellious teenager... well, you can just guess what happens. Or maybe not. Especially if the First Lady is in a disguise! But the twists and turns in the book had me guessing what was gonna happen next, the entire time.
The ending is wonderful and very satisfying... Nealy goes for her goals and achieves it. With the help of everyone around her. Marvelous! I was definitely impressed with SEP's knowledge of past First Ladies facts and details of White House. I wonder what she did for her research!
This gotta be the best road romance I've ever read... And probably best "I love you" scene... which totally made me cry. Tears rolling down my cheeks and all! Although, Dan Calebow from It Had To Be You is my favorite SEP hero, Mat Jorik is giving Dan a run for his money! Definitely a keeper! Can't wait for This Heart Of Mine! By the way, if you've never read an SEP novel, start with this one! You *can't* go wrong with FL!
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