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The Sweetest Taboo (Blaze Romance) ePub download

by Alison Kent

  • Author: Alison Kent
  • ISBN: 0263840484
  • ISBN13: 978-0263840483
  • ePub: 1167 kb | FB2: 1567 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: Mills & Boon (April 2, 2004)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 119
  • Format: mobi docx azw lrf
The Sweetest Taboo (Blaze Romance) ePub download

Golden Heart Award-winning author Jamie Sobrato fell in love with the romance genre at an early age, when she used to sneak her mother's romance novels off the shelves to read during summer vacations. She'd decided by the time she was in the seventh grade that she wanted to be a writer, but in spite of those early ambitions, she pursued a career teaching high school English before she turned to writing.

The Sweetest Taboo by Alison Kent. Hearing so much in the music said a lot about the silence in her life. Oh, the crowd at Paddington’s On Main was noisy enough, but the downtown Houston, Texas, wine and tobacco bar was her career.

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THE SWEETEST TABOO is a spicy romance - I'll give it that much Alison Kent writes hot romance for readers who want more confident, sexually-charged If you like your heroes tall, dark, handsome and mysterious, this is th. .

THE SWEETEST TABOO is a spicy romance - I'll give it that much. Without giving away any spoilers, half-way through the book I was ready to run out to Home Depot and start remodeling my bathroom, shower and all!. Alison Kent writes hot romance for readers who want more confident, sexually-charged If you like your heroes tall, dark, handsome and mysterious, this is the book for you. The author has created a compelling mystery man here, and he's sexy as hell to top it off. The heroine can't resist taking a chance and gets to know her enigmatic neighbour.

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All Tied Up. Alison Kent. One convenient download. Veteran romance author Kent (Undeniable) inaugurates a small-town series set in Hope Springs, Te. the kind of place where people remember Kaylie Flynn by name when she comes back after 10 years away. She left as a newly emancipated foster child; now she's a college-educated woman with one successful business built and another taking shape in her mind.

The melancholy and menacing low-down sounds wound their way through her bedroom’s open window, conjuring wild and reckless images in her wandering mind. tuffed reading chair, Erin Thatcher placed the open copy of Anïs Nin’s Little Birds facedown on the quilted throw covering her lap. With her hands resting on the chair’s padded arms, her head sinking into the cushioned back, she closed her eyes and listened.

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Sweetest Taboo by Margie Montgomery (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping! . The Sweetest Taboo (Blaze Romance) By Alison Kent.

The Sweetest Taboo (Blaze Romance) By Alison Kent.

Veteran romance author Kent (Undeniable) inaugurates a small-town series set in Hope Springs, Te. The Second Chance Café (A Hope Springs Novel).

Alison Kent - Mica Stone, Houston, Texas. Author of the Hope Springs and Dalton Gang series. Save for my three books with Berkley Heat (Dalton Gang) and my five books with Montlake Romance (Hope Springs) I now control the rights to everything I've written. that everything being a total of 59 novels, novellas, and short stories. The Sweetest Taboo AT LAST. Visit the post for more. Alison Kent - Mica Stone. 8 October ·. some things take forever.

Love Alison Kent stories. They are always hot, steamy and usually wrong. But I always find myself rooting for the main characters, in this case Erin and Sebastian.
This is the first book I've read by Alison Kent. Now I have to read more. Wow, it was hard to put down
Inheriting her grandfather's bar gave Erin Thatcher endless hours of work but not satisfaction. Yet the bar is her legacy from the grandfather who gave up everything to care for her, and Erin intends it to succeed. Late hours and restlessness lead to imaginative interludes with the man in the apartment above hers. Elevator rides, chance encounters in the parking garage or mailroom make her long for more. Then Erin reads an article that motivates her to break all the rules and pursue her desire. She wants sex with a bad boy, a rake, a rapscallion with no guilt and no worries.
Sebastian Gallo lives a very controlled life, allowing no one to come close emotionally. He buries his dark past and hidden pain in his fiction hero Ryder Falco, penning sinister, dark fiction, working out his angst by late night prowling and spending long hours in his opulently decadent shower. Sebastian's solitary existence is a design of his own making as opposed to the horrible years of his childhood. Long ago he vowed he would never look to someone else for security, substance or support. But then, he underestimated the needs of his heart.
THE SWEETEST TABOO combines raw sexual energy with fierce emotional passion in a savvy blend of extremities certain to fulfill the most demanding lover of romance and erotica. Indeed, author Alison Kent has a gift for cutting to the very essence of modern woman's struggle to reconcile her needs and desires with the standards society sets. Sexual freedom does not give Erin the experience she imagines as she struggles to divorce extraordinary sex from its emotional ramifications. Sebastian likewise struggles with self-identity, rejecting his past by create a fictional character that bears the brunt of his dark side. Further, the pace of the novel maintains a gripping edge as both Erin and Sebastian struggle with their inner demons and deepest desires. A titillating read with gritty detail and fierce emotion, THE SWEETEST TABOO comes very highly recommended.
Having long since given up on the formulaic Harlequin lines in favour of more cutting egde romance, I was brought back through a friend who urged me to give this new line a try. This first foray was more than satisfactory, the writing superb and the story was engrossing. Even her descriptions of Sebastian's GTO were excellent, making it into an almost living entity rather than a machine.
The sex, while definitely off the Richter scale for Harlequin, was still pretty vanilla. I will say, there are shades of Robin Schone in Ms. Kent's emotion-filled scenes, and that's not a bad thing. I especially liked the opening masturbatory scene with Sebastian in the shower was highly erotic and very well-written without being judgemental of his motives.
I throughly enjoyed Sebastian Gallo/Ryder Falco. He was a definite paen to the handsome, brooding heroes of gothic romance novels. The descriptions of him, his clothes, what he thought, made him very real. As a writer, I can completely sympathize with the capriciousness of the creative process. He is a man whom one has to earn the right to love him, since he doesn't love easily. He wasn't quite an alpha male because he definite had his own code of honor when it came to dealing with Erin Thatcher. I would love to read an entire book about his life, especially his time spent in behind bars.
I did NOT like of Erin Thatcher. She was/is everything about a female character I simply can't stand. Anal, insecure, a trust-fund baby with no sense of direction--was she really the kind of brazen and ballsy woman to engage in a torrid affair with her sexy neighbor? Most of the book was spent in her feeling sorry for herself and not being able to decide whether owning an upscale bar in Houston was her life's work. And, talk about reinforcing the notion that women cannot tell the difference between sex and love, Erin Thatcher is the poster child.
I give this book 4 stars because of the secondary characters: Tess and Samantha (the e-mail friends with the good advice), Cali and Will. Their romance would also make a good book, though I was rather disappointed that Cali didn't stick to her guns at the end in terms of the screenplay project. At least Will came to his senses, but still.
I will be reading the other books in the 'Men-To-Do' miniseries to see how the other characters handle their respective romances.
Erin Thatcher loves her work as the owner-manager of the successful pub Paddington's On Main in downtown Houston. However, though her career provides much satisfaction, Erin feels it is time to open up her personal life that she kept on hold. She wants a fling before she settles on Mr. Right whomever that might be. Every time she sees her loft neighbor or hears him playing the blues, she dreams of a night of sex.
She decides her neighbor Sebastian Gallo is the perfect romantic romp; Erin pursues making her fantasy starring him real. Sebastian shares her torrid reverie, but shies away from his desires as he fears if he went under the covers with her, she would uncover his dark secret that he is the author of the Slater best-selling horror novels under the name Falco. Still, neither can resist the lure of a one night-stand which can blossom into a life time of happiness if both parties cease running form commitment.
THE SWEET TABOO is a captivating contemporary romance that works on several levels. Obviously being a Blaze imprint means torrid scenes. Those are well written and fit nicely into the story line. However, what turns on Alison Kent's novel is the amusing yet serious banter between the lead protagonists and the electronic dialogue amidst the females of the "man to do" crowd that is part humor, part compassionate, and totally on top.
Harriet Klausner
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