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Prince Charming (Time of Your Life) ePub download

by Robin Wells

  • Author: Robin Wells
  • ISBN: 0505523442
  • ISBN13: 978-0505523440
  • ePub: 1616 kb | FB2: 1410 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: Love Spell; First Edition edition (November 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 400
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 474
  • Format: lit docx txt azw
Prince Charming (Time of Your Life) ePub download

Josephine Evans is having a bad day. Actually, she's having a bad life. Her last living relative, Aunt Prudie, died six weeks ago leaving enormous debt, a failing etiquette school, and a mansion mortgaged to the hilt. Now, to top things off, Josephine just ran into the back of a pickup truck, totaling her Mercedes. She doesn't even have enough money for cab fare back home.
Tugboat captain, Cole Dumanski, is desperately seeking a short-order cook for his upcoming thirty-day stint down the Mississippi. He's not having any luck finding one, and the rest of his day has put him in a bad mood as well. Now some prim socialite has run into the back of his new truck, and is claiming to have money difficulties and no insurance.
Josephine finds Cole one of the most crass, foul-mouthed, ill mannered, and devastatingly handsome men she's run across. With no money in her purse, she's forced to ask him for a ride home. Once there, they discover her home has been sealed by the police to start foreclosure proceedings. Not wanting to leave her homeless, Cole offers her the cook position onboard his boat. Josephine surmises there's just one problem with accepting the job, she can't even boil an egg. With a cookbook, she figures she can learn, and it'll have to be quickly.
Can an ill-bred tugboat captain with a huge chip on his shoulder fall in love with a lonely, sheltered, and prim socialite who lied to get her job?
Unfortunately, while reading this book, my response to this question became: And do I really care?
The first few chapters were pretty good, and there were some humorous moments. Making the hero a tugboat captain, and having most of the story take place on the Mississippi River was original. But the originality stopped there. Otherwise, the story was trite and full of problems. I could probably surpass my word limit describing all of them. Instead, I'll mention the most blatant and irritating ones that won't give away too much of the overdone plot.
First of all, Cole was wronged by a couple of rich kids as a teenager, and fifteen years later he still carries a great deal of anger about this. In fact, he hatches a plan for revenge, which is immature and unrealistic, and didn't even seem in line with his character. Plus, this silly revenge plot became the main reason Josephine and him weren't together. When it came time to disembark the boat, and Cole to carry out his plan, Josephine decided to act like their time together meant nothing and he wasn't good enough for her. By making him angry, instead of guilty, she thought she was doing him a favor, because he would get over the anger sooner. Now, let's see...he's carried anger with him over another incident for fifteen years, so why would she think anger would be better?! Plus, I hate this type of plot element when one of them decides to say awful things to drive the other away, "for their own good".
Josephine has unresolved issues of her own, and Cole consoles her after a recurring nightmare, which was really nice. And his words of encouragement force her to see her mistakes in their true light, and after all these years, that's all it took for her to make an overnight change to stop being fearful of life. Totally unrealistic! Her change should have been gradual over the course of the story, not overnight! The last seventy pages of this book were excruciating to get through, but with only that much left to read, I committed myself to finish it. A root canal would have been more pleasant.
I picked up this book after reading the rave reviews on Amazon, and this was my first read by this author. Thank goodness I bought it used, although since it's out of print that would be the only way to buy it. I obviously don't recommend reading this, and I'm not sure I'll be reading anything else by this author. For a great contemporary romance with humor, I would recommend: Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Crusie.
Sparks fly as straight-laced, stuffy Josephine Evans collides with Cole Dumanski. Being nearly penniless and essentially homeless, Josephine has no means with which to pay for the repairs to Cole's truck. What she needs is money and a place to stay. What he needs is a short-order cook on his towboat. And so begins a delightful tale of love, a cast of scallywags, and two hearts destined to be together.
Josephine finds herself in hot water when she makes her way into the galley of Cole's towboat and admits to herself that she has made a terrible mistake. She can no more boil water and prepare food fit for a towboat captain than Cole can sing a Verdi opera. But her manners and etiquette are impeccable. And as such, Josephine attempts to bluff her way through the meals, explaining the poorly cooked disasters "gourmet". Cole, not fooled by Josephine's bluff orders her to prepare one fit meal in 24 hours or she is off the boat at the next stop.
Still desperate, she strikes a bargain with Cole that risks her heart. She will remain aboard the boat, not as the cook, but as an etiquette instructor. Her goal is to teach this band of rowdies how to behave in polite society if it kills her. But Cole has another, more vengeful purpose in keeping Josephine on board and taking her lessons.
But as the two spend more time together, Josephine finds herself shedding her straight-laced former self and falling in love with Cole, a man who has set his sights on vengeance. Can she make him see that her love is true and make him forget his need for vengeance before it destroys him?
Ms. Wells has written a riotous river romp full of humor and irresistible characters. When you sign on with "Prince Charming" you sign on for - the time of your life. This one is too good to pass up!
Zeus Wooden
Like other reviewers, the first Robin Wells book I read was Baby, Oh Baby! I really enjoyed that book but I love this one even more! Several parts in this book make you just laugh out aloud and my favorite scene is one nearing the end when Josephine, ignorant of shipping terms or distress signals, was screaming Mayhem instead of Mayday!
This book seems to have a lot of things I like in a romance. Normally, books would have just one or two of my favourite romance elements. I like romances on the high seas (although this is a river) especially those cabin scenes, where all the drama happens! I also like reading books of heroes to the rescue of damsels temporarily in distress, and this one fits that to the T. And I like my heroines to be mercilessly teased - Cole just delights in teasing the straight-laced Josephine.
Cole does seem to be a bit too wonderful (not that I mind) even though Robin Wells sees to it that he has flaws like being revengeful (which he has reason to be) and hurting Josephine's feelings (which all heroes do, so that doesn't count.) But he also offers Josephine a job when he found out she's broke and has no place to go, defends her when his shipmates are too forward, comforts her when she wakes up screaming from a nightmare and didn't go through with his revenge when he could have.
I don't know what makes some books better than others even when the authors use similar elements in the stories. I guess that's what they call talent and Robin Wells has loads of it. Prince Charming is definitely one book that's a keeper.
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