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Ritual of Proof (G K Hall Large Print Romance Series) ePub download

by Dara Joy

  • Author: Dara Joy
  • ISBN: 0783896441
  • ISBN13: 978-0783896441
  • ePub: 1228 kb | FB2: 1506 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: G K Hall & Co; Large Print edition (January 1, 2002)
  • Pages: 439
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 267
  • Format: azw txt mobi doc
Ritual of Proof (G K Hall Large Print Romance Series) ePub download

Series: G K Hall Large Print Book Series. Proof is one of these second types of books. I can fall asleep at night after reading a page and a half, where with the earlier books, I would be awake until four in the morning unable to put the book down.

Series: G K Hall Large Print Book Series. I can't say it's a poorly written book, because it reads like any number of other authors I could name.

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Ritual of Proof book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Book by Joy, Dara
I quite like the story and am debating on a 3 rating. I finally opted for a 4 because of the hero, Jorlan. However, could someone tell me what on earth the last 2 pages (in italic) are all about ? Is it some kind of metaphor, which my limited intelligence fails to understand ? Or is it implying something sinister and calculating about Green? I hope not because this definitely spoils the whole story which was enjoyable until these last 2 annoying pages. Or maybe it is Joy's last minute hope of redeeming this heroine character, having realized Green is too ordinary for Jorlan, I could only say Joy failed.

Roles reversal, a world where women rule and men are to be be protected or abused and toyed with. The idea appeals to me. "Ritual of Proof" however can do with less so called erotic steamy love scenes. 2 are sufficient in any story and more than that is just too much. It can get pretty stale and very tiring ( Oh dear not another one, here we go again!) I know this is suppose to be a romance, an erotic, but Joy's writing, the characters and story have the potential to be much more than something which could easily be classified as "trash". I have to admit I have never read anything of Joy's and "Ritual of Proof" is the first, and sex scenes are probably the norm in any of her story. A pity, because she does have the imagination to create more solid fantasies.

Still Ritual of Proof is an entertaining read. Our hero, Jorlan, is extremely endearing and likable and my main reason for liking this book. My only regret is that Joy changed this character somewhat towards the end. Jorlan was not supposed to be the stereotype. So why have him feel responsible and tie him down with a mundane family life with a wife and child. Joy could have done so much more with this character.

A suggestion for Joy. How about a sequel on Jorlan, with him breaking away from the norms and standards. I just cannot bear this character ending up looking after his wife and child and overseeing Green's business. Let him be the wild, unrestrained, raw, rebellious, intriguing yet innocent character he is supposed to be!

Those of you looking for another story with a similar theme, try "A Brother's Price" which has a better story line, much more interesting heroines and where explicit sex scene is not required to convey love.
Talk about unique book! I didn't think I would be that interested in such a concept as sci-fi/romance with a little gender role reversal thrown in, but wow was I in store for a surprise!
~Green Tamryn is a Marquelle, equal to what a Duke is in England on a far off planet ruled by women and where men are considered second-class citizens and are used in political gain. They are sold off by their mothers to the highest bidder(a high noblewoman)of the Top Slice. (this is equal to Dukes and Lords in England) She never wanted to fasten(marry) but an evil woman with treacherous plans had made her think again. Green must fasten with the most sought after male in Capital Town, Jorlan Rynard.
Jorlan is a powerful woman's son. He is spoiled and pampered, and does not want to be fastened. He has ideals and hopes that someday men will be viewed as equals and tries to push his views but his old fashioned grandmother is aghast. In the blink of an eye he finds himself fastened to one of the Top Slice's most powerful women, a woman about 10 years older than he and much more experienced in the bedroom that he ever imagined. He is afraid he will never find his own in the woman ruled world and refuses to bend to Green's will.
Green is being hounded by her enemy and her enemy wants Jorlan. Green refuses to let the greedy woman have the only man she ever wanted. Soon Green and Jorlan find themselves answering to the She-Lords for a conspiracy that Green's worst enemy has plotted, the Ritual of Proof.
This story is so vivid and compelling I found it extremely hard to stop reading! I read it in one day! The role reversal was so different and unique I could hardly believe how well Ms. Joy pulled it off so believably! Where men are valued for their bed-price and the their veils(virginity) is a must, this tale is fasinating to say the least. I highly recommend this for something very exotic and different!
Tracy [email protected]
I have read other books by this author and I found them a great romp of a read. The men are sexy and exasperating, the women feisty and put upon when dealing with the built in machismo that her heroes have, but they're definitely worth it.
This book, however, was a tad different. The idea is that men are the one's who have a virginity that is prized, and 'good boys' wait until marriage. Women are free to enjoy pleasures as they will and are expected to teach their husbands what they like because husbands, at least in the noble class, are virgins upon marrying. And it isn't easy for the men to undergo deflowering, or as they call it " unveiling". They get the jitters, pain and discomfort that women through the ages have had to deal with. A great twist! Jorlan is exactly what any woman would want for her name bearer, or husband, and Green(odd name that!)is what we'd all like to be: in control of a gorgeous hunk in every aspect of his life! The romance is sweet, the passion sizzles, as do all of Dara's tales, and they come together in an ending that makes you smile. I can also see another story coming from this one because there are a few loose ends and hints dropped throughout the tale, so I can't wait to see what she creates in the next tale.
However, this book comes with a glossary of terms that are used throughout the story. Several pages of terms, to be exact. I can understand wanting to have non-Earth terms, but this got to be absurd. I found myself sifting through the story and trying to ignore the 'new' terms and explanations. It seemed a deluge of unnecessary names and such when we all just want to read a hot romance, but all in all, it was worth the read.
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