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by Michelle Conder

  • Author: Michelle Conder
  • ISBN: 0373238347
  • ISBN13: 978-0373238347
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: Harlequin Presents Large Print; Original edition (April 24, 2012)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 452
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Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation ePub download

or ages, and had just made it to the passport-check booth when the official behind the partition had directed her to a row of officers with sniffer dogs.

For Paul, who always takes the kids-even when it means missing a surf-for my kids, who so graciously accept when Mummy is busy, for Laurel, who tirelessly reads my dodgy first drafts, and for Mum, who is always there when I need her most. or ages, and had just made it to the passport-check booth when the official behind the partition had directed her to a row of officers with sniffer dogs. She hadn’t been concerned as she’d seen she was just one of many being checked over.

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With a reputation founded on control, he’s determined not to lose his head over this little minx again. From as far back as she can remember Michelle Conder dreamed of being a writer. She penned the first chapter of a romance novel just out of high school, but it took much study, many (varied) jobs, one ultra-understanding husband and three gorgeous children before she finally sat down to turn that dream into a reality. Michelle lives in Australia, and when she isn’t busy plotting she loves to read, ride horses, travel and practise yoga.

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Start by marking Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation as Want to Read . This is a great debut book for Michelle Conder.

Start by marking Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Honey Blossom Lily)best friend's brother who she has been in love since she was a teenager. He has a duty to continue the family's illustrious history by marrying the right woman . and there is no chance whatsoever Lily fit This is a great debut book for Michelle Conder.

Michelle Conder roat to subside

Michelle Conder roat to subside. She stared at the inlaid stonework around the fireplace and realised she was about to cry. Cry! She never cried, and she wasn’t about to start in Tristan’s presence. Lily quickly scrambled to her feet, holding her hands out in front of her as Tristan made to do the same.

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I particularly like Michelle Conder's style of writing (similar to Sarah Morgan and Sharon Kendrick) and with this book .

I particularly like Michelle Conder's style of writing (similar to Sarah Morgan and Sharon Kendrick) and with this book the writing is primarily from Tristan's perspective - so its great to see all the alpha male arrogance re-think the situations. This is the first book of Michelle Conder I have ever read & I loved every word of it! The main characters were amazing & loved the sizzling chemistry between them which was very palpable to the reader.

Getting falsely arrested feels like a scene from a bad movie for rising star Lily Wild, especially when she discovers the conditions of her release—around-the-clock surveillance by world-class lawyer Tristan Garrett. Ignoring her attraction to the sinfully sexy man who crushed her youthful heart is getting harder by the minute!Lily's reputation is in Tristan's hands now and when he says jump, she'd better ask how high! With a reputation founded on control, he's determined not to lose his head over this little minx again. But he blazes white-hot every time he looks at her and it's burning away his couldn't-care-less facade!
Lily has had a tough life...inattentive parents, drug activity but she stayed true
to herself. To the world she was an out of control party girl. Tristan believes
the drug charges but helps her anyways. He begins to see his error but Lily makes
him work for it. Really liked the book.
I totally disagree with the firts review, i loved the interaction between them, and the fact that they had a past, and i loved the tension between them, they obviously had lots of chemistry, and the love scenes were tender with lots of heat. I choose books very carefully these days, and as you know m/b does have a certain recipe, but why read one at all if you dont like the lip chewing, the alpha male act, the bickering between the h/H, ect. This def deserve book of the month and i look forward to ms Condors next book.
This story started with a good premise but it fizzled from there.

Lily is a world famous actress who grew up as best friend to Tristan's sister. She was infatuated by him in her youth. Lily is accused of smuggling drugs and Tristan helps her. She is released to his custody. Lily has been suspected of drug use in the past. Tristan's mother died from drug problems so he has reason to resent Lily's presence in his life. With all this, I had high hopes but alas, the book did not live up to the premise.

First, the two main characters were dull. Their interactions were boring. The first day they were together was interminable. That day (and the entire book) was full of the typical overused Harlequin cliches: overbearing jerky hero, lip biting unshed tears heroine, unrelieved sexual longings, false accusations, misunderstandings and misconceptions. There was too much draggy conversation and too much went on and It went on so long that I kept flipping pages to see When it would finally end.

The heroine was supposed to be a scandalous actress always in the tabloids but there was nothing juicy or scandalous about her activities. I have seen juicier deeds from people I actually know- never mind the stories in the Enquirer. She was boring. Even the mystery about the drug smuggling was boring. And when the hero stopped being a jerk, he was even more boring. But that only lasted a few pages because he was a jerk most of the book. If I was Lily, I would have fallen out of love. Not in.
Tristan is asked by his beloved younger sister to help out her disreputable friend. It appears that super star actress Lily, had been caught w/ some drugs and was being detained. Tristan didn't want to help this known "drug addict" that he had never liked when he first met her when she was 14 and hiding drugs under his precious sister's mattress. Tristan, a lawyer, believes all the evidence he has seen w/ his own eyes....including tabloid photos!! Yes, those are always so reliable in these stories. Because of all the scandal Lily had left her home country for six years. Now she is back only to be caught up in more scandal. Then Lily, w/ the odd name, (Lily Honey Blossom), is remanded to the custody of Tristan a man that she knows doesn't think much of her. He has tried and convicted her w/out the benefit of a trial or any explanations on her own behalf. Tristan, of course, is not nice to her but he is deeply attracted to her! You knew he would be. Is it really true that you hurt the ones you love? Or maybe no matter what it's ALWAYS the female's fault....well not a close female relative though.

Tristan has no respect for drug users and he agrees w/ his father that Lily Honey Blossom Wild is bad news! Wonder if that view changes later when he discovers the truth? So there chemistry is great and you want him to eat his words. Yes, he has good reasons for his dislike of drugs and the apparent `badness' of Lily, but honestly her past was more emotionally evoking! It was incredibly sad what she had gone through and she still managed to persevere. Can't imagine he's a very good lawyer if he believes everything in print! Okay so he had a report done on her, but even reports can be wrong especially if your good at keeping your secrets.

Did I want her to tell him off sometimes, yes! But she takes the attitude of why bother and soon enough right will win out in the end. He doesn't want to hear any protestations of her innocence either - no explanations for him. It's like he ONLY wants to hear things that will support her preconceived ideas of her and everything else is a non-issue. Her own motto for never explaining things - Never let them see you care. When he discovers some truths about her he wants to know why she didn't tell him. What would be the point as he never believes her anyway.

I truly adored his wrong footedness w/ her and his adamant belief that he knew EVERYTHING. She does throw him for a loop when he starts realizing the truth. And, of course, he says all the right things, but I have to be honest and say something did bother me a bit. Tristan has been w/ a LOT of OW but he claims that Lily ruined him because he `hadn't been able to look at a woman, be with a woman, without imaging she was you (Lily)' That isn't romantic, if you think about it. All the women he had been w/ were pretty much single tries, he used them....ALL!! Why? Because he didn't like what Lily made him feel because of his hurtful childhood. However, he still had one parent while Lily had NO ONE!!! At least not blood related. All she had was a stepfather and some step sisters, but apparently she can't really count on them. But poor Tristan's baggage carries over more than Lily's does. Still it was an intriguing read that kept me turning the pages waiting for him to get his in the end. LOL!
Interesting characters and interesting dynamic between the two. Enjoyed the back stories and the heat between characters. Solid happy ending.
I loved this book. The verbal banter, the love scenes,his pigheadedness. Kudos to Ms. Condor.I immediately looked for other books by her but couldnt find any,will keep an eye out though.
Great book. Would recommend this book to all my friends. Looking forward to reading more of these books. Great story
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