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by Clara M. Miller

  • Author: Clara M. Miller
  • ISBN: 0738808032
  • ISBN13: 978-0738808031
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Occult & Paranormal
  • Publisher: Xlibris; 1 edition (January 2000)
  • Pages: 183
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 573
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Echoes of a Haunting ePub download

This story is much more believable than most other ‘real-life haunting’ stories/books. I liked the diary format but really didn’t read the dates; I was captivated by the story.

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). This story is much more believable than most other ‘real-life haunting’ stories/books. Paranormal shows have investigated this house and it’s current owner regularly rents it out to investigators. There’s not been a team there yet WITHOUT any evidence. The house is just as active as when Ms. Miller lived there.

Clara M. Miller’s most popular book is Echoes of a Haunting: A House in the Country. Echoes of a Haunting - Revisited by. Clara M. Miller.

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Echoes of a Haunting traces the steps of this normal family whose life turned upside down when they moved to a disturbed or haunted house in Southern New York State in 1970.

Echoes of a Haunting recounts the true story of a real haunted house although the author prefers the word disturbed. Echoes of a Haunting traces the steps of this normal family whose life turned upside down when they moved to a disturbed or haunted house in Southern New York State in 1970.

Echoes of a Haunting Revisited is a re-issue and adds some material not in the original book. It tells the story of a family under siege. From the time the Dandy family moved to their "home in the country" in 1970 until they fled it in 1974, they were plagued but unexplainable and terrifying events. When they tell you ghosts can't harm you, take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps they can't affect you directly but they can sure cause incidents that can kill.

Read "Echoes of a Haunting A House in the Country" by Clara M.

In the first place, the house doesnt even look haunted. At first, the family tended to discount the happenings and come up with some rather creative explanations.

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Echoes of a Haunting : A House in the Country. By (author) Clara M Miller. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Miller31 հունվարի, 2000 . Her first published book, Echoes of a Haunting (published in 1999) is non-fiction

Clara M. Miller31 հունվարի, 2000 թ. Xlibris Corporation. Her first published book, Echoes of a Haunting (published in 1999) is non-fiction. In the fiction field, she has written Brothers (2001), Once a Demon (2002), Birds of a Feather (2002).

The author was born in Buffalo, New York. Cirque Diabolique (2003), Shamrocks in the Heather (2003), A Breath of Old Smoke (2004) and Daughters of Gemini all in the BROTHERS Series.

Echoes of a Haunting recounts the true story of a real "haunted" house although the author prefers the word "disturbed". Do not expect the "usual" tale filled with blood running down the walls, demons jumping out of closets, heads pivoting while spewing pea soup or seances with levitating mediums. Instead, the horror that lived in the House in the Country began slowly and quietly. It gradually built in intensity until living there became unbearable.

The author's family, normal by any criteria, began to earn an unfair reputation as "devil worshipers" and "kooks". Despite efforts by various psychics and clergymen to ease the pressure, the house eventually won. When emotional and psychic shocks turned to physical threats, it became impossible to stay. The book attempts, in diary form, to trace the trajectory of the "haunting".

Im not a reader, though over the past year ive tried to read more. It takes alot to hold my attention , and let me say i couldnt stop reading this book. She spoke from the heart of experincing the things she wrote about. Not one part of me thinks this is made up in any way. My family experienced some of the same things when i was a child. No matter how much sense you want to make of it it never makes any sense. But it doesnt make it less true. Thank you for sharing your story.
I really, really enjoyed this book! Being from the Central NY the fact that this took place near Buffalo made the entire experience of reading it even more captivating. The author is so well spoken. She has a stream of consciousness sort of style that makes the reader feel as though the author is a friend telling you her story over coffee. The characters, the author, her husband and children and extended family and friends come to life and are so lovable, so likable, and you feel you know them by the end of the book.

Now, I have to say, I adore books about hauntings, ghosts, spirits and the super natural. I believe in all of the above whole heartedly, so I was not a skeptic when I read this book. With that said, this book gave me the creeps. Although the cast of characters is so true and real and lovable, the situations they endured will make you nervous to wander the house with the lights out. I should also mention...I am no scardy cat!

This book gets under your skin. maybe it is because the people I involved are so down to earth and NORMAL and the events they experienced are NOT....maybe because it is very well written. Maybe because it isn't MY house that is troubled. or all of the above. If you have the tenacity and the guts, this book is a book you will want to read.
This story was so fascinating both for the scary haunting and the interesting family dynamics. I love reading these books for the flashback in time to what life was like a few decades previous to our own before cell phones and computers. I always find paranormal books written by regular people so much more believable than those written by 'investigators' and the author comes across and a caring and sensible mother. I will be re-reading this book for sure.
It was written differently than other true haunting stories i've read but i did enjoy this book. This family had some really scary things happen to them while living in this house. This haunting book is unique and quite interesting.
I recently visited the house in Hinsdale. While I believe that whatever was once there is now gone, I do believe Clara's story, or at least her interpretation of the events. I don't believe in possession and feel those parts may have been the psyche of the people possessed and the power of suggestion in young people. I believe the events and energy she professes, but the visit in the house makes me believe the energy has departed.
Ok book quick shipping.
My ex husband is friend with the people that lived in that house .Me and my husband now watched the show A Haunting and wanted to know more so we bought the book .My husband almost read the whole book in one day .
I'm from the town in the book so I've gathered alot of information on it and actually taken two tours of the house.

None of them impressed me. It was, essentially, a group of "open minded people" convinced they were "feeling some sort of energy" and had suddenly become psychic.

Power of suggestion, in my opinion.

I've actually had a long discussion with the tour guide, who's a very interesting man (in a good way), so I was a little disappointed when he started talking about his theories on why the house is haunted, which I disproved with about 10 minutes of research. Bummer.

That being said, this book scares the living hell out of me. It's the only book I could never read right before bed. I haven't read it in years, I only remembered because my little brother is reading the "Revisited" edition and told me-having remembered a conversation I assume we had-that he couldn't read it before bed either.

I scare myself a little easily sometimes, but I've never been scared of a book.

I actually knew Michael when I was little-my father and uncle grew up with the family-but probably haven't seen him in 10 years.

I believe there was something happening at that house. I don't believe there's a raging hell in that house now, however.

...yet this book is still terrifying.
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