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Prophets of the Apocalypse: David Koresh and Other American Messiahs ePub download

by Kenneth R. Samples

  • Author: Kenneth R. Samples
  • ISBN: 0801083672
  • ISBN13: 978-0801083679
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Occult & Paranormal
  • Publisher: Baker Pub Group; Second Printing edition (February 1, 1994)
  • Pages: 234
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Prophets of the Apocalypse: David Koresh and Other American Messiahs ePub download

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Newport, Kenneth G. C. The Branch Davidians of Waco: The History and Beliefs of an Apocalyptic Sect (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2006). Shaw, B. "State Intervention and Holy Violence: Waco," Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 77,4 (2009), 853–894.

Prophets of the Apocalypse looks at various groups and leaders and tells why they are dangerous.

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Koresh, 54 other adults and 21 children were found dead after the fire. In his book, James Tabor states that Koresh acknowledged on a videotape sent out of the compound during the standoff that he had fathered more than 12 children by several "wives. v · d · eBranch Davidians.

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Prophets of the Apocalypse: David Koresh and Other American Messiahs by Samples.

Prophets of the Apocalypse looks at various groups and leaders and tells why they are dangerous. It reminds and warns readers that it is all too easy to succumb to the influences of the new messiahs as they overemphasize subjective religious experience, spiritualize issues to justify their actions, make confusing and inflated promises of fellowship, manipulate through emotion rather than substance, and encourage others to "just believe" rather than think critically.
"Prophets of the Apocalypse" focuses on the actions of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians by following their history up to and including the tragic events surrounding the Waco Massacre in 1993. Other groups are also mentioned in the book as well as some general information regarding cult activities, organization, and doctrines along with a look at how these groups have influenced, brainwashed, and even murdered many Americans who were well educated and careful despite their ultimate and untimely fates. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in American cults and their presence in our society. A truly fascinating read.
Because of the personal commitment inherent in religious belief, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for most people to treat this subject with complete or substantial objectivity. And so it is with this book. From its very beginning, Samples and his colleagues reveal their association with Christian Research Institute International, which has been described elsewhere as a "evangelical Christian apologetics ministry." In other words, the reader should expect that whatever follows will likely be forced into the straitjacket of conservative Christianity, with all the problems that may result from taking this approach.

The primary purpose of this book is apparently to warn the faithful of the dangers inherent in getting involved with any forms of non-Christian religion, particularly unconventional groups like the Branch Davidians of David Koresh. To support their arguments, Samples and his colleagues sometimes resort to cherry-picking facts that support their case while ignoring facts and arguments that do not For example, much of the information they provide about the Branch Davidians comes from sources that are openly hostile to the group. This is not to say that the group was not dangerous for the reasons they cite, but it would have been helpful to get more of an idea of what actually motivated people in the group to join it and remain in spite of all the challenges it presented.

This approach is repeated in their treatment of the Mormons which, curiously, discusses only events that took place 170 years ago during the formative years of the religion (or cult, depending on one's point of view) and shapes them to show Mormonism in the worst possible light. I was also somewhat put off by the implication, seen at several points in the book, that Eastern religions are somehow "weird". True, the East has had its share of unconventional religious groups (like the Unification Church) some of which, as mentioned in the book, did some real harm to Americans But, at the end of the day, the East is also home to four major religions, all of them much older than Christianity, along with a religious work (the Tao Te Ching) that is a foundational document for three of them and the second most widely-read religious book in the United States after the Bible.

To be sure, there is some interesting and valuable information in this book, such as the detailed history of the Seventh Day Adventists. The warning to be wary of joining unconventional religious groups is one that should definitely be heeded..That said, however, the reader should always be mindful of the inherent bias that the writers show toward their subject and evaluate the book's contents accordingly.

This book deals with the end of times. It talks mostly about David Koresh, but it does also talk about other groups. I haven't seen too many books dealing with that. I found it interesting to read.
First thing is first. I am filled with sorrow for the many unfortunate Davidians (especially the children) that perished. I remember vividly watching their property on television light up into an ablaze. " On April 19,1993 (day 51of the siege), the world watched in horror as the Branch Davidians compound burst into a city-block sized funeral pyre. David Koresh and somewhere between seventy-five and eighty-five of his loyal followers, including approximately twenty-five children, met their end in the all-consuming inferno." p.15
I was overcome with shock and terror. My emotions forced me to turn the television off. I can only hope that those that survived are well rehabilitated.
The reason why I give this book a five star is because it defines how a wolf dressed in sheep's clothes can manipulate you. This good read exposes hypnotism, and how an ostensibly good person can twist the scriptures. I know for sure that any book that exposes the trickery of a cult leader, committee, elders, congregation, Kingdom Hall etc., deserves five stars.
The first chapter hits the nail right on the head. It reads, "ANY PERSON experiencing an identity crisis in a serious spiritual quest is theoretically vulnerable to the seductive outreach of the cults...persons who have recently gone through some kind of painful life experience or who find themselves in a state of unusual anxiety, stress, or uncertainty are far more susceptible...when someone is feeling exceedingly anxious, uncertain, hurt, lonely, unloved, confused, or guilty, that person is a prime prospect for those who come in the guise of religion offering a way out or "peace of mind."" --- Ronald Enroth, Sociologist p.17
There are SOOO many preachers, teachers and gurus around the world that claim to have conversed with Jesus or a deity (some belief systems swear that Christ is every present in their Kingdom Hall, Church, Temple...
This is actually frightening. I say this because this psychological feeling can give birth to hallucinations. This book states it clearly, "He (Vernon) came to believe that God had chosen him to speak... his misguiding thinking...focusing especially on the youth...Vernon countered by claiming that God told him..." p.25
The minds of many present cultists are blocked. They are not allowed to have any challenging question or allowed to think critically. The founder of this movement (Vernon (latter he changed his name to David Koresh)) made it incumbent upon his followers that "it is wrong to use one's own mind, one's own reasoning power..." p. 61
The cult leader(s) enters into the subconscious of the feeble mind by interpreting certain verses to justify his/her mischief. This great book informs the reader about such evil, " ...Koresh took key Adventist themes and twisted into his own configuration. The results were deadly." p.97
The Branch Davidians are no exception to deception. This book also exposes other camouflaged cult movements, like the Jehovah's Witnesses (Charles Taze Russell (founder) and his pathetic false prophecies), Mormons, and the Christian Scientists.
I could only imagine (as I type) how many more cults are emerging from the swamps. The book goes into detail with those that were acquainted with its founder. It has 44 pages of informative interviews (the founders parents, and the lucky ones that abandoned the movement).
The core of it all is brainwashing. "The term mind control is used synonymously with brainwashing...a belief system that denigrates independent critical thinking...it is also asserted that the techniques of mind control are so subtle that most individuals subjected to them don't even realize that they are being influenced..." p.220
This book has a twin. 30 YEARS A WATCHTOWER SLAVE by William J. Schnell. This is a must read. The ex-witness shares his 30 LONG years of experience. He exposes one of the Kingdom Halls tricks. " Before the unwary victim realizes it, he had surrender all individualism, abandoned all personal thinking, and given up all private initiative..." p.23...little did I realize at the time that I was entering into slavery...zombi existence...p.29...agree to accept without question the Society's teachings, and to bow abjectly to her supervision...this second wave of brainwashing thus resulted in the complete subjection of individuality into theocratic mindedness...p.48
This was a great read. I recommend it to anyone that's interested in mind control and theology.
I close by saying that I hope my sharing of this read was lucid.
Be well.
I must say, this was a well-researched book, which showed a comprehensive look at the horror leading to David Koresh. It shows how the man took on the davidian founder, and wormed his way into control. It also provided a few more examples of types of cults. A recommended easy read.
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