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by Michael E. Tymn

  • Author: Michael E. Tymn
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  • ISBN13: 978-1931942485
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  • Language: English
  • Category: New Age & Spirituality
  • Publisher: Galde Press; 1 edition (January 8, 2015)
  • Pages: 276
  • Rating: 4.6/5
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The Articulate Dead ePub download

The Articulate Dead book.

The Articulate Dead book. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were dynamic and.

The history in The Articulate Dead repeatedly demonstrates that Professional Skeptics are often motivated more by fear and ignorance and less by love and education, and that those in spirit are far more tolerant of the skeptics than skeptics are of them. The problem of what to do with skeptics then is still one that remains for today's mediums and their supporters.

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Michael E. Tymn is an American pseudoscience promoter and spiritualist author known for his books on life after death. Tymn is a 1958 graduate of the San Jose State University School of Journalism. He has contributed more than 1,500 articles to 40 publications over the past 50 years although the majority of these publications are paranormal related.

Join Michael Tymn and Eldon for a look at the history and evidence for voices from beyond. Sometimes through mediums, sometimes via unexplained codes pounded out on the wall, sometimes from ectoplasm, and much more-the stories and evidence will amaze you. Learn why organ transplants may not be a good thing.

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The Articulate Dead - Black Moth. Открывайте новую музыку каждый день. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией

The Articulate Dead - Black Moth. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. Миллионы композиций бесплатно и в хорошем качестве.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were dynamic and evidential forms of spirit communication. A number of distinguished scientists and scholars studied some of the best mediums and concluded they were genuine. Unfortunately, there were also many charlatans and it was difficult for the general public to distinguish between the real mediums and the frauds. Scientific and religious fundamentalists along with a cynical press, were constantly on the attack, driving the genuine mediums underground or forcing them to abandon their gift. In The Articulate Dead, Michael E. Tymn examines several of the best mediums of yesteryear and the scientific research surrounding them. A number of very intriguing stories unfold, including spirits directing an archaeologist in the uncovering of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, spirits leading a researcher to crosses buried by American Indians, a deceased author completing his books through a medium, a Titanic victim coming back to tell about his new environment, and an afterlife researcher continuing his work after dying, to name just a few.
This is an excellent collection of early case files from a simpler time unpolluted by today's troubled belief systems and challenges. Even more, Tymn has so well researched and composed the narrative that it could be considered a necessary prequel to understanding and sorting through (past) some of the modern day cookie-cutter works on psychic attractions. The content remains on fact and circumstance while also clarifying some other-worldly aspects. Skeptics, meanwhile, will not find much room here to question the historical, and quite scientific, record of events; but there will always be some who will search for trapdoors even when none are found to exist over a hundred years later.

Overall, ARTICULATE DEAD is highly recommended and a valued collectable for one's afterlife resources. Those who have already ventured into other 19th century material may recognize some of the case files contained in Tymn's work, but his included the appropriate detail along with the more interesting revelations which, I believe, we all search for to answer some of our own personal questions.
I liked this book because it is easy to read and describes the experiences of scientists of the 19th and early 20th century who investigated mediums.

The author includes many photographs of the scientists and mediums, which made the reading more personal. I was particularly interested in section of the book that explains Hamland Garland and the medium Sophia Williams. I have her book (You are Psychic) and have read it many times.

I was going to attempt to contact the author to ask him why we don't see these types of physical displays of spirits anymore. No need to do that when I got to the epilogue. He gives some reasons why this doesn't seem to be happening in our current times.
A "Must Read" for Time Magazine, Harvard and Dr. Pinker

William E Stoney


On January 9th 2007 Time magazine published a special issue titled "Mind & Body. The major message of the issue as stated by the lead author, Dr. Steven Pinker of Harvard, was that "every aspect of consciousness can be tied to the brain. ....Consciousness does not reside in an ethereal soul that uses the brain like a PDA; consciousness is the activity of the brain....when the physiological activity of the brain ceases, as far as anyone can tell the persons consciousness goes out of existence. Attempts to contact the souls of the dead (a pursuit of serious scientists a century ago) turned up only cheap magic tricks."

If you are inclined to accept the above as the proven scientific evaluation of the mind brain relationship and therefore Dr. Pinker's above evaluation of the results of the scientific attempts to contact the souls of the dead 100 years ago, you must read "The Articulate Dead". Dr. Pinker was correct in noting that there were serious scientific investigations of communication with the dead, he just totally misrepresented the results. Michael Tymn has provided us with an extensive and very readable account of the real results of those scientific investigations.

Those of you who are not familiar with the extensive history of psychical research will find that history outlined in an appendix. It begins with the start of paranormal phenomenal phenomena at the home of the Fox family in Hydesville New York on March 31st 1848. The family learned to converse with the originator of raps that were heard throughout the house and found them selves talking with the spirit of a peddler who had been killed in the house several years before. From that beginning there was literally an explosion of such communications, first in the US, then in England, France and the rest of Europe. Spiritualist churches featuring messages to the members from their deceased loved ones through a medium were founded and flourished much to the concern of the traditional churches. Table tilting, wherein a table with the sitter's hands on top would answer yes/no questions or select letters from the alphabet by tilting on two legs or turning right or left according to a prearranged code became the primary parlor game. Numerous other communication methods were developed including several forms of the ouije board, trance mediumship using the medium's voice or more rarely a voice separate from the medium, and automatic writing that has been the source of many full length books of spirit communications.

From the beginning these activities aroused the attention of academics and others of the educated classes. They loudly and often proclaimed the gullibility of those who believed in such impossible phenomena. A hardy few however decided to give the phenomena a fair evaluation. They found, much to their surprise, that they were forced to conclude that at least some of the reported communications and physical phenomena (including levitation of furniture and people) could not be attributed to fraud and that the hypothesis of spirit communication and activity was the simplest and most believable explanation. Those people and their investigations are the subject of this book.

The credentials of the people who risked their professional reputations by their declaration of belief in communication with spirits will certainly make a reader wonder whether there is any logical reason to accept the word of Dr. Pinker over theirs. Some were well known only in their own time but others are still famous today for their accomplishments. You will read about the investigations and conclusions of three scientists, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes and Sir William Barrett, who were knighted for their inventions and accomplishments in physics, of one of the originators of the theory of evolution. (No not Darwin but his semi-forgotten co-originator Alfred Russel Wallace), of the acknowledged father of psychology, William James, of a Pulitzer Prize winning author, Hamlin Garland and many others.

The intellectual credentials of the investigators are important but it is the investigations themselves that must be the basis of whether we can believe that they really are discussions with the spirit world. The first thing to note is number of the mediums studied providing positive results. Equally, and to some even more evidential, are the lengthy and in depth studies of several outstanding mediums, studies that in one case continued for over 40 years with continuing evidential data of the reality of the deceased being contacted and without any evidence of fraud. You will also be impressed with the precautions that were taken to preclude the use of previous knowledge and "cold" readings. The sitters never used their real names and in many cases were represented by others who did not know them. This latter practice was used to make the spiritual explanation more readily believable than the mind reading hypothesis then and now proposed as the alternative. It is here that the details are critical and it is the details that this book provides that make it the ideal entrance into the world of spiritual communication and its evidence for the reality of the afterlife.

But there is a third element that is crucial in deciding if we can accept the evidence provided. The experimenters spent the majority of their efforts in proving that the communications were from the people they claimed to be and not from the imaginations of the medium. Most believed that they had indeed accomplished this beyond a reasonable doubt. They spent little effort in analyzing or discussing those parts of the communications that described the conditions in which the communicators found themselves since they had no way of assessing the validity or not of such descriptions. However what's it like over there is certainly the first question that comes to mind once we start to believe that we are communicating with the spirit world since even our religions have very little to say on that subject. As you will read, the descriptions from many different communicators do provide a reasonably consistent and understandable picture of the afterlife. And these descriptions also have strong implications on the way in which we should conduct our current lives. Thus, it is these descriptions and their implications that many of you will find the most interesting, thought provoking and perhaps the most important part of this book.

I am sure that most if not all of you who are reading this review are doing so because the issue of what happens after death has become personally important because of the loss of a loved one or because a recent birthday started you thinking about your own mortality. Being able to add a science based proof of the afterlife and a comprehensible image of its characteristics can add immeasurably to our own understanding and acceptance of our place in the universe.

But beyond this personal reason there are broader social reasons as well. You are probably aware of the increasingly more visible and acrimonious debate between the believers and the atheists. Its resolution is important because it has the potential of altering the church/state separation our forefathers so wisely included in our constitution.
It is equally important to resolving the intra religious disputes that have already caused countless deaths as true believers seek to impose their beliefs on all about them by the gun and the bomb. The facts provided by the communications described in this book may be the only way mankind will ever resolve these problems. Thus it is truly tragic that the leaders of that scientific process have chosen to ignore and to denigrate without examination the communication data that have been collected by methods that they would easily see are scientific in design and process and which have been replicated again and again for over a century. Yes there remain many unanswered questions and reason for doubt but the quantity and quality of the communication data then and now certainly deserve the best scientific attention academia can muster.

Dr.Pinker, read this book and tell us if you wish to repeat your Time magazine statement.

In the spirit of full disclosure I am, with Mike Tymn, a member of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies. Please note that the investigation of spirit communications is far from a dead subject (pun intended). I recommend that you follow up your reading of this book by going to the Academy's web site, [..] that will introduce you to the current research on spirit communications. I also recommend the author's own extensive blog to which he frequently adds articles on many aspects of the spirit communication evidence past and present. [..]. To those who want to read what are described as the best evidential case histories I recommend another Academy member and author, (The Survival Files), Miles Edward Allen's web site

Finally I leave it to Amazon's capable hands to provide a list of the other current literature on this subject.
There is an amazingly wide range of historical material of the mid-19th-mid-20th centuries presented in The Articulate Dead - more than one might think that could be contained in a book of a little over 250 pages. This makes it invaluable for the reader with a keen interest in historical facts and anecdotes, gleaned from many resources and case histories of mediums, their work, as well as their investigators--both supportive and skeptical. In spite of its age, the material chosen is far from dry, but still very alive, inspirational and stimulating. Michael Tymn has been able to extract and present the most salient and interesting aspects of these cases, and one comes away feeling as if having read a lot more than just one book, a testament to the exceptional journalistic skills of the author, a highly respected freelance writer of the paranormal for the past five decades. Some of the more classic cases will be recognized at once, but others less so, having been obscured by time, and seldom coming to light over the past century.

In spite of the wealth of information, this work is not heavy or dense, and will be thoroughly enjoyable reading for the casual seeker as well as the most academically-minded. This would include those who are mediums themselves, (such as this writer,) who would especially appreciate the material that relates how some of the mediums felt and what they experienced; how their mental and physical health was impacted by their abilities -- material often left out in many books which tend to objectify the medium and forget that, like spirits, they're people, too.

The history in The Articulate Dead repeatedly demonstrates that Professional Skeptics are often motivated more by fear and ignorance and less by love and education, and that those in spirit are far more tolerant of the skeptics than skeptics are of them. The problem of what to do with skeptics then is still one that remains for today's mediums and their supporters. This was quite evident in one of our favorite chapters, "The Education of a Skeptic". A significant part of many of the cases involve the usual odd behavior of skeptics, who are always hovering around like annoying gnats but afraid to take the plunge, yet often end up interwoven into these living tales in most intimate ways - and whether or not they like it. Indeed, as this book illustrates, by the time those in spirit are finished with them, many of the skeptics become transformed into the most ardent of supporters and passionate campaigners for the truth of survival.

The foreword is by Donald R. Morse, PhD., President Emeritus of the esteemed Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc.; Mike Tymn is the editor and a writer for their excellent magazine, The Searchlight, and also the Vice President of the organization. Dr. Morse wonders why historically there were so many more in-depth explorations and accounts in those years than now; so does Mike Tymn. The main factor see is that of time. Mediumship development, as well as the sittings and other spirit intercommunication activities, generally take a lot of time; hours and hours of sitting in the dark, day after day, week after week, which has been and still is the general rule to achieve adequate buildup of vibrations to catalyze substantial contact. Although we of the 21st century think we have more time, we actually have less, brought about and increasingly exacerbated by our technology that brings us the instant gratification to which we feel so entitled. We simply can't sit still long enough, and the author confesses to such a lack of patience himself. Unfortunately for the lazy bones, those in spirit seem to have no interest in our ipods or sending a twitter from the twilight zone.

The author also suggests that there are fewer mediums in modern times because those in spirit dimensions are having as difficult a time getting through to us as we are to them. This is in agreement with the some of the conclusions (among many others) in our own book, "The Risen," which also favors Mike's belief that the increasing negativism of today's world continues to hamper the efforts of those in spirit. It is for this reason that having books like The Articulate Dead will continue to be useful to turn to for supportive guidance and inspiration, especially as we personally have begun to see some new inroads being made - slowly but surely - toward new and exciting forms of contact with our spiritual brethren beyond this Earth.
(Submitted by August Goforth & Timothy Gray, authors of "The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death - 21st Century Reports from the Afterlife Through Contemplative, Intuitive, and Physical Mediumship")
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