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by Joan Nestle

  • Author: Joan Nestle
  • ISBN: 0932379389
  • ISBN13: 978-0932379382
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Social Sciences
  • Publisher: Firebrand Books (October 1, 1987)
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  • Rating: 4.9/5
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A Restricted Country ePub download

She is openly lesbian and sees her work of archiving history as critical to her identity as "a woman, as a lesbian, and as a Jew". As a woman, as a lesbian, as a Jew, I know that much of what I call history others will not. But answering that challenge of exclusion is the work of a lifetime.

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A Restricted Country book. A proud working class woman, an out lesbian long before the. The way Nestle One of the best books I have ever read, I put it up there in the same category as "Whipping Girl" by Julia Serano! A woman, a socialist, a feminist, a lesbian, a femme, a Jew, Nestle shows how these identities intersect in her life and in the lives and histories of others. This book is a series of entries, most of which are personal essays, some histories, and later on in the book, some very intense blushy lesbian erotica (it's so good but don't read it around other people!

A Restricted Country. Joan came out as a fem in the working class bars of Greenwich Village in the late 1950s.

A Restricted Country. She has a long and proud history as an activist, protesting against the House Un-American Activities Committee, the Vietnam War, nuclear war, segregation, apartheid, and US involvement in Central America. She has also demonstrated for women's rights including abortion and Gay Liberation. In 1979 Joan started writing erotic stories and in 1982 ran afoul of the anti-pornography movement, thus becoming a fervent pro-sex activist in the "Sex Wars.

Joan Nestle is a lesbian icon. A proud working class woman, an "out" lesbian long before the Rainbow revolution. she has stood at the forefront of American freedom struggles from the McCarthy era to the present day. Spokeswoman for butchfemme desire, Joan Nestle claimed the right to her own sexuality and femme identity at a time when to do so made her a figure of controversy. A restricted country. by. Nestle, Joan, 1940-. Nestle, Joan, 1940-, Lesbians, Lesbianism. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Gutierres on September 28, 2010. Publisher Description.

A Restricted Country Joan Nestle Esikatselu ei käytettävissä - 2003. Joan Nestle is the author of A Fragile Union: New and Selected Writings. She is cofounder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York City, where she lives. Viitteet tähän teokseen. Female Masculinity Judith Halberstam Rajoitettu esikatselu - 1998. The Invention of Heterosexuality Jonathan Katz Rajoitettu esikatselu - 2007. Kaikki Kirjat-palvelun tulokset Tietoja kirjailijasta (2003). Kirjaluettelon tiedot.

This Author: Joan Nestle. This Narrator: Allyson Johnson

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A Restricted Country. Hypatia 7 (1):146-151 (1992). Similar books and articles. Added to PP index 2015-02-07.

Joan Nestle's book A Restricted Country was a required reading for my women's studies college class. Although I picked up the book reluctantly because I thought I could not relate to a writer who is a lesbian feminist activist, I was surprised after only a few pages by how engrossed I was by Joan Nestle's life. From her recollection of being a Jew, raised by a single mother, and being a lesbian, Nestle grabbed my attention through her stories. By describing life's difficulties, the book draws the reader into segments of Joan Nestle's life where she fought against oppression and dedicated her life to helping others. Joan Nestle demonstrated herself as a survivor through her personal testimony. Stories and episodes described in the book help the reader relate to difficulties of being a feminist in the 1950's and 1960's. I recommend this book to all women regardless of their social status or sexual orientation. The book helps the reader understand the importance of staying true to who you are.
This is a powerful book about Nestle's journey being a lesbian in a "restricted country." It includes a number of vignettes capturing the feel and flair of what it meant to suffer growing up with so much history of oppression. In the introduction Nestle comments, "sex is everywhere in 'A Restricted Country.'" That is true! The reason for this is Nestle's belief that "sex and politics are inseparable." Nestle has uncanny way of combining tender moments with police raids, of sometimes separating lesbians and feminists, of linking lesbians, whores, and nuns. These are all sex and politics, politics and sex. I loved the energy present in the writing. There is always a sort of pushing forward and asking the next question. I almost felt that Nestle was almost too vulnerable at times in the details she reveals about her sexual experiences, but then I realized her courage and confidence in being able to. I realized the vulnerability was on my side, not hers. That's exactly why I needed to read her book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to create a bigger picture of what it means to be a woman, lesbian or not.
Skunk Black
The one word I would use to describe this book is raw. Joan Nestle really does not hold anything back in her writing and really captures the reader in showing how hard it was being not only a lesbian but a lesbian activist during this freedom struggle. She describes events with so much passion it really draws you in. She also holds back nothing in describing her lesbian sexual experiences and can really expose so much to a reader who is very unfamiliar with a lesbian identity. The book also includes personal photographs of Joan Nestle during this time period which makes her stories and life ventures all the more real.
This is an awesome book.
A truly fantastic read for anyone studying LGBTQ history.
This is a wonderful book and should not be missed.

The last entry "Hope" has such power - of desire and spirit that you eagerly want more from this tremendous talent.

I bought this book because it is recommended reading by Tee A. Corinne in her anthology `Lovers - love and sex stories' making special mention of "the density and complex levels of caring" in the story `Esther'.

Synopsis -In this collection of stories, speeches and personal essays, Joan Nestle covers her experiences in the civil rights, feminist, and gay and lesbian rights movements, from the 1950s through the 1980s. She writes about the struggle, the sense of working together, and the real changes in society that came about because she and others took a stand. A RESTRICTED COUNTRY has been considered an essential book since its publication in the late 1980s.
I haven't read a Joan Nestle book before I picked up, "A Restricted Country." She writes engaging first hand accounts of her entire life as it spanned from early childhood to her present days.

She lived during trying times, and fought against the pressures of the world to control who she was. There is something to say about discovering who we are, and why we are unique. Self discovery is lost is a lot of biographies which focus on the political and bitterness of the conforming pain. However Joan highlights these in a way that seems more human; she talks about where she was and what she was doing when something happened. When we think about 9/11 we might recall ourselves in a place or undertaking some task, that otherwise would have gone unremarkable. This marks patterns of growth in her personality as well as her style in her writing.

To put yourself in her shoes as a child, and then a few pages later be walking around the city as a teenager comes with great flow and ease. The mistake I make as a reader is when a work sets me back and I fall out of the narrative. I like feeling engaged and part of the story, so pages disappear, and suddenly the last few pages of the book are passing and I can't recall where the rest went. With this story I flew through the pages, they seemed real, and left little bias on me as a reader. She covers the scenarios really well and I recommend others to pick up the book and change your outlook.

The message of sex; as taboo as it is, definitely has it's place in the world. Joan Nestle leaves no leaf in that category uncovered.
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