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by Lorraine Heath

  • Author: Lorraine Heath
  • ISBN: 0739435736
  • ISBN13: 978-0739435731
  • ePub: 1848 kb | FB2: 1366 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Politics & Government
  • Publisher: Avon; 1st edition (2003)
  • Pages: 260
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 962
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Love With A Scandalous Lord ePub download

LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD is very sensual, filled with depth of emotion and characterization.

LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD is very sensual, filled with depth of emotion and characterization. I highly recommend this latest offering from Lorraine Heath as another of her powerful stories destined for the keeper shelf. This item: Love with a Scandalous Lord (Daughters of Fortune).

Miss Westland’s Blunders in Behavior Corrected Lydia knew it was probably unseemly to have a spring to her step when she walked about the manor, strolled in the gardens, and visited the stables. she could not contain her elation. The grass had never seemed as green, the trees as full of leaves, the birds’ songs as sweet, and the sky as blue. Everything was vibrantly beautiful. Rhys loved her. He hadn’t spoken the words, but she didn’t need them when he’d shown her how he felt. Soon he would speak with her stepfather.

Love With a Scandalous Lord book.

Love with a Scandalous Lord. But what she finds instead is Rhys Rhodes, a second son with a past that is anything but glittering. To Rhys, Lydia is everything he has lost - innocence, laughter, joy - and everything he cannot have. Romance Fiction Historical Romance. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

For as long as she can remember, Lydia Westland has dreamed of glittering London society. What is Kobo Super Points? A loyalty program that rewards you for your love of reading. Explore rewards Explore Kobo VIP Membership. Love with a Scandalous Lord.

LORRAINE HEATH Love With A Scandalous Lord. For my Dad. You dreamed such big dreams for your children. With a trembling hand, he poured whiskey into a glass. Whiskey his half-brother had sent him from Texas

LORRAINE HEATH Love With A Scandalous Lord. Whiskey his half-brother had sent him from Texas. Guaranteed to give you a kick in the gut, Grayson had written on the note accompanying his gift.

Another in Lorraine Heath series that I though was particularly touching. Author Lorraine Heath brings her emotionally rich characters and situations from Texas to England in LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD. The heroine is charming, innocent, and funny. The hero is darkly troubled, a bit too serious, and far from innocent. Set in the 1880s, England is in the midst of its transformation from aristocracy to democracy, and the proprieties remain critical. A woman can still be ruined and a career in business, bastardy, or inappropriate sexual adventures can still destroy a man's standing in society.

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Romance novel in her classic mix of British and Texas.
This may only deserve three stars, but I read it when I was younger from the library and certain moments stayed with me so clearly that I ended picking up here to read it again. It is a pretty cliched story--pure young woman "saves" a wicked man--and the sex is a bit gratutious for me, but the reason I remembered it and still enjoy it, is Rhys, the hero, thinks he is really wicked but is actually rather sweet. Because of his voyeuristic older brother, Rhys ends up with more than his fair share of emotional baggage. He works as a prostitute--but as we gradually learn, he actually did less scintillating sex and more listening to his costumers and convincing them they were perfectly fine ladies even though their arranged marriages were not the fairy tales they had dreamed of than exotic sex. Lydia is very young and immature, but she actually comes into herself during the story and straightens out her priorities. The characters are a bit silly, but likable, and you truly feel happy when they finally work it all out.
one life
I have read this series 3 times now and never tire of them . Lorraine Heath has developed each charater wonderfully. I will read anything she writes!!
Another in Lorraine Heath series that I though was particularly touching. The heroine is charming, innocent, and funny. The hero is darkly troubled, a bit too serious, and far from innocent. The ending was a great one.
This was my first Lorraine Heath book. I read it a few years ago and I loved it from the start. The characters were lovable and you are truly rooting for the hero and heroine the entire time. This is definitely a book I have turned back to time and time again.
I absolutely loved this book. One thing I really enjoyed was the fact that the sparks were there between Rhys and Lydia from the beginning. Their attraction to each other and the building intensity is nearly palpable in this great love story. Rhys' redemption through Lydia's love will make you laugh, and maybe even cry. It's the Rake-Virgin plotline, but Heath weaves a fine tale fraught with emotions that absolutely brings the characters to life.

Brief Synopsis:

Rhys Rhodes summons his illegitimate half-brother, Grayson Rhodes, who is currently living in Texas with his wife, children and stepchildren, back to England. Grayson and Rhys' older brother has died, and their father is now on his deathbed, leaving Rhys to inherit the title. Accompanying Grayson on the trip to England includes his eldest stepchild, twenty-year-old Lydia. Lydia is enamored with English society, and determined to fulfill her dream of having a Season in London where she may just find a nobleman to love.

Immediately, Rhys and Lydia are drawn to each other, but Rhys resists the attraction due to Lydia being his step-niece, the fact that she is 10 years younger than he, and her innocence combined with his jaded worldview.

As the story progresses, Lydia realizes she is in love with the cynical Rhys, and begins to pursue him. Rhys tries to avoid forming a relationship because of his dark and scandalous past as a male escort among the ladies of society, as well as the fact that he slept with his now-deceased brother's wife, who later committed suicide. Rhys blames himself for his brother's wife's death, and his self-loathing and bitterness haunts him. Lydia's honest, no-nonsense approach combined with her vulnerability and innocence forces Rhys to confront all of his demons.

As Lydia quickly realizes, the Society that she so wanted to be a part of can be very cruel. When told by Rhys and her friends to publicly cut him at a ball in order to save her own reputation which was at risk, she refuses to do so and instead walks to Rhys and curtsies in the crowded ballroom amongst hushed spectators, thereby destroying any further hopes of being accepted by the nobility.

While trying to spare Lydia from being tainted from his dark past, Rhys ends up being saved by the innocent woman he strove to protect. They marry, and begin the process of restoring Rhys to "polite" society.

Awesome, wonderful story.
Lydia Westland is living her dream, albeit at the expense of her step-grandfather's impending death. Lydia is in London, her stepfather's homeland, a far cry from her home in Fortune, Texas. She's rather overwhelmed by all of the pomp and circumstance, but is bound and determined to enter society and find a suitable, respectable husband. Lydia is immediately intrigued and attracted to her stepfather's half-brother, Rhys Rhodes. When Rhys agrees to teach Lydia all the rules of living among the ton, neither expects the lessons will affect their hearts, as well as their futures.
Rhys Rhodes does not consider himself husband material. Circumstances from the past, a guilty conscience, and the fact that he has very strong feelings for Lydia keep Rhys in constant turmoil. Ten years older and much more worldly than Lydia, he decides the best thing he can do is find her a suitable husband. When his father dies and Lydia's family returns home, Rhys sets out to do just that. After all, as the new Duke of Harrington, his title should carry weight in introducing her to society. Never having known love, Rhys is convinced that Lydia will be much happier with someone else than she could ever be with him.
I was at first put off by Rhys, who seemed more of a cad than hero with his constant lusting after Lydia, but as the story unfolded, I found him to be one of Ms. Heath's most tormented, tortured, and sympathetic heroes to date. Ms. Heath slowly peels away layer after layer, making for a slower paced book than what we are used to from her, but it works extremely well for this story. I found myself almost in tears in a number of places toward the middle and end. Lydia Westland, the stepdaughter of Grayson Rhodes, from A ROGUE IN TEXAS, has one foot in childhood, the other in adulthood. When it comes to fighting for her man, however, Lydia is all woman.
LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD is very sensual, filled with depth of emotion and characterization. I highly recommend this latest offering from Lorraine Heath as another of her powerful stories destined for the keeper shelf.
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