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by Efraim Karsh

  • Author: Efraim Karsh
  • ISBN: 0300127278
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  • Language: English
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  • Publisher: Yale University Press; First Edition (1st printing), edition (April 27, 2010)
  • Pages: 336
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Palestine Betrayed ePub download

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The 1947 UN resolution to partition Palestine irrevocably changed the political landscape of the Middle East.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Efraim Karsh (Hebrew: אפרים קארש‎; born 1953) is an Israeli–British historian, the founding director and emeritus .

Since 2013, he serves as professor of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University (where he also directs the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies).

Palestine Betrayed book.

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His books include Islamic Imperialism: A History; The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Palestine War, 1948; Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography; and Empires of the Sand: The Struggle for Mastery in the Middle East, 1789-1923. Country of Publication.

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This book talks about the historical aspects of the present conflict and Karsh believes Palestine was betrayed by those who refused compromise.

This book talks about the historical aspects of the present conflict and Karsh believes Palestine was betrayed by those who refused compromise. It’s an important book and a singular book because most books on this subject attack Israel. He tries to establish the responsibility of the Arabs for the failure of the partition of Palestine.

A Turk, an Arab and a Jew: translating historic Palestine under the Mandate'. Construction contracting management obstacles in Palestine. January 2013 · Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. Nabil Mohammad Dmaidi.

The 1947 UN resolution to partition Palestine irrevocably changed the political landscape of the Middle East, giving rise to six full-fledged wars between Arabs and Jews, countless armed clashes, blockades, and terrorism, as well as a profound shattering of Palestinian Arab society. Its origins, and that of the wider Arab-Israeli conflict, are deeply rooted in Jewish-Arab confrontation and appropriation in Palestine. But the isolated occasions of violence during the British Mandate era (1920–48) suggest that the majority of Palestinian Arabs yearned to live and thrive under peaceful coexistence with the evolving Jewish national enterprise. So what was the real cause of the breakdown in relations between the two communities?

In this brave and groundbreaking book, Efraim Karsh tells the story from both the Arab and Jewish perspectives. He argues that from the early 1920s onward, a corrupt and extremist leadership worked toward eliminating the Jewish national revival and protecting its own interests. Karsh has mined many of the Western, Soviet, UN, and Israeli documents declassified over the past decade, as well as unfamiliar Arab sources, to reveal what happened behind the scenes on both Palestinian and Jewish sides. It is an arresting story of delicate political and diplomatic maneuvering by leading figures—Ben Gurion, Hajj Amin Husseini, Abdel Rahman Azzam, King Abdullah, Bevin, and Truman —over the years leading up to partition, through the slide to war and its enduring consequences. Palestine Betrayed is vital reading for understanding the origin of disputes that remain crucial today.

Very good book enlightened me about the on going conflict and why it is so difficult to dolr
Great book. I read this book immediately after reading My Promised Land, which I also enjoyed but led me to seek other perspectives regarding the mass exodus of Palestinean Arabs leading up to the 1948 war, particularly from Lydda. This book puts this exodus in historical context with many citations, which I felt were minimal from the Shavit book. We learn about the conflicting goals, power struggles and ineptitude displayed within the Arab leadership decades prior to and leading up to 1948, and how they lay the groundwork for this stunning military victory. If you are looking to better understand the rationale for what is happening in Israel today, I suggest this book.
This volume is fascinating. It tells the truth about what the Arabs did to their own people. The propaganda that the Palestinians have put out for the past few decades is proven to be just that: Propaganda.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to get a clearer understanding of the problem in the Middle East and what the Arabs call the Nakba. They did it to themselves and this book proves it.

Israel is now being condemned simply for BEING. They're told that they have to make peace with a terrorist group, Hamas. Hamas does NOT want peace with Israel; they want the total elimination of Israel and want to kill Jews wherever they are. How is anyone supposed to make peace with a group like that?Wired
Karsh covers a lot of the same territory, I've previously encountered. I compared his accounts of the Israel Independence War against Morris's
"1948." Unlike Morris, Karsh isn't give to to a a lot of "no doubts" and "probablies" to substitute for substance and proof. His title indicates that "Palestine's" Arabic speaking farmers were abandoned by their leaders,their educated business class who chose to depart and relocate to Cairo and Beirut (and are non the less deemed "refugees,") before partition, and by the surrounding Arab countries before the war and the invasion of Israel began and had reason prevailed they'd still be in the pre '48 villages. His thesis is that there was a willingness on the part of Arabs to live and let live in the two states as formulated by the UN. Since the leftist stridently and virulently anti Zionist narrative is now given like Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, anyone who wants a less vile and less propagandistic understanding of the circumstances that led to
todays Hamassstan jihadi horror, and the general impasse and the repugnant and racist pogroms in Paris and elsewhere and the vile, racist "BDS" movement I encourage you to read this book. He's easy to ready unlike the convoluted and arcane blathering of someone like Said.
Karsh's analysis of the history of what happened to Palestine shows that, without question, the lives of those people who today call themselves "Palestinians" are the victims of the short-sighted, uncaring people in charge. It should be required reading, especially by those who subscribe to the infamous BDS strategy against the State of Israel.
Wow ... This book is exhaustive. Dispels a ton of BS. People will attack Karsh but can't argue the facts.
Recommended for those who believe that Israel is an Apartheid state!
Outstanding and well-researched
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