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by Edwin Rodger Ling

  • Author: Edwin Rodger Ling
  • ISBN: 0930950216
  • ISBN13: 978-0930950217
  • ePub: 1918 kb | FB2: 1295 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Nopoly Pr; 1st edition (March 1, 1988)
  • Pages: 157
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 945
  • Format: mobi txt azw mbr
One Family, Many Animals ePub download

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One Family, Many Animals book.

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What has the author Edwin Rodger Ling written? Answer. What's the most bizarre tradition that your family has?

What has the author Edwin Rodger Ling written? Answer. What's the most bizarre tradition that your family has? What medications are used to treat ADHD? How did hindus originally transmit the rig-veda?

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by Edwin Rodger Ling. Published 1988 by Nopoly Press in Wilmington, De.

My Reading Log. My Lists. by Edwin Rodger Ling. Horses, Anecdotes, Animals, Pets.

One Family, Many Animals by Edwin Rodger Ling. One Family, Many Animals - by Edwin Rodger Ling ePub version. 1242 downloads at 21 mb/s. One Family, Many Animals - by Edwin Rodger Ling PDF version. 1845 downloads at 19 mb/s.

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An account of one family's involvement with seventeen animals, beginning with one pony.
Let's be honest. My father wrote this book, so I may be a bit biased. (Actually, most of the family has at least two or three things in the book that we deny.) But although I usually read and review only childrens books, no one else has reviewed Dad's book, so here goes.
It's a good book. I guess you want to hear a little more than that, though.
Okay, the book is meant to be inspirational, a story of how one family grew closer to Nature and God, and I think it succeeds in its own way. My father lived an extraordinary life (unfortunately many of those adventures are not in this or any other book) and you can still catch a bit of his spirit in these words. Who knows, if J.F.K. had not been shot, maybe Dad would have been Attorney General or an ambassador or something.
If you're a member of a family that is contemplating buying a horse or a pony (what kid doesn't want a pony?) then you need to read this book. There's a reason why one of the old nicknames for heroin is "horse." Before you know it, you're hooked and you're having to feed twelve of the beasts twice a day for the rest of your life. Sure, my dad finally escaped, but I'm convinced all those years of hard labor took their toll. Consider this: Edwin R. Ling, the fencer of hundreds of acres and builder of innumerable barns and sheds, spent the last years of his life living in various condominiums because he didn't want even to have to mow the grass. He was pretty tuckered out.
In short, the author's son gives this one five thumbs up!
Hǻrley Quinn
What an awesome book. The love of family and animals (all God's creatures) shines through in this book. I felt as though I was living it as I read it. Taking me to a place I would have loved to have been as a child. Must read for anyone who loves animals, especially horses.
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