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Fundamental Accounting Principles ePub download

by Kermit D. Larson

  • Author: Kermit D. Larson
  • ISBN: 0072478667
  • ISBN13: 978-0072478662
  • ePub: 1383 kb | FB2: 1559 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business & Finance
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill College; 15 edition (December 1, 2000)
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 611
  • Format: rtf doc mobi mbr
Fundamental Accounting Principles ePub download

It may be a lost gem because I don't see that it was updated after 2007. The Kieso series became dominant but this remains a great textbook. Good luck to anyone that has to do it.

It may be a lost gem because I don't see that it was updated after 2007

It may be a lost gem because I don't see that it was updated after 2007.

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Its impressive online supplemental support for teachers and students offers alternatives to classroom teaching/learning and includes a distance-learning service.

By (author) Kermit D. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window).

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John J. Wild, Kermit D. Larson, Barbara Chiappetta. What i like about this book is that it's the same book that we use in class and that it's like brand new. оставлен celebrianbeaker29.

This CD contains four distinct software items(developed by Jack E. Terry, ComSource Associates, Inc. and Leland Mansuetti& Keith Weidkamp, Sierra College): General Ledger Applications Software(GLAS), Spreadsheet Applications Template Software (SPATS), Peachtree Templates to be used with specified problems in the text, and Tutorial Software. GLAS, SPATS, and Peachtree help solve selected text assignments and give students exposure to various software programs. The Tutorial Software gives students a chance to review the material in each chapter of the text using journal entries, glossary review, true/false questions, multiple choice questions and fill-in questions.
This Fundamental Accounting Principles textbook was very well done. It's the 17th edition and like all textbooks having gone through so many editions, benefits from extensive editing. It may be a lost gem because I don't see that it was updated after 2007.

This 1,132 page hardcover text was widely used and had everything one would expect in a financial accounting I book. The Kieso series became dominant but this remains a great textbook. I use it as a resource because I occasionally teach a university accounting course, particularly financial accounting I. The explanations and problems are with few exceptions still fresh and relevant. It's too bad it uses the previous year's Krispy Kreme financials since that company fell from glory.

I'd recommend this text to anybody needing additional resource materials. It remains excellent.
So easy to understand and this is coming from someone who was HIGHLY anxious that I wouldn't understand the material. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I especially liked the charts and graphics. There's a flip page in the middle that is on transparent paper that is really cool for showing step by step how the balance sheet, income statement, adjustment sheets etc all effect each other. And the clear pages help you see the step without the distraction of the next step. It's sort of hard to explain but I really loved accounting because of this book. Others that I'd tried were so bland and boring to read. Also the book is tall and thin-ish, and has lots of appendices and examples next to and after the text so it's way easier to get through seemingly long reading assignments.
I bought this book because I am taking a course online and the company still uses it. Further, the hardcopy was surprisingly cheaper than the E-book...Well, there is a simple reason for this and I believe that this book should be sold for 1$ today, since it's out of printing! Hence, you cannot check the problem and test results online. How great!
In sum, this 5kg book is doing its job and it's pretty easy to follow - yet, companies/ed. centers should start either using the newest edition or providing the results.
It’s hard to give an accounting book a 5/5 stars unless you are an Accountant.
I’m in business but I abhor accounting.
Good luck to anyone that has to do it.
I've worked about half way through this so far, and I've learned a ton that will help me in managing my business's books already. I'm not a student, I'm just an average guy running a small business by the seat of his pants and really needed to get a handle on my book-keeping. If you stick with it, you may well find it exciting to learn what it takes to keep better records of transactions and accounts. This book is a De Facto standard in teaching fundamental accounting to new students, and it isn't hard to see why.
Im in the middle of taking an accounting 1 class and this was the required text. I'm starting to think this book and the online assignments makes my professor kind of useless.
I received the book without a problem and for a low price. However, I am pretty disappointed that the picture associated with this product is of the 20th edition to the book, which is what I needed, and I received the 17th. Under the book description, the book is listed as the 14th edition. Under the product details, the book is listed as the 17th. This is not only FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, it is extremely unprofessional, confusing, and annoying to any consumer trying to purchase the CORRECT product. As a college student, precious time has now been lost for I must search and purchase the correct book as I fall behind in class. As a result of this experience, I will most likely advise my colleagues and future classmates to steer clear from your products. I hope that DailyDealUSA will correct the blatant mistakes so that future customer's business will not be lost like mine.
Very Good product .
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