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by Phyllis Naylor

  • Author: Phyllis Naylor
  • ISBN: 0440824524
  • ISBN13: 978-0440824527
  • ePub: 1714 kb | FB2: 1427 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell; First Edition edition (1992)
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 430
  • Format: lit mbr lrf rtf
Shiloh ePub download

Shiloh is a Newbery Medal-winning children's novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor published in 1991.

Shiloh is a Newbery Medal-winning children's novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor published in 1991. The 65th book by Naylor, it is the first in a quartet about a young boy and the title character, an abused dog. Naylor decided to write Shiloh after an emotionally taxing experience in West Virginia where she encountered an abused dog. Narrator and protagonist Marty Preston lives in the hills of Friendly, West Virginia.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written more than 135 books, including the Newbery Award–winning Shiloh and its . She lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. To hear from Phyllis and find out more about Alice, visit AliceMcKinley.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written more than 135 books, including the Newbery Award–winning Shiloh and its sequels, the Alice series, Roxie and the Hooligans, and Roxie and the Hooligans at Buzzard’s Roost.

Shiloh (Shiloh Trilogy, Book 1). Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. To Frank and Trudy Madden and a dog named Clover. CHAPTER 1. The day Shiloh come, we're having us a big Sunday dinner. Ma gives us her scolding look.

Электронная книга "Shiloh", Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Shiloh" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Marty will do anything to save his new friend Shiloh in this Newbery Medal–winning novel from Phillis Reynolds Naylor. When Marty Preston comes across a young beagle in the hills behind his home, it's love at first sight-and also big trouble. It turns out the dog, which Marty names Shiloh, belongs to Judd Travers, who drinks too much and has a gun-and abuses his dogs.

Apparently Shiloh was the author’s 65th book, and it shows. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is in control. Marty’s family lives up in the hills. He’s got a lot of fields and woods to roam.

Shiloh is afraid of Judd and wants to get away from him. What is one reason that Marty didn't like Judd? . What is one reason that Marty didn't like Judd? He saw Judd cheat Mr. Wallace @ the cash register. When Marty asked Judd the name of the dog that followed him home, what did Judd say? He never names his dogs. Why do you think Marty tells Judd that the dog's name is Shiloh? He wants Judd to know that he cares for the dog and that he will be looking out for him. Why didn't the Preston family have much money?

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds, Shiloh, New York, New York: Aladdin Paperbacks Publishing, 2000. Have you ever thought to yourself, "Why do people abuse their animal(s)?" I mean it is just plain wrong. In the book Shiloh there isn't really a main setting in the book because they go all around their town.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Calling Naylor a craftsmanlike writer with a distinctive voice, critics appreciate her ability to create believable, appealing young adults dealing with such serious issues as death ( A String of Chances, 1982), mental illness ( The Keeper, 1986), and right-wing militia movements ( Walker's Crossing, 1999).

There's nothing eleven-year-old Marty Preston enjoys more than spending time up in the hills behind his home near Friendly, West Virginia.But this time is different. This time Marty sees a young beagle on the road past the old Shiloh school-house.Marty feels sure the dog is being abused by his owner. When the dog runs away to Marty's house, his parents say he must bring him back. But it hurts Marty to return the runaway dog to his cruel master.That's when Marty secretly decides he'll do anything to save the dog he names Shiloh.
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I read this with my 2 boys who are 11 and 9. They loved this book and the story of Shiloh. Once we would start reading at night, they didn't want to stop. They are usually pretty egger to get reading time over with, so that tells you something about this story.
I purchased this book for my fifth grade granddaughter. She is an avid reader - loved it (loves dogs) - finished it the first day.
I once had a dog that my dad brought home for my little brother by 8 years. He would never get me a dog no matter how I asked, but got my little brother one soon as he mentioned it. The dog imprinted on me and i took care of it. Bought its food. Played with it. Ran him. The whole nine yards. I worked hard, just like Marty, for that dog. Unfortunately, my dad forced me to get rid of him just 3 months in. Glad to see a story that resonated and turned out good.
My daughters read this as a requirement in third grade and loved it. I surprised them with the book one day after I picked them up from school and they both became quite excited. Can we say bookworms? Haha.
I purchased this book for my 11 year old grandson. He needed a book to read at school when his work was finished. He is captivated by the story. Everyday he comes home from school telling what is happened in the book. He even told me that his teacher asked him to stop doing his work so fast just so he could read Shiloh. Now that's a great book, one that you can hardly wait to get back to reading!
My 8 years old son loves the books. They make for a really cool gift for a kid who enjoys reading.
Shared with the local Bright Red Bookshelf as listed on the MENSA reading list!
good read
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