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by Peter Abrahams

  • Author: Peter Abrahams
  • ISBN: 1436129400
  • ISBN13: 978-1436129404
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  • Rating: 4.8/5
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Into the Dark ePub download

Peter Abrahams Into the Dark An Echo Falls Mystery For school librarians everywhere Contents One BRUCIE?  . She climbed the stairs, dark wooden stairs, very old-looking, with a faded maroon carpet running down the middle.

Peter Abrahams Into the Dark An Echo Falls Mystery For school librarians everywhere Contents One BRUCIE? SAID JILL Monteiro, director of the Prescott Players. Had she ever actually been upstairs at the farm? Maybe once: that maroon runner triggered a memory, maybe her earliest.

In the third book in the Edgar Award–nominated and national bestselling Echo Falls series, Peter Abrahams's talent for building suspense shines as Ingrid embarks on her most harrowing adventure yet. Kids Adventures & Detectives. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Peter Abrahams (born June 28, 1947) is an American writer of crime fiction for both adults and children

Peter Abrahams (born June 28, 1947) is an American writer of crime fiction for both adults and children. His works include Oblivion, The Tutor, The Fury of Rachel Monette, Hard Rain, The Fan, Crying Wolf, The Right Side (written under his pen name, Spencer Quinn), the Echo Falls Mysteries for children, and Lights Out, the last of which was nominated for an Edgar Award for best novel. Reality Check' won the best young adult Edgar Award in 2011.

Peter Abrahams is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five books, including the Edgar Award-winning .

Peter Abrahams is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five books, including the Edgar Award-winning Reality Check, Bullet Point, and the Echo Falls series for middle graders. Writing as Spencer Quinn, he is also the author of the Chet and Bernie series-Dog on It, Thereby Hangs a Tail, and To Fetch a Thief. I am beginning to see Chet looking over the top of the page with several "Zip it's" and "Therefores.

Mom said on Saturday morning.

Mom said on Saturday morning aple syrup-glanced over at Nigel. He lay in his usual spot by the water bowl in the sunny corner of the kitchen nearest the stove, one eye fully closed, the other open maybe the tiniest crack, front paws stretched out comfortably. Was walking on his mind? What about Ty?.

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Into the Dark - Peter Abrahams. A framed photo of a dark-haired woman with features a lot like Dad’s stood on the bedside table: Grampy’s wife. And also Ingrid’s grandmother, but she’d died many years ago, long before Ingrid’s birth, before anyone could attach one of those grandparent names like Grammy or Grandma to her. She was standing on a balcony, or maybe a pier, waving and smiling.

Peter Abrahams is such a great writer. I love the Echo Falls series. He brings the characters alive on the page

Peter Abrahams is such a great writer. He brings the characters alive on the page. I have read and reread this series several times. I rarely do that with any author.

In The Tutor, Peter Abrahams creates a living, breathing portrait of an American family, their town, their secrets, their dreams-and a portrait just as compelling of the menace they welcome into their home. It is his most chilling, suspenseful novel to date. The Tutor 1 of 5. 2:12:02. The Tutor 2 of 5. 1:57:21.

Edgar-nominated author Peter Abrahams' Echo Falls mysteries have been honored with an Agatha Award. Starring amateur sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill, these tales are filled with thrills and suspense. Out snowshoeing, Ingrid finds a body buried in the drifts. Her discovery sets off a firestorm revealing long-hidden secrets that get her Grampy sent to jail. Stephen King calls Peter Abrahams "his favorite American suspense novelist," saying he's "hooked on Echo Falls."
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This book was a page turning masterpiece. The book had every motion of thrill and joy at the same time, eager to find out what is always next. The plot and the storyline are perfect for a teenager mytery/thriller. It is more of a tame version of modern day mysteries but was a joy to read. I would compare this to nothing else, because this book was its own idea. It had certain elements of Nancy Drew but didn't resemble it too much. The book itself was pretty cliche, after the book introduces the characters, you already will know what is about to happen. But I think that's how I think of it. The book itself was a great book but sadly just like a movie it was cliche, I will give this 5 stars because of its original and page-turning greatness!
When I started reading this series, I just grabbed a book off the self that I hadn't read. I found the book engaging and suspenseful. It wasn't until I got to the end of the book and read a note from the author that I realized it was written with young readers in mind.

Each book stands on its own - the main character is always 13 and in eigth grade and has to live in an adult world where most people don't take her seriously. My favorite character is the grandfather, he really rings true!

I would like to learn more about the money grubbing rich family, and would like to see Chloe more humanized, she needs more fleshing-out.

I believe a girl with the chutzpah and smarts of Ingrid, the protaganist, would have a much more developed vocabulary - it takes me out of the story when she isn't sure of the meaning of some not terribly advanced vocabulary word!

But I really love how the author has foreshadowed certain tragic events, so that the reader might suspect them and most of the characters are completely (and believably) unaware of them until the inevitable happens.

I hope the author will continue with this series. Ingrid has so much more life to live!
I really enjoy the story and characters in the Echo Falls series by Peter Abrahams: they're more serious than many tween and teen mysteries. More realistic. More appealing. The only other series for this age group that I find as appealing is Nancy Springer's Enola Holmes series, and that's because Enola, like Ingrid, must be an adult . . . even though she isn't. In any case, this third book in the Echo Falls series is my favorite. All the issues raised in the previous two books (Grampy, Grampy's health, farmland vs. developments, marriage, older brothers, faithful dogs) are here: intensified. There's a murder on Grampy's farm, and Grampy is accused of committing it. He doesn't defend himself. So it's up to Ingrid to discover the truth. The story has a winter setting which reflects the winter of Grampy's life. It's sad but uplifting at the same time because of Ingrid and the kind of adult she will become. Highly recommended.
I read a lot of mysteries written for ages 10-14. While this series isn't as well-conceived and well-plotted as the Enola Holmes books by Nancy Springer, it is still a good series. The 13-year-old Ingrid, who's a soccer player and would-be Thespian, is intelligent, loves her parents and grandfather, and is able to analyze what she sees and hears. She understands conflict at home better than she understands it at school, which is one of the reasons she's slow to solve the mystery. That, and the fact that she's only thirteen! The solution, unfortunately, is a bit obvious. Ingrid's relationship with the police chief is humorous, and her relationship with Joey, the chief's son and Ingrid's classmate, is sweet. This book is worth reading: you may become hooked on Ingrid.
I understand one reviewer saying they didn't realize this was a young readers novel. It deals in a realistic manner with issues such as infidelity and serious illness and, also, the writing can be enjoyed by adults. I agree, as a reviewer said of another Echo Falls mystery, that Into the Dark has an abbreviated ending, although I hope not so carpingly. That gave me trouble over four or five stars. I am beginning to see Chet looking over the top of the page with several "Zip it's" and "Therefores ... " But, hey, this IS Peter Abrahams, and he has written another great mystery with 13 year old Ingrid resourcefully on the trail of the real culprit when Grampy is accused of murder.
Abrahams packs his stories of Echo Falls with so much symbolism and hidden (or deferred) meaning an adult will read them with as much satisfaction as the child.

He proceeds intuitively, as Ingird does, always referring back to the logical methods of Sherlock Holmes to ground her. In the present case, INTO THE DARK, don't you love how little Brucie tries to force everyone in the play into adopting Dr. Strangelove-style German accents when they are going to be putting on HANSEL AND GRETEL? It's a cute scene but when you finish with the whole book you can see it as a foreshadowing of what eventually happens to Ingrid when she attempts to rescue Nigel from the place where he has been confined.

I did guess the reason why the conservation agent had been shot to death, but the story is nevertheless breathtakingly told and the last eighty pages rush by in a single clump. Abrahams uses the bleakness of the snowy landscape--the white of the snow, the brown of the trees, the gray of the sky--to illustrate how little by little everything that Ingrod once took for granted has been stripped from her--her belief in the sanctity of her parents' marriage, her dependence on "Grampy," even the fact of her dog always being there for her. I still don't exactly understand why Grampy kept quiet when he was being accused of murder, but maybe the fourth book in the series will explain it a little better. In any case this is the most exciting crime series being written in this country, either for juveniles or adults, so we're lucky.
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