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by Gordon Korman

  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 1443113042
  • ISBN13: 978-1443113045
  • ePub: 1560 kb | FB2: 1221 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: n/a (2011)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 666
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Losing Joe's Place ePub download

Other books by Gordon Korman Joe burst into my room like a thundering herd of buffalo. I almost swallowed the book I was pretending to read.

Other books by Gordon Korman. Joe burst into my room like a thundering herd of buffalo.

Losing Joe's Place book. Gordon Korman books, as I remembered it, always had a logical progression of events, but between all the strange characters and situations, they snowball into something completely surreal. Jason and his two friends move into Jason's brother's apartment. This book is no different. That's why it's on my shelf.

Losing Joe's Place is a 1990 children's novel by Gordon Korman. The book was first published on April 1, 1990 through Scholastic and follows the adventures of three small town Ontario boys (Jason, Ferguson and Don) as they live in Jason's brother's (Joe) apartment in Toronto for a summer. However, there is one catch: Under no circumstances can they cause Joe to lose his lease. Losing Joe's Place was listed on YALSA's "Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2001".

‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be,’ Mr. Cardone. I picked a letter from Joe out of the pile of mail on the counter. Are you okay, Mr. Plotnick?. Plotnick? ne, but why was he leaning like that? I’ll be okay when you give me my fifty cents. But what’s with the -?. I assumed his crouched position. He scowled from down there. You want to know what it is? I’ll tell you what it is. Mind your own business, that’s what it i. .But I could tell he was in pain, because he was grim and pale, and he was abusing his.

Gordon Answers the top ten Questions Kids ask. Video. One of the books I’ve always been most proud of is POP, my young adult novel about the oddball friendship between a high school football player and a retired NFL linebacker who suffers from CTE. But a lot has changed since POP first came out in 2009. The diagnosis of CTE barely existed back then.

It is very light hearted (nothing deep), entertaining and easy to read.

Ships from and sold by jerryjeffrey. Ships from and sold by jwbasilbooks. It is very light hearted (nothing deep), entertaining and easy to read.

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Jason and his two friends move into Jason's brother's apartment and manage to wreak havoc in it during one funny and memorable summer. Jason and his two friends are about to have the ultimate summer experience, because they've just taken over Jason's cool older brother Joe's apartment for the summer. Now all they have to do is just say no: No parents. And Jason's brother hasn't even found out what happened to his apartment.

Losing Joe's Place was the best book I ever read. I can't believe that so many of Gordon Korman's books are out of print! Has the world lost its mind?? We need Gordon Korman!

Losing Joe's Place was the best book I ever read. I thought it was the best book because it was three boys who had and apartment to themselves for the whole summer and they end up messing up everything. It was funny to see them mess up the apartment they were in, not get the girls, and not even have enough money to pay the rent .

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Jason and his two friends move into Jason's brother's apartment and manage to wreak havoc in it during one funny and memorable summer.
I bought this for Kindle because my paperback copy has been ready to fall apart for years...I guess you can't read the same book 20 or 30 times without expecting some wear and tear. The other reviews describe the nuts and bolts of why this is an excellent book. All I want to say is that this book, and others of this era from Korman contain a joy and entertainment you simply don't find in most other modern writing for any age group. It's not as if Korman wrote in simpler times; he's still writing! It's just that he understood the power of laughing at ourselves and expertly inserted it in his novels of the 80s and 90s. The characters are generally larger than life in one way or another, yet never quite cross that line into the unbelievable (except for Rootbeer, but hey...artistic license...:-) ). That comedy/realism mix helps us laugh at our own foibles and see them in the context of our own world. There's nothing harder than teaching someone to learn the line between their own capabilities and limits, and Korman's style helps you see it clearly, and gives you hope to keep pushing that envelope and growing, and growing. It's a great read, and I hope a whole new generation enjoys it in this new Kindle format. Hopefully all of Korman's earlier books are converted to Kindle for us folks who want to read them but can't find them. Thanks, Gordon, for a great book!
Impala Frozen
I have read some of Gordon Korman's books including Ungifted, Dive, and schooled. So far this is the best. You never know what is going to happen next and the story line is fast moving and easy to follow along with. Gordon Korman gives every character a unique personality making velvety event unpredictable. I give this book five stars. I highly recommend this book to any one 8-18 looking for a good book to keep you busy. Hope you enjoy your copy as much as I did mine.
I cannot believe that this book is only rated an average of 4.5 stars! This is definitely the best book that I have read in my whole life!
I will try not to spoil the book.
3 boys are in Chicago and are going to spend the summer in one of the friends brothers apartments. Everything is fun and fine until one day they almost go broke! They suddenly have to eat burger king meals each day. A fun story with a lot of action and laughs.

Age Level: 11-14
I don't think that a 15 year old teen would enjoy this book for various reasons. But a 10 year old would not get some of the inside jokes that the author tells.
Old school GK can’t be beat and this is one of his best.
Error parents
Losing Joe's place is the best book ever love it reading it for my 3rd time if you didn't read it yet your missing out
I read this book several times at different ages and loved it every time. I have a friend who was suffering from potential "executive burnout," and felt she could benefit from the wisdom of Rootbeer Racinette. I ordered it from Amazon and had it shipped directly to her home. Burnout avoided. I wish I had a set of all of Gordon Korman's books. Love the Bruno & Boots stories!
This book is amazing. Gordan Korman is my favorite author and has pulled off another great book! His books keep me laughing and I read them in about 2 days. Anybody who doesn't consider getting this book is out of their mind,no matter how sane they really are! :)
"Losing Joe's Place" is one of my all time favorite books. It is very light hearted (nothing deep), entertaining and easy to read.
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