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Talking With Michener ePub download

Talking with Michener book.

Talking with Michener book. James Michener's vast work has intrigued millions of readers. To accompany the chapters that cover the writer's life and work, Grobel has written an intimate introduction about his long relationship with Michener, and Michener interviews himself in a revealing afterword. Through the pages of Talking with Michener, Grobel affords Michener's many fans a close portrait of unexcelled depth and discovery.

James Albert Michener (/ˈmɪtʃənər/ or /ˈmɪtʃnər/; February 3, 1907 – October 16, 1997) was an American author.

This book is great both for reference and for reading. It's extremely well-organized, so it's generally pretty easy to find a technique and information pretty quickly. With that said, this book won't tell you everything you need to know about creativity

This book is great both for reference and for reading. With that said, this book won't tell you everything you need to know about creativity

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From United StatesSubjects: SportsFormat: HardcoverAuthor: James Michener. The Bridges at Toko-Ri by James A. Michener (English) Paperback Book Free Shippi. Together they face an enemy they do not understand, knowing their only hope for survival is to win. The Bridges at Toko-Ri.

James Michener is back in huge, familiar form with MEXICO. Los angeles daily news. Here is the story of an American journalist who travels to Mexico to report on the upcoming duel between two great matadors, but who is ultimately swept up in the dramatic story of his Mexican ancestors.

Home Browse Books Book details, Talking with Michener. In conversations that took place between 1980 and October 1997, just days before his death, Michener met with Lawrence Grobel. Talking with Michener. Over the years their meetings at Michener's homes in Florida, Maine, and Texas, as well as in New York and Los Angeles, turned their acquaintance into a friendship. The product of these revealing discussions is Talking with Michener, the first full-length book of in-depth interviews with the famed writer.

Talking With Michener. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 18 years ago. Wonderfuly written.

James Michener's vast work has intrigued millions of readers.

This book is a terrific exploration into the mind of one of the greatest epic writers of our generation. Having begun the first interview in 1981, Lawrence Grobel began a relationship with James Michener that spanned decades, with Grobel being by his side just a few days before Michener's death in October, 1997.

As a professional writer specializing in in-depth interviews, Grobel did his research well, and it shows in the very perceptive and detailed questions he puts to this multi-faceted man. He is rewarded by Michener's very candid revelations about his life. It's clear that the two formed a trust early on, and that bond carried on through all the subsequent interviews, resulting in some very personal insights on both sides.

Growing up during the Great Depression, Michener's childhood and adolescence certainly didn't sound like the basis for such a successful future. "I was raised by women. I had no men in my life at all." He admits he was a difficult child. "I don't think I was very likeable.... I was suspended from every school I was ever in, including college." He claims that those who knew him in those early years felt he "was a bright guy but not very organized" and "they never expected much from me." His saving grace was his extraordinary passion for learning and his love of adventure.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed, he was nearly forced into the Army, and the day before he was to report, he managed to join the Navy. He was sent to the Pacific, and that was later to form the basis for his bestseller Tales of the South Pacific.

His view on writing is interesting: "I don't think one would go through the agony of writing a book if he were a perfectly normal person....Artists, by and large, are deviant in one way or another." But he says, "I'm one of the guys who sat around the fire and did the talking." So it only seems natural that he would fall into that career.

He discusses how he picks out the settings for his books, then immerses himself in the culture for several years as he writes the story. He chooses two or three aspects to focus on, and bases the story on those issues.

After spending a lifetime traveling all over the world, it's not surprising that he has strong opinions on nearly everything, and he freely discusses his take on the world changes throughout the years. Some of the predictions he made years ago were dead on. He is very passionate about many political issues, but his views are based on what's best for humanity in general, not just individual countries.

I have been a dedicated fan of Michener for several decades, and in the last few years discovered the writing talents of Grobel, so for me this book was a double delight. And for everyone, it's an enlightening romp through the mind of a genius.
A font of knowlege and experience of the 20th Century Michener is interviewed and quoted in easily readable conversational question and answer format . For anyone interested in the broader connection of the USA with the rest of the world and the big ongoing questions of American politics this is a must read.
The question and answer style of this book feeds the curious mind with a most complete look inside the remarkable life and mind of James Michener.
As someone who anxiously awaited the release of each book, I thoroughly enjoyed his reflections on a life well lived. I had no idea he held such strong liberal views, but I still love him!
This is THE BEST book on the thoughts and ideas of the late, great epic writer James A. Michener. Larry Grobel has asked all the right questions, covering a wide variety of topics (they were friends for 17 years), and Michener is at his most candid and revealing.I only wish this book was twice as long!
An excellent interview. This book fleshed out the man, his motivations and views that produced such great novels. It showed an storyteller of deep integrity.
Picking the mind of one of the greatest authors ever,read the book if you are a fan of his,a fascinating person.
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