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by Joan Aiken

  • Author: Joan Aiken
  • ISBN: 0440077478
  • ISBN13: 978-0440077473
  • ePub: 1162 kb | FB2: 1790 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press; 1St Edition edition (1980)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 130
  • Format: lit mobi mbr azw
The shadow guests ePub download

Joan Delano Aiken MBE (4 September 1924 – 4 January 2004) was an English writer specialising in supernatural fiction and children's alternative history novels. In 1999 she was awarded an MBE for her services to children's literature

Joan Delano Aiken MBE (4 September 1924 – 4 January 2004) was an English writer specialising in supernatural fiction and children's alternative history novels. In 1999 she was awarded an MBE for her services to children's literature.

Joan Delano Aiken was born in Rye, Sussex, England, on September 4, 1924, the daughter of the Pulitzer Prize winner, writer Conrad Aiken. She was raised in a rural area and home schooled by her mother until the age 12. She then attended Wychwood School, a boarding school in Oxford. In 1969 The Whispering Mountain won the Guardian Children's Book Award, and in 1972, Night Fall won America's Edgar Allen Poe Award for juvenile mystery. Aiken is best known for her adult "fantasy" stories. She has received awards for children's fiction and for mystery fiction, and has also written ''sequels'' to Jane Austen books.

The Shadow Guests book. This book is one I keep coming back to, every 5 years or so. Joan Aiken has written a book that is an old theme, but masterfully told

The Shadow Guests book. Joan Aiken has written a book that is an old theme, but masterfully told. It has a parts of growing up, loss, new places and the supernatural.

The Shadow Guests - Joan Aiken

The Shadow Guests - Joan Aiken. This time-slip adventure from Joan Aiken, author of the beloved children's classic The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, follows the story of Cosmo Curtoys, who finds himself sent back to England after the mysterious disappearance of his mother and older brother in Australia. or are they ghosts?This was an entertaining story, although I felt that it would have had a more powerful effect upon me if I had read it as a child or adolescent.

Praise for The Shadow Guests. Writing seems to be as natural to Joan Aiken as breathing; her imagination is as untrammeled as ever, the precise construction of the astonishing plot lends conviction, and her style is as witty and sparkling with images. Through interactions between characters, Aiken brings out the bittersweet ironies of friendships both otherworldly and in the here-and-now.

by. Aiken, Joan, 1924-2004.

movies All Video latest This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now! Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. by. Ghosts, Ghost stories. New York : Delacorte Press.

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Series: A Puffin Book. A lonely boy haunted by an ancient family curse, The Shadow Guests is a classic supernatural mystery from the master-storyteller, Joan Aiken. After the strange disappearance of his mother and older brother, Cosmo is sent from Australia to live with his cousin in England. Lost and lonely at his new school, Cosmo escapes at weekends to the peace of his cousin's ancient mill house, and the shadowy companions only he can see. When he learns about the family curse, he realises his ghostly visitors from the past have a message for him - but are these new companions friends or enemies?

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Books by joan aiken a. SUMMARY: A in. England. young boy. unprepared. arrives at his cousin's.

Authors: Aiken, Joan. The Shadow Guests (Red Fox Older Fiction). Title: The Shadow Guests (Red Fox Older Fiction).

Probably the best reprints by Starscape books are the little-known Joan Aiken fantasies. Her "Dido" series is easily found, but only recently books like "Cockatrice Boys" and "Whispering Mountain" have been made available. "Shadow Guests" is the latest of these -- it isn't quite as good as the others, but still quite enjoyable.
After his mother and older brother mysteriously vanish, Cosmo Curtoys is sent to live with an eccentric mathematician relative in England. While Aunt Eunice is pleasant (though odd), Cosmo rapidly makes enemies of almost every other kid in school. What's more, strange things have begun lurking nearby, including a tadpole-like thing that fell off of his sleeve -- and grew.
Soon Cosmo finds out about something linked to the disappearance of his mom and brother -- a family curse that dooms every eldest brother to die in battle, and every mother to die of grief. Because of this curse, he is visited by "shadow guests," a Roman gladiatior, a naive Crusader... and a sinister force that threatens to kill him.
It's definitely above the average ghost story, and makes good use of Cosmo's social isolation to let him encounter ancestors who are also burdened by the curse. Cosmo is a likeable hero, who alternates between not understanding what's happening, and knowing all too well what is going on. Cousin Eunice is a nice (mathematician) twist on the usual weird relative; the kids at school often seem like their friendliness or hostility has some bearing on the story, but ultimately that peters out.
Aiken's writing is pleasant, although the pacing is a bit odd -- one minute we're reading about kids snubbing him at school or playing jokes on Bun, then we're reading about ghosts and ancient warlocks and family curses. Moreover, some of the details in the book must have passed me by, because I didn't quite understand a few parts of the ending. But the haunting (pun intended) atmosphere and mix of the unearthly and the solidly, likeably British is very fresh-feeling.
While this book isn't quite as stellar as "Cockatrice" or "Mountain," it's a solid ghost story with a pleasant storyline and hero. Well worth the read.
I really liked this book because it is a realistic story about Cosmo and his deceased mother and older brother. this book somewhat relates to my life and my grandfather because I feel that he is watching over me at all times and makes sure I get through life easily. That is what I think happens in this book and that is why I liked it so much, also it is a very realistic story so I think that is what I think makes this book a graet one.
Cosmo Curtoys went to England to stay with his Aunt for a while and when he was there strange stuff went on.

this book did a fair job of entertaining me and such, but it was quite dull at times and ended with no real conclusion.
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