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TM: Property 6e ePub download

by Jesse Dukeminier

  • Author: Jesse Dukeminier
  • ISBN: 0735557934
  • ISBN13: 978-0735557932
  • ePub: 1903 kb | FB2: 1146 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Aspen Publishers (2006)
  • Pages: 400
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 669
  • Format: lit mobi txt azw
TM: Property 6e ePub download

Ships from and sold by Lightfoot Fulfillment (Veteran Owned). Seriously helped to simplify concepts and was great for outlining.

Jesse Dukeminier’s most popular book is Property (Aspen Casebooks). Showing 24 distinct works. Property (Aspen Casebooks) by. Jesse Dukeminier, James E. Krier.

Discover Book Depository's huge selection of Jesse Dukeminier books online. Property Gilberts (Diskette for Windows). Notify me. TM. Jesse Dukeminier. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million titles. Showing 1 to 30 of 52 results.

Books by Jesse Dukeminier. TM Property 6e by Jesse Dukeminier Paperback, 400 Pages, Published 2006 by Aspen Publishers ISBN-13: 978-0-7355-5793-2, ISBN: 0-7355-5793-4.

Jesse Dukeminier, James E.

Krier is the author or co-author of several books, including Environmental Law and Policy, Pollution and Policy, and the widely used casebook . James E. Krier, Michael H. Schill, Gregory S. Alexander, and Jesse Dukeminier.

James E. Property (Aspen Publishers, In. 2006).

Dukeminier and Krier's Property set the standard of excellence for Property casebooks, and continues to uphold it. Once again, this expert author team provides an engrossing and enlightening teaching package. Dukeminier and Krier's Property set the standard of excellence for Property casebooks, and continues to uphold it.

Jesse Dukeminier was a professor of law for 40 years at the University of California, Los Angeles, and authored or co-authored a significant number of articles and textbooks in the areas of property law, wills, trusts, and estates. August 12, 1925 (age 77). West Point, Mississippi, United States. His two major textbooks on property law and on wills, trusts, and estates are the most widely used books in their separate fields. Updates are still being produced to the text, with the Dukeminier name, alongside coauthors, remaining on the work.

A unique blend of authority and good humor, you’ll find a rich visual design, compelling cases, and timely coverage of contemporary issues.

Teacher's Manual for PROPERTY (Sixth Edition), by Jesse Dukeminier, James E. Krier, Gregory S. Alexander, & Michael H. Schill.
If you're using the Dukeminier book for class, THIS is the property book to buy. It's the perfect study guide since it's so consistent with the textbook. Seriously helped to simplify concepts and was great for outlining.
This casebook can be summed up in one word: AWESOME. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you will look forward to reading this book at night. It is coherent, clearly explains the concepts with examples to follow (although does not give answers, which can be frustrating, at times), has a structure that is easy to follow, and the notes following cases supplement what you've read, instead of stating the meaning of the case. Dukeminier and Krier should write and edit all law school textbooks, since the student can feel confident that he/she has a firm first grip on the matter of Property when finishing this book. I would also suggest the Gilbert's supplement if you want to further your understanding of this book, only because Dukeminier himself wrote it, and it is an excellent supplement to this phenomenal book. I never thought I'd like a subject entitled "Property," but this was one of my favorite first year classes.
As you may already know, Dukeminier (the author of this supplement) is the author of the premier textbook on Property, used by 90% of law schools in the country. If that right there doesn't convince you that this supplement is AWESOME, let me further explain. This book is a MUST HAVE for any student looking to fully understand the concepts of Property Law. It provides concise explanations of the rules derived from the cases in the casebook, and gives WONDERFUL charts and graphs to show the relationship of one concept to another (like future interests, equitable servitudes and easements, etc.). Additionally, he provides examples and explanations of how to get to the answers and the answers themselves. I think I would've lost my mind in Property if it weren't for this book, and with this book, you will not need to invest in any other supplements. Trust me on this one...this book is essential.
You should definitely get this if you are using Dukeminier's case book. The outline is written by Dukeminier, and lays everything out in a way that is much easier to study.
The editors gathered up some interesting cases and added some colorful commentary and excellent problems... the only problem lies in the fact that the casebook does not also supply the student with a decent property teacher!"
After completing my first year of law school, I really wonder why so many professors use this textbook. More than half the people I spoke with in my class thought the casebook's usability was poor or worse.

Property is not a difficult class, aside from future estates and related issues (Rule Against Perpetuities). The hardest thing about property is knowing the jurisdictional views on various aspects of property law, and this casebook does only an OK job highlighting that. It is basically a lot of memorization and the learning of that material could have been substantially aided by organizing the book differently.

Additionally, many of its cases are not sufficiently edited, thereby necessitating that one read through too much irrelevant information to get to the legal issue. My other case books are much more balanced on this issue.

As a last note, the production quality is lower than what I would expect for its price. The paper chosen and the fair reproduction of what photos exist in the book contrast strongly with its price.

I suppose this sounds like a laundry list of complaints, but the book compares poorly to my other casebooks, simply stated.
Well, this book was good in that it helped me bring together the concepts I learned in class. Seems like the casebooks can be all over the place and having a horn book like this was nice.
This is a powerful outline for students. However, it may be a little bit old......it still works when u have no other choices
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