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Animalia ( Numbered and Signed Anniversary Edition) ePub download

by Graeme Base

  • Author: Graeme Base
  • ISBN: 0670877972
  • ISBN13: 978-0670877973
  • ePub: 1879 kb | FB2: 1392 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Penguin; Limited Ed edition (1997)
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 835
  • Format: rtf txt lit lrf
Animalia ( Numbered and Signed Anniversary Edition) ePub download

Animalia is an illustrated children's book by Graeme Base.

Animalia is an illustrated children's book by Graeme Base. Over four million copies have been sold worldwide. Animalia is an alliterative alphabet book and contains twenty-six illustrations, one for each letter of the alphabet.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A noted artist presents an imaginative, whimsical journey through the letters of the alphabet, in a beautifully illustrated book that introduces a menagerie of familiar and exotic creatures.

Animalia by Graeme Base (1987, Hardcover). More than three million copies of Animalia have been sold around the world, making Graeme Base's amazing alliterative alphabet book one of the most beloved titles of the past quarter century. в среднем, исходя из 16 оценок товара. Animalia's incredible imaginary world intrigues all readers. Each page includes hidden objects and ideas: start with "A is for An Armoured Armadillo Avoiding an Angry Alligator" and you'll find aprons, ants, aces, Atom-brand anchovies, and much more.

Although I do quite enjoy Graeme Base's Animalia as a general concept, the intricate and involved illustrations do seem incredibly over busy and much too in-one's-face for them to ever be even remotely considered personal favourites (as I tend to rather crave and even require visual simplicity and unclutteredness, and sadly, upon rereading Animalia, the over-busyness actually started.

Over three million copies have been sold. Encyclopedia Article. Grouper, Graeme Base, Coral reef, Animalia (book), The Eleventh Hour (children's book).

Over three million copies have been sold Contents.

Signed by Base to specially bound-in title page. Includes Easton Press COA laid-n, along with blank bookplate. Pictorial black leather, colorful pastedown. 22k gold in gilt spine titles. Silk moire endpapers, silk marker ribbon. Signed by Base to specially bound-in title page. Bookseller Inventory 49213.

ma "Animalia is an illustrated children's book by Graeme Base.

The most popular color?

This has been a family favorite for years.

My son got married a year ago last summer and his wife is going to be an elementary, early childhood teacher. I drew her name for Christmas, and heard that she really wanted some children's books to start her personal and classroom library. Animalia was a natural addition to that list!

Animalia is an ABC book, but with a twist. Graeme Base is an exceptional artist. It took him years to complete the artwork for this book. Each page and sometimes both pages are devoted to a single letter. Each page has a major image and many, many smaller ones...all linked to the letter of the page. I find that I'm still identifying things linked to the letters as I flip through this book.

The pictures are large and bright. The combination of images on each page is fun and inventive.

I frankly think my son was as excited to see this book appear as his wife was; this is one of the memorable books from his childhood.

This is a large format book, and can entertain a child for hours.

5 solid and well-deserved stars.
I bought this book for my 2 1/2 year old twin grandchildren. I think this will be a book that they can enjoy for many years. The illustrations with the pictures of the different animals and the alliterative verses are perfect for each of the letters. Then there are hidden pictures that start with each of the letters that the children can find and identify.

The pictures that are hidden will appeal to many different ages so this is really a book that is for many different ages. Some of the pictures that are hidden are easy to identify and some are much harder to identify. That is one reason I believe this will appeal to a wide age group.

Author/illustrator Graeme Base is phenomenal. The illustrations are detailed, colorful and mesmerizing to look at.

I think my son and daughter-in-law will have as much fun looking at this book with their children as I did paging through it.

Some of the reviewers mentioned violence in the book. I really didn't notice the illustrations they mentioned until they were pointed out to me. The book is light and colorful and delightful to look at.
First off, our family LOVES anything Graeme Base, this book does not disappoint. The rich illustrations, the vocabulary, the hidden pictures (What else can you find that starts with L?), the alliteration... all of it is here. A child can spend hours on this book, and it's a great way to spend time with the kids. His books offer much for a reluctant readers.

Second, I was looking for the 25th anniversary edition online and somehow happened upon this listing (I didn't find it through Amazon search engine). The listing didn't mention the book being 25th Anniversary Edition, but I bought it (for much cheaper than anywhere else online) because the picture showed the 25th Anniversary Edition. It arrived today and I was thrilled that it was indeed the anniversary edition. This particular edition comes with a poster on the inside of the jacket "that holds a riddle to be solved."

As a side note, I saw this book at a local big box book store and was very disappointed in cover of the paperback. It looked like a poor photocopy. So, if you're trying to decide between paperback and hardcover, I would recommend hardcover... and buy it now while the 25th Edition is still being sold (look at the picture, you'll see "25th Anniversary Edition" at the top of the cover if it is).

Also, in regards to the negative reviews.... I use anything that shocks me as a teachable moment with my child. How can I teach them to deal with the emotions associated with being exposed to something unusual? There is no doubt in my mind that my children are exposed to so many things that I would prefer them not to be exposed to on a daily basis. I don't set out to shelter them from these things, but offer advice and talk about the 'weird' things we see and that happen to us on a daily basis. It is our job as parents to prepare our kids for the Big World out there. Trust me, this book will not harm your child... get it.
Another one of my absolute favorite books. Unfortunately this one came looking like a copy of a copy, with the binding being of poor quality with parts of the pictures harder to see the fine detail. This book is done SO well, its worth doing proper research and finding the best quality publication. Anything less is cheating Graeme in portraying the fineness of his beautiful work. That being said, I love this book, and since I have small children, will still read it to them, most likely purchasing another and better copy as they get older.
This is an amazing book that should be in every child’s personal library. I find it’s one that doesn’t get old for parents; the illustrations are so complex that we’re always finding something new. I ordered a hardback edition as a gift, and it was smaller than I expected (I didn’t look at the size - totally my fault) - a more traditional picture book size. The one I bought for my children 10+ years ago is a larger edition.
it was very interesting to try to find all the animals, the only thing hard was finding ones that were from years ago that I never heard of, but there is a lot of time that can be spent on it and is a great way to occupy time , like waiting in the hospital for someone, or to pass the time at home if there is nothing else to do.
This beautiful, whimsical, gorgeously illustrated "alphabet" book will enchant children for many years! It will enchant adults as well when they share the many hidden creatures, plants and objects accompanying the main animal for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is repeated in an alliterative sentence. Blue butterflies are observed by a baboon playing a bassoon. A leprechaun joins lions in a library. Giraffes are entertained by a gibbon playing a guitar. Every page offers a delightful treasure hunting opportunity to advance a child's vocabulary while tickling the imagination. Buy several copies of the large book and share them with the children in your life. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself!
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