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Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love ePub download

by Nun Gavrilia

  • Author: Nun Gavrilia
  • ISBN: 9607298853
  • ISBN13: 978-9607298850
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  • Publisher: Tertios (January 1, 1999)
  • Rating: 4.3/5
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Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love ePub download

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Mother Gavrilia: "A Holocaust to His Love"". Alkmaar, The Netherlands: Orthodox Peace Fellowship (35). Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love.

Mother Gavrilia: "A Holocaust to His Love"". Athens: Ekdoseis K. Papagiannoulis Tertios & Sia . ISBN 978-960-7298-85-0.

Mother Gavrilia book. 9607298853 (ISBN13: 9789607298850).

jamesfromta: Quotes of Mother Gavrilia. Do not respond to a person with the evil he brings you, but see Christ in his heart. Uplifting and inspirational. Any place may become a place of Resurrection, if the Humility of Christ becomes the way of our life. The book "Mother Gavrilia the Ascetic of Love " by nun Gavrilia says it all. Discover ideas about Orthodox Christianity. αρακαλώ μην κατακρίνετε ο ένας τον άλλο διότι είναι πέρα για πέρα εγωισμός.

Non-profit organisation. Mother Gavrilia Papayannis. Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia. Mother Gavrilia: Have Faith

Non-profit organisation. The Desert Fathers and Mothers. Mother Gavrilia: Have Faith. Only one thing do I know that I have always, and it is not pride, nor fantasy, but that which I have day and night, wherever I find myself–three things: first, Faith; second, Faith; third, F. ee all.

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Mother Gavrilia : The Ascetic of Love. By (author) Nun Gavrilia (the).

As Nun Gavrilia wrote, 'Mother Gavrilia's entire life, which . One of the most valuable portions of Ascetic of Love is a luminous collection of ‘Sayings.

As Nun Gavrilia wrote, 'Mother Gavrilia's entire life, which was a hymn to the Lord, became thanks to Him, a burnt offering, a holocaust to His love. The sweetness and openness of Mother Gavrilia’s character was fed by a quiet but constant askesis and awareness of the rigor of Christ’s commandments. I can find no better way to close than to quote the first and last of these

Sister Gavrilia is a tonsured Greek nun and spiritual daughter of the well-known Mother Gavrilia (1897-1992), the ascetic of love of Greece. Homeless and possessing nothing, Mother Gavrilia made herself a friend of the world for the sake of Christ.

Sister Gavrilia is a tonsured Greek nun and spiritual daughter of the well-known Mother Gavrilia (1897-1992), the ascetic of love of Greece. She is already known to many of us through her spiritual daughter’s biography, which has gone through fourteen Greek printings: two in English, and one each in French, Serbian and Arabic. Besides speaking about her spiritual mother, Sister Gavrilia is known throughout Greece for her tapes and CD’s of Orthodox children’s songs.

by Mother Gavrilia The Ascetic of Love(thank you to F.  . The book "The Land of Painted Caves" however is not on the same level as the 5 books in my opinion, but still worth reading ). Matthew Jackson for the borrow awhile back). The wonderful life story of the Orthodox 'Mother Teresa'. Mother Gavrilia: The Ascetic of Love - Journeying with this dear Orthodox nun - who seems so like Mother Teresa - Orthodox version. There are some blogs that have some of her sayings. Will try to update this pin or somewhere with some of her sayings. Earth's Children Series by Jean Auel. I have read them all.

inspirational account of one of the twentieth century's great ascetics and missionary of love.
What an amazing book about an amazing person. Highly recommended to anyone interested in reading on Orthodoxy, can't recommend it highly enough
How i wish they reprinted this book. I think it was last printed in 1999 and it is hard to get now.
Priceless lessons on Trust in God, Love of Neighbor, and sanctification of every day life. A Masterpiece of priceless Wisdom for Daily Living with God!
My generous and devout cousin gave me this book after giving me several others on Orthodox saints. I was always grateful for her gifts, but never really connected with the folks described in these stories because their lives seemed weirdly mystical on the verge of downright scary. For example, there was the saint who was sometimes seen levitating above his bed. And then there was the one who was known to walk through walls. What had Jesus to do with such stuff? Doubting and disturbed, I usually skipped over those parts, or stopped reading altogether.
But when I opened this book and began to discover Mother Gavrillia's life, I couldn't put the story down. Here was a real saint: not an ascetic superhero, but a joyful, patient, humble follower of Jesus Christ who acknowledged her fallen humanity, accepted Jesus Christ's grace, and offered her whole life to her Savior and Lord.
In the process, she traveled the world, sharing Christ's truth and love in word and deed, and lived about the most fulfilled and purposeful life of anyone whose story I have ever read.
One of the coolest aspects of Gavrillia's life is the freshness and vibrancy that Jesus Christ offers at any age. When I learned that Gavrillia was in her 50s when her "great adventure of faith with Christ" began, I was breathless because I realized that any believer, at any stage of life, could have the same joy and abandonment as Mother Gavrillia, if only they too, pray, "Not my will, Lord, but Thine be done."
I am forever blessed by reading about this dear woman, and I look forward to thanking her personally one day.
I own this book--purchased it online, NEW, a year or two ago from Light and Life Publishing for around $50. I will definitely keep my copy to re-read. Mother Gavrilia's life is quite interesting (and inspiring). In addition, the large middle section of the book with her sayings (arranged alphabetically by subject headings) has many real gems. The book appears to be out of print at the present time, but I'm guessing that sooner or later, somebody will probably reprint it. Physically, the book is just an ordinary paperback of 463 pages. That being the case, I feel that the "used book" prices of $81.50 to $170 quoted on Amazon are pretty egregious examples of attempting to "charge what the market will bear." By the way -- another online book vendor that has sold this book in the past is St. John Monastery in Manton, California.
I love this book! It's written in two main parts, first telling the story of her life, and then giving her words and responses to life as words of wisdom for us all. When I first received the book as a Christmas gift I was disappointed with the second section after first thumbing through the book, but after reading about her life I soaked up her words of wisdom like a proverbial sponge.

This is by far one of my favorite books.
This is a life-changing book for all those who ever asked themselves what it means to be a true Christian and fulfil Christ's commandment to love other people.
Some of my favourite quotes:
"We must not 'exist' in the presence of the other person, who is God's 'image and likeness'."
"To reach the state of non-existence, love and love and love until you identify yourself completely with the Other One,
whoever this may be at the time. Then, at the end of the day you may ask yourself: Is there anything I want? No. Is there
anything I wish 'No. Is there anything I lack' No... So, that's it!"
My favorite book! It is always with me. I lost it once, and had to buy another one immediately!
It's my security blanket book.
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