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by Laura E. Berk

  • Author: Laura E. Berk
  • ISBN: 020541558X
  • ISBN13: 978-0205415588
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Psychology
  • Publisher: Allyn & Bacon; 3 edition (July 1, 2004)
  • Rating: 4.1/5
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Development Through the Lifespan ePub download

Laura E. Berk is a distinguished professor of psychology at Illinois State University, where she has taught child . In addition to Development Through the Lifespan, she is author of the best-selling texts Child Development and Infants, Children, and Adolescents, published by Pearson.

Laura E. Berk is a distinguished professor of psychology at Illinois State University, where she has taught child, adolescent, and lifespan development for more than three decades. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in child development and educational psychology from the University of Chicago.

continued potential throughout the lifespan; however, development does gradually become less plastic as both capacity and opportunity for change are reduced; plasticity also . Development through the lifespan chapter 1. 51 terms.

continued potential throughout the lifespan; however, development does gradually become less plastic as both capacity and opportunity for change are reduced; plasticity also varies across individuals. Age-graded influences. events that are strongly related to age and therefore fairly predictable in when they occur and how long they last. ex. menopause, entering college at 18; is becoming less influential throughout more recent years.

Development Through the Lifespan book.

Development through the lifespan. Development through the lifespan.

Development Through the Lifespan Distinguished Professor of. . Berk is a distinguished professor of psychology at Illinois State University, where she has taught child and human development to both undergraduate and graduate students for more than three decades. Berk's books include Private Speech: From Social Interaction to Self-Regulation, Scaffolding Children's Learning: Vygotsky and Early Childhood Education, and Landscapes of Development: An Anthology of Readings.

Using a chronological format, this text provides coverage and discussion of theory, research, and applications in the field of development psychology. In addition to the general theme of lifelong development, the text emphasizes the following: interdisciplinary contributions to the study of development, from psychology, sociology, anthropology, education and other fields; the multidimensional nature of development - phsyical, cognitive, emotional and social; multiple interacting contextual influences on development - biological, psychological, social, community, societal, cultural and historical; and gender differences, with special attention to the distinctive roles and life paths of males and females.
If you need this for a class, save your money and rent this book, unless you want it for future use. This book does a decent job of basically covering the human lifespan, but is not worth the $160 price tag.
The product description said there was an Etext access bundled with it. no mention of any restrictions. amazon didn't have the ebook, so i bought it. Then when i tried to access the Etext, was told that i needed an access code, and that had to be provided by an instructor. our instructor had no awareness of this process, nor how to do it. a chat with the seller was no help. they said i could not access the etext. since i need to do things electronically, this book is useless to me. I have a recording of the chat.
It is a book for my Psych 201 class. I really like having the hard copy as separated papers with 3 ring punch so I can make my own book and take out the chapters I am studying. This really helps in my learning. I also enjoy having it online as well. With this purchase I got both, I am glad, I use them both. I also got the My Virtual Child code to go online with Pearson labs. It is all included in this purchase.
The content of the book is very interesting and easily understood. The cover was a little worn but to pay such a small price for a used textbook I couldn’t complain. However, I’ve progressed through the book I noticed about ten pages that are ripped! I’m very upset that this book passed through Amazon’s rental program without a better view of the inside.
Delivered on time and in great condition. There is only a few difference between this one and the newer addition. I got an A in the ckass. Thank you
Laura Berk's first and last chapters are tear jerkers. I very much appreciated her personal stories about her family and her experiences with Lifespan Development. However, the book is extremely lengthy, filled with research references containing arguments and counter-arguments, with the forest often being lost to an emphasis on the trees. I am reading the entire textbook to myself and into an audio recorder, which is how I study difficult material. Each chapter is 3-4 hours worth of tape and there are 19 chapters in this 6th Edition. I am not quite done. But, I would say that, for ordinary students taking more than one class, 60 - 70 hours of reading is a bit much for one semester. In a more general comment about 2014 textbooks, and Pearson in particular, I would explain that without some questions and answers for review, it is impossible to self-gauge retention in such a mammoth work. My instructor and University does not require (or even, in some ways permit) purchase of the online NewDevelopmentLab, so I am at a loss to exercise my memory and application muscles. We are breeding a generation of scholars who cannot recall what they have read because Publishers and authors don't share questions and answers on the material they teach. The profit motive dominates every aspect of education and scholarship, I am afraid.
I needed this book for a class, and was afraid it would be boring. Instead, I find it quite informative and interesting. It's been 25 years since I studied this stuff, so it was a good all-in-one for me. The shipping was quick, and I really like the loose-leaf style! Who needs a hardback anyway? Definitely worth the nice, inexpensive price! Will buy loose-leaf any time I have that option.
Textbooks are expensive, so I decided to rent it from amazon. The textbook has plenty of pictures that are graphic, so it kept the reading interesting. Probably one of the most interesting reads during my college experience thus far. Basically learning about myself the entire term, and learning about what your body and mind goes through as I get older. Also there is a ton of explanations regarding children, a lot of those myths and wive's tales will be debunked with simple logic and science.
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