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Welfare Wifeys (A Hood Rat Novel) ePub download

by Cary Hite,K'wan

  • Author: Cary Hite,K'wan
  • ISBN: 1441762175
  • ISBN13: 978-1441762177
  • ePub: 1984 kb | FB2: 1349 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: United States
  • Publisher: Urban Audiobooks and Blackstone Audio; Unabridged edition (September 28, 2010)
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 170
  • Format: mbr txt mbr lrf
Welfare Wifeys (A Hood Rat Novel) ePub download

Welfare Wifeys: A Hood Rat Novel. K'wan (Goodreads Author), Cary Hite (Narrator).

Welfare Wifeys: A Hood Rat Novel. Hood Rat by.

Praise for Welfare Wifeys. One of hip-hop fiction's hottest authors. fans will appreciate many of the qualities that make K'wan a writer to check for: gritty settings, memorable dialogue, and authentic action. KING magazine on Street Dreams.

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Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. K'wan28 сентября 2010 г. Blackstone Audio Inc. Читает Cary Hite. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. 11 ч. 18 мин. Переключиться на электронную книгу.

Written by K'wan, Audiobook narrated by Cary Hite. Narrated by: Cary Hite. Series: Hood Rat, Book 4. Length: 11 hrs and 17 mins. Categories: Fiction, African-American.

K'WAN is the Essence bestselling author of Welfare Wifeys, Section 8, Gutter, Still Hood, and others. He wrote his first novel, Gangsta, as a therapeutic release, and it went on to become an Essence bestseller and a part of urban-lit history. In 2008 he received the Black Author of the Year Award from Black Press Radio.

In the Frederick Douglass Housing Projects, the name Butler is synonymous with drama. From the cigarette-selling grandmother, Ms. Pat, to little Ashanti, who can't seem to stay out of trouble, there's always something going on with the Butlers--especially Jada. With five kids by five men, Jada is the poster child for a failing system. But when Uncle Mookie comes home from prison and hooks back up with his old partner, Fish, Jada finds herself challenged as heir to the throne of ghetto antics. Malika is a young, single mother living in public housing and trying to make the best out of what she has to work with, which isn't much. From educated parents who turned their backs on her for becoming a teenaged mother, to the older man who wants nothing to do with her or her son, to the gang-infested projects she tries to protect her son from, Malika has had it rough. Things finally start to look up for her when she meets a man named Teddy who promises to give her the world and make an honest woman of her. The only problem is that he s already married. Gucci is back in New York and has become somewhat of a local celebrity thanks to her fiance Animal's new found success. Animal went from a street punk to a rising star in the music industry. Gucci is beyond thrilled when she finds out that his promotional tour will be bringing him back to New York, but what she doesn't know is that it's more than music bringing him back to the city he was once forced to flee. After her apartment is mysteriously burned down, Tionna is relocated by the Section 8 program to a plush high rise in Upper Manhattan called The Marquis. Aside from the occasional drama with some of the girls in the building, Tionna is finally starting to pull her life together. But when a ghost from her past shows up, things suddenly become complicated. And what would a Hood Rat novel be without Don B.? Between he and the artists signed to Big Dawg Entertainment, they have a total of five songs on the billboard top twenty charts, and the Don is making money hand over fist. He thinks that his life can't get any sweeter--until someone tries to take it. There goes the neighborhood.....again.
Book Review for Welfare Wifeys

I just finished reading Welfare Wifeys by K’wan early this morning and I actually think every young lady whose ultimate goal is to snag a man for quick money needs to read this book. Trust me they will be rethinking their position! How many times have we seen the young single mother with multiple children struggling because she went after the corner boy thinking she was going to live a life of glitz and glamour only to lose it all when the guy decides to trade up, gets incarcerated or meets an untimely demise! The things that some of these women resorted to when they no longer had the guy with the money was due to them still chasing the dreams of quick money, instead of focusing on getting an education or obtaining a career, but then there are always those rays of hope, who do not let circumstances define them and focus on beating the odds to have better for their families! These women know that there is a price for everything because nothing is free, so they refuse to barter their bodies for material things, which makes them targets for many of the men in the neighborhood who think they can ultimately snag them if they were only given the opportunity.

Then you have an all too familiar game known as REVENGE! What is the price to be paid for an execution which took away the only family one has?? The price of revenge is death in this case and an unlikely executioner has resurfaced to see that, the debt is paid in full. Revenge is best served when folks don’t know it’s coming their way and like Miss Cleo (the fake Jamaican fortune teller) with the IRS, they never saw it coming!
This book showed the human and compassionate side of one who is best known for killing with no remorse or conscious for anyone or anything, unless he considers them family! The element of surprise is the underestimation of this young man because of his looks and stature; however, those that have crossed his path know him for exactly for who and what he is “The Animal”!

I actually loved everything about this book! I like how some characters stories were closed, while others were opened. I liked the element of surprise where you thought folks were after one target only to find they were after another. I like that the author took the time to show the true thirst which is crippling many households today in the African American communities; and I like how he identified why some young black men make the choices they make out of what they see is need and necessity. Integrity is very important to me, so the loyalty exhibited in this story was on point! Will you put your life on the line for your family?? Many will say yes, but few will actually step up if necessary! This was another masterpiece by the legend that I thoroughly enjoyed. Now onto “Eviction Notice”! The series is called the “Hood Rat Series” and the author is K’Wan!
While the 3 previous novels in the HoodRat series were good, Welfare Wifey was the best! K'wan's writing style is so vivid, realistic and raw. I just love it! The new characters in this novel added even more drama and excitement to the series. Also, I really appreciate the messages you can get from K'wan's stories. For instance, a women can read this novel and hopefully realize from Jada, as well as Tiona, that she does not have to settle for being the "wifey" and that being wifey does not carry the same benefits as being "the wife" nor does it guarantee that you will become the wife. You need to have your own things going on so that if and when something happens to your man, you won't end up being a welfare wifey or worse. But the best part to me was getting to see more of Animal's character, his relationship with Gucci and his interaction with his lil homies, Brasco, Nefertiti and Ashanti. There is so much depth to Animal that the whole story could have been about him and I wouldn't have been mad. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing more of him and his lil homies. Also, if you haven't read The Leak on Kwan's website, you need to do that. It adds some additional details and background to this novel. K'wan you put it down. This was a great read. I didn't want it to end.
I got intrigued by the character Animal once I read burn notice. This book follows the young man into his troubled adulthood and with turn of the page you're anticipating what's to come next. It was a quick eras but still worth the money. In the beginning it's annoying that Kwan throws so many random characters mad fights to develop stories with each of them when Animal is the real man of the hour. A lot of characters get neglected and therefore gets rushed and summarized during the epilogue. So many hanging questions for Animal especially with its surprise ending. I won't spoil it like I'm pretty sure most reviews already did but I will say its a very good read that's not overly ghetto ie project chicks shopping at Gucci, Pucci, and Chanel one day and Hermes the next. Really? Anyway I think its an enjoyable book that keeps its focus for the most part.
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