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A Kiss at Midnight (Thorndike Press Large Print Romance Series) ePub download

by Eloisa James

  • Author: Eloisa James
  • ISBN: 141043219X
  • ISBN13: 978-1410432193
  • ePub: 1191 kb | FB2: 1175 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: United States
  • Publisher: Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (November 17, 2010)
  • Pages: 491
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 583
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A Kiss at Midnight (Thorndike Press Large Print Romance Series) ePub download

A Sensible Arrangement Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Romance Series.

A Sensible Arrangement Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Romance Series.

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Romance. I read other historical romances just to fill the time between Ranney's novels. I like that her main characters are not perfect; and I appreciate that the characters' attitudes, traits, personalities, manners, values, and personal observations remain true to the era in which they live - unlike some writers who often lace their characters and their novels with contemporary values and viewpoints.

Under the Summer Sky Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Romance Series.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Carol Bly. She didn’t care too much for the genre of romance-or so she said. But she read my sister and me fairy tales over and over, enchanting us with princes who swept in on white chargers and princesses whose golden hair doubled as ladders. This story begins with a carriage that was never a pumpkin, though it fled at midnight; a godmother who lost track of her charge, though she had no magic wand; and several so-called rats who secretly would have enjoyed wearing livery. And, of course, there’s a girl too, though she didn’t know how to dance, nor did she want to marry a prince.

Published November 1st 2010 by Thorndike Press. Large print, Hardcover, 529 pages. Author(s): Eloisa James (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 141043219X (ISBN13: 9781410432193).

Unless one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything. File ht-by-eloisa-james. Original TitleA Kiss at Midnight. Identifieruuid:c98-4b0b358beb98. PublisherAvon Books 2010-07-27. Date2010-09-15T00:00:00+00:00. SubjectHistorical,Fiction.

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Title: The Path to Love (Thorndike Press Large Print Candlelight Series) Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Publisher: Thorndike Press ISBN 13: 9780786281596. Author: Jane Myers Perrine ISBN 10: 0786281596. Publisher: Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd. Authors: Frederick, Kate. Publish Date: 01/06/1996.

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James . Book 1 in the "Eloisa's Fairy Tales" series. If you enjoy historical romance give Eloisa a try! Miss Kate Daltry doesn’t believe in fairy tales. or happily ever after. Forced by her stepmother to attend a ball, Kate meets a prince. Miss Kate Daltry doesn’t believe in fairy tales.

Unless one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything

Unless one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything. Check out more like this from Eloisa in the Inside Take →. Mea Culpa, A Kiss at Midnight. Katharine wrote me to point out that her (Greek) husband just confirmed that didascalos is Greek for teacher, not student.

Find nearly any book by ELOISA JAMES (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Midnight Pleasures (The Pleasures Trilogy). ISBN 9780440234579 (978-0-440-23457-9) Softcover, Island Books, 2001. Find signed collectible books: 'Midnight Pleasures (The Pleasures Trilogy)'.

When her stepmother forces her to attend a ball, impoverished Miss Kate Daltry meets her match in Prince Gabriel, who, promised to another, is drawn to this spirited beauty, but their irresistible attraction is ill-fated until one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything. (romance).
If you like romances with humor that's witty you should read Eloisa James' A Kiss at Midnight. The writing is skillful and witty. Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips may transition from contemporary romance to historical romance with this book. (I've yet to read the entire series, so I can't say if each book is equally entertaining.)

This Cinderella-like 'fairy tale' has a wicked (mostly selfish) stepmother, a silly yet kind stepsister, 'rats,' and a fabulous godmother. Let's not forget the Russian prince and heroine who challenges him not to be a fool. A Kiss at Midnight was so much fun to read. I was glued to the pages! There did come a point around the 30% part where I worried that the plot had lost momentum but the pace picked up with its snappy wit.

The hero and heroine are well-matched and Ms. James rewards us with a fulfilling epilogue. I loved this book so much I purchased the novella because I want it permently on my ereader, along with book 1, which was inexpensive. So if you like SEP's style and would like to try historical romance then this is the book for you!
Five adorable stars. I love it. A Kiss at Midnight is a funny, witty, sexy, touching fairytale with plenty of clever Shakespearean references mixed in. Kate is a delightful Cinderella, smart, feisty, feminist. Gabriel is a not-so charming prince, one who takes his responsibilities seriously. Their attraction is not quite instant, but strong nonetheless and it’s based on banter and character more than appreciation of physical attributes. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well - Wick, Henry, Victoria, Algie, Mariana, Effie, the maids, the dogs and other animals - they were characterized memorably, each one distinct.

This is the second of EJ’s Fairytales that I’ve read and they are becoming my favorite works of hers.
I love EJ. I have read everything she has written thus far, and started her fairytale series two weeks ago. I finished this [A Kiss at Midnight] two days ago. I read through it pretty quickly, and did find myself interested in the plot, characters, wit, and fun of it. I was not expecting this book to be historically accurate or the language to be perfect either. She states as much in her notes at the end of the book. When I want a serious romance I read Jane Austen (or another author of the same ilk), when I want some hanky-panky I go for EJ. I read this book in the spirit it was intended, as a fun fictional romp in an imaginary land, in an imaginary time, (though the places mentioned are real, the details are not and I understood that).
Some of the characters were a bit wooden and under developed (Cherryderry, Mariana, and Toloose for example). Matter of fact i had a very hard time even remembering who the heck Toloose was and why on Earth a Russian princess would transfer her affections from Gabriel to him...I had to go back and re-read who the fella was! I did find the whole mention of the collection of animals (the elephant, monkey, lion etc) completely useless to the story in general. While cute, i found all the mention of the dogs annoying, but understandably since Ceasar was the cause of Victoria's not going with Algie to the Prince...i let it slide, although her condition [pregnancy out of wedlock] would have been reason enough for Katherine to have stepped in and gone in her place.
This story sort of reminded me of another EJ book, Duchess by Night, which involved a character pretending to be someone other than who she was. In that book she was disguised as a young man, while in this [A Kiss at Midnight] Kate was disguised as her half sister.
It was written over and over again how Kate was 'not attractive, plain, overly tanned, gaunt, skinny, boney, weak-looking, etc' that it was hard to believe ANYONE in the book would mistake her for her softer, lighter skinned, voluptuous, younger half sister. Obvoiusly this point was stated again and again by other characters and explained away as an illness, but i felt at times that it was driven home to the point of annoyance, trying desperately to make the reader believe it too.
I don't much care for cocky characters who push themselves onto the heroine, and then the heroine responding to it in the positive, it's just too cliche. As if being insulted and treated like a piece of meat by a man is attractive or wanted by the whole of feminine society. it's not...i do like a bit of the obnoxious pairings find each other irresistable in the end type of story, but the forcing of affection is tantamount to molestation/harassment!

other than the rapid pace of the "seduction" (that felt more like harassment to me and the breaking of Kate's resolve than romance), it wasn't half bad. So while i cannot rate this as a "wonderful" book if it was based in some form of historical romance, i can rate it slightly higher because of the fanciful way of the story as a true fairytale, (I find most fairytales unbelievable and A Kiss at Midnight is absolutely an unbelievable story!). I will remain open to the following books in her fairytale remake series, but i wont (can't) take them as seriously as some of her others. She does however gain bonus points (i wish i could give half stars, for this would have been a 3 1/2 for me), for not jamming this book full of endless characters and secondary plots and stories like she has done in past books, which made for some very confusing and under developed stories! (An Affair before Christmas is a great example of too much side story, not enough main story MEAT). all-in-all i would recommend this to someone new to romance novels, simply because it's a simple story, with simple language and not overly detailed about time periods or dress, so someone unfamilar w/the regency era (or ANY era other than their own for that matter) wouldn't have a hard time following the story here.
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