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Wild Hexy (The Hex Series, Book 2) ePub download

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

  • Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • ISBN: 0451412583
  • ISBN13: 978-0451412584
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  • Language: English
  • Category: United States
  • Publisher: Berkley (June 3, 2008)
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 132
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Wild  Hexy (The Hex Series, Book 2) ePub download

This is book 2 in the Hex series, of which I never read book 1. I've enjoyed her short stories in various anthologies that I've read so I when I came across this one I thought I'd give it a try. Ugh! This book is almost painfully bad.

Hex by. Vicki Lewis Thompson (Goodreads Author). This is book 2 in the Hex series, of which I never read book 1.

Vicki lewis thompson series: Wild About Yo. Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Vicki lewis thompson series: Wild About You. The McGavin Brothers. That's My Baby! Vicki Lewis Thompson. Expert rider Mac Foster's got it bad for Anastasia Bickford, but he's fighting it. Not only is she a friend-she's his boss's sister, making her the last person he should be lusting after. Zane McGavin is fit to be tied. Over Hexed (The Hex Series Book 1). Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Wild & Hexy (The Hex Series, Book 2). (Book in the Hex Series). by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Vicki Lewis Thompson. Big Knob for the excitement of Chicago. Working as a journalist there meant no two days were ever the same. Yeah, surprises are great, except when the surprise is that your husband is leaving you for someone else

Vicki Lewis Thompson (b. United States) is a best-selling American writer of over seventy romance novels. She has also been published under the pseudonyms Cory Kenyon and Corey Keaton with Mary Tate Engels.

Vicki Lewis Thompson (b. Vicki Lewis was born on in the United States. in English from the University of Arizona. She worked as a journalist and a high school English teacher before deciding that she would try to write romance novels

This is the second book in the series and just as funny as the first book. I should start off by saying that I'm a big fan of Vicki Lewis Thompson Читать весь отзыв.

This is the second book in the series and just as funny as the first book. I love the many secondary characters as much as the main characters. George the dragon is back and there is a lake monster.

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Items related to Wild & Hexy (The Hex Series, Book 2). Vicki Lewis Thompson Wild & Hexy (The Hex Series, Book 2). ISBN 13: 9780451412584. A romance-writing career has brought Vicki Lewis Thompson many wonderful things: New York Times bestseller status, the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award from Romance Writers of America, thousands of readers, many dear friends, and the cutest little yellow convertible in the world. Although she’s written more than a hundred books, she continues to be fascinated by the many ways that a man and a woman fall in love. The age-old story remains a challenging puzzle to be solved anew with each book.

After gaining twenty pounds, former Dairy Festival Queen Annie Winston dreads going back to Big Knob, Indiana, feeling like a dairy cow. But if Annie has changed, so has her quirky home town. A matchmaking witch and wizard have moved into the neighborhood…and they've found the perfect match for Annie.

Shy computer whiz Jeremy Dunstan secretly lusted after Annie when they were teenagers, but he never had the courage to pursue her. Now he has a second chance, but only if he can unleash his wild side. It's the sort of transformation that requires confidence, determination…and a little hex.

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I just love reading any books by Vicki Lewis Thompson. She brings sexy, wit to her characters in this series. Can't wait for the next book!
What a fun filled story of love,laughter,and mythical creatures..worth reading again.Vicki Lewis Thompson is becoming one of my favorite writers.
Oh, my! Some really great creative fun scenes here. Plot line is a little out there, but hey, it's a VLT witchcraft book. Loved it!
Annie is dreading coming home for her sister's wedding. Six months ago, she divorced her self-absorbed, high-school-sweetheart husband, and put on thirty pounds. When her sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law moved up the date of the wedding, Annie is now in 'seriously need to lose weight' mode. Knowing she has to wear a peach monstrosity for a matron-of-honor gown isn't helping her mood any. With her low self-esteem, Annie returns to Big Knob only to see that, for a small town that doesn't change, changes have indeed happened in Big Knob.

Jeremy is ecstatic! He can't wait to see Annie again, still lusting after since high school. Shy and nerdy, he never had the courage to approach her, let alone talk to her, and Annie had been many a vision for his wet dreams growing up. But Jeremy hasn't changed all that much; he's still shy and sweet, and he desperately needs help to burst out of his shyness.

In come Dorcas and Ambrose. They know soul mates when they see them, and they're determined to get the two together. With a small spell, Jeremy seems to burst out of his shell, and much to Annie's surprise, he's much cuter than she remembers, and finds him very sweet and thoughtful. Plus, he knows a few magic tricks, which capture his attention.

And while dealing with wedding plans for her sister and his best friend, Annie and Jeremy find they can't keep their hands off each other, and it becomes anytime, anywhere; from a deserted beach after dusk, his apartment in the middle of the day, in the backseat of her car during the bachelorette party, to that same deserted beach before dusk, to the hammock in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, Dorcas and Ambrose are still trying to help George earn his gold scales. Dee-Dee, a new monster member of Big Knob, has been there for close to two hundred years. While sightings of her had always been dismissed, the reporter in Annie is determined to get to the bottom of it, whether real or a teenage prank.

And just to add to the excitement, Isadora Mather, the woman captured in bronze in the town square, the widow of the founder of Big Knob, has returned after receiving reports that Dee-Dee was misbehaving. Going by the alias Isabel Moore, had been there, two hundred years ago, when Dee-Dee came to the village. She'd been hiding since them. Isadora's return couldn't have been at a worse/better time, depending on how you look at it, and she in no way resembles the statue of herself, except maybe her face. Isadora is outrageous and entirely focused on sex. Definitely not what the town needs right at that moment.

I swear I enjoyed this book more than the first! Annie was just like some women I know who had married over-bearing and self-absorbed men who treated them like crap and, once their self-esteem was buried deep, left them for someone else. Annie is a character that rang very true with me. Jeremy, on the other hand, could have used a little more work. Jeremy had sought help from Dorcas and Ambrose, help to unleash his inner wild self, to finally get the girl. Knowing that he's now outgoing and knows magic tricks that happen out of thin air, I found he was too quick to dismiss purported monsters in the lake, quick to dismiss what Annie saw, and immediately thought Dorcas and Ambrose were behind it all as a scam to make money. It made no sense how fast he drew to that conclusion and held fast to it.

Otherwise, I thought the story quicky, sassy, sexy, funny, and an overall excellent read!
Dorcas and Ambrose are, by far, the highlight of this book. They're New Age-style witches, but with quite the real powers, and hundreds of years old to boot. They're quirky and entertaining, from Ambrose with his scooter addiction to Dorcas with her sympathy for lonely lake monsters. And just to give them a license to meddle, it's Dorcas's life work to unite people with their soulmates.

Annie is also an interesting heroine, struggling with her weight and her self-image issues after her grinding divorce from her controlling husband. Jeremy is a great hero, at least for the first 2/3 or 3/4 of the book. He's a nerd, but he's grown up, and isn't the total geek he was in high school---he just can never quite remember that when Annie's around. My reservations with him are that he becomes too distant too quickly when he becomes skeptical over something strange she saw, and the question of how much the witchy 'boost' altered his personality is never satisfactorily addressed.

Basically, the personality trait that annoyed me with each character was the one that got exaggerated a bit too much in the need to keep the characters apart until the climax of the romance. The use of exaggerated personality traits also led to an ending that felt a bit too quick, pat, and clean---it was difficult to believe that the characters so easily resolved their differences after so much tension.

The vivid personalities, wacky situations and sparkling humor are definitely Vicky Lewis Thompson's strong points in Wild & Hexy. If her endings were stronger I'd find her books to be perfect pick-me-up reading.

[Usual adult material warning: explicit, enthusiastic, non-kinky sex.]
Although they prefer not to go to the backwoods of Indiana, witch Dorcas Lowell and her wizard husband Ambrose know they have no choice as the wizard council sent them to Big Knob. Their assignment is to force George the dragon to finally accept his responsibility as a guardian of the woods. George prefers play to work even though his poker playing stinks as he consistently loses to cheating card shark raccoons.

They cannot leave until George moves on so to ease the boredom and to not cheat their target out of his money by playing poker with the moron, Dorcas and Ambrose open up a matchmaking firm. They decide who their clients will be and choose reticent Internet café owner Jeremy Dunstan and Chicago reporter Annie Winston as a perfect pairing even if she is here for a short time to attend her sister's wedding. Jeremy has always loved Annie while she has just gotten a divorce. They also agree to find DeeDee the lake monster a loving albeit water loving mate and teach those dishonest raccoons a lesson on integrity. With all that to pass time they must remain focused on George, their only priority.

This time the geek who knew his soulmate when he was fourteen was too shy then and now to act on his love; thus he needs hex help in this charming romantic fantasy as Vicky Lewis Thompson returns to OVER-HEXED Big Nob, the capital of eerie happenings. The lighthearted story line is fun to follow as Dorcas works her loving magic with amusing side consequences. Fans will enjoy her efforts as a WILD & HEXY matchmaker with Ambrose trying to keep her from going too far.

Harriet Klausner
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