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Uncanny! (Puffin Books) ePub download

by Paul Jennings

  • Author: Paul Jennings
  • ISBN: 0140362460
  • ISBN13: 978-0140362466
  • ePub: 1609 kb | FB2: 1936 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Short Stories & Anthologies
  • Publisher: Puffin Books; Revised edition (May 28, 1992)
  • Pages: 160
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 180
  • Format: docx lit mobi rtf
Uncanny! (Puffin Books) ePub download

Puffin Books I stared at Dad’s eyes through the gas mask and remembered our handshake. It’s uncann. urning into a dung beetle. Catching someone else’s tattoos. Being in bed with a ghost who tickles.

Puffin Books I stared at Dad’s eyes through the gas mask and remembered our handshake. With pounding heart, I walked into the soggy, wet mouth of the dead whale. Seeing a flying dog. From the one and only paul jennings. also by paul Jennings. Unreal! Unbelievable!

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Sucked in. Jennings, Paul. Published by Puffin Books, 2001. About the Author: Paul Jennings is a phenomenon in the world of children's books. He has written more than one hundred stories, and sales of his books exceed . million copies

Sucked in. ISBN 10: 0141311991, ISBN 13: 9780141311999. million copies. Since the publication of Unreal in 1985, he has been entertaining children of all ages with his tales of the strange and the fantastic, encouraging them to become enthusiastic, skilled readers.

Uncanny! Even More Surprising Stories.

Mobile version (beta). If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. Model-Driven Testing: Using the UML Testing Profile. Paul Baker, Zhen Ru Dai, Jens Grabowski, Øystein Haugen, Ina Schieferdecker, Clay Williams. Uncanny! Even More Surprising Stories. Download (PDF). Читать.

Puffin Books is a longstanding children's imprint of the British publishers Penguin Books. Since the 1960s, it has been among the largest publishers of children's books in the UK and much of the English-speaking world. The imprint now belongs to Penguin Random House, a subsidiary owned by the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann and the British publishing company Pearson plc.

Puffin Books)-Paul Jennings. Last oneFree postage. Undone! by Paul Jennings (Paperback, 1994). item 6 Uncanny! (Puffin Books), Jennings, Paul, Used; Good Book -Uncanny! (Puffin Books), Jennings, Paul, Used; Good Book. See all 6. People who bought this also bought. Children's & Young Adults' Fiction Books. Current slide {CURRENT SLIDE} of {TOTAL SLIDES}- People who bought this also bought. Unbearable! by Paul Jennings (Paperback, 1992).

Город: LondonПодписчиков: 57 ты. себе: Your story starts here

Город: LondonПодписчиков: 57 ты. себе: Your story starts here. From picture books to tween reads, Puffin has a story to fire every imagination

Paul Jennings' books are enjoyed by millions of children throughout the world. Uncanny!I stared at Dad's eyes through the gas mask and remembered our handshake.

Paul Jennings' books are enjoyed by millions of children throughout the world. From the hugely popular UnCollected series comes this special selection of tales - a showcase of Paul's storytelling talents at their very best. and weirdest! Read online. turning into a dung beetle, catching someone else's tattoos, being in bed with a ghost who tickles, seeing a flying dog. Read online.

Jennings is a very funny writer and all of the ideas are very well elaborated. I give him full marks.
"Uncanny" is Paul Jennings' fourth collection of short stories for kids, first published in 1988, a book that has gone on to win at least three awards here in Australia. Here, he's rather famous, and his books have sold millions of copies, and gotten a lot of kids into reading.

"Uncanny" was the first proper novel I really liked. I picked it up in third grade during reading time, and though it took me a while to get through it, I really enjoyed it. I've read it again and again since, and it never gets old for me. It's got action, humour, realistic kids, Australian imagery, plenty of ideas and even a few scary moments. Mind you, they're just creepy enough to get a young imagination going, but not so much as to leave a kid scared awake at night.

Here's a rundown of the nine stories featured in the book:

"On the Bottom" takes place on a fishing trip, and sees a boy discover a tatooed finger in the stomach of a shark. After accidentally throwing the finger away, he discovers that the tatoo that was on the finger has jumped onto his finger. His dad isn't pleased. Stranger still, the tatoo is moving, pointing out to sea...

"A Good Tip For Ghosts" is probably one of Paul Jennings best stories I reckon. A pair of twins have to complete a "nerve test" at their new school, or the local bully James Gribble will thump them one every day. They have to return a pair of false teeth to a haunted tip, whose ghost wanders the grounds, looking for his lost twin children. It's got a great Australian atmosphere, this one.

"Frozen Stiff" is equally atmospheric, and one that I have a soft spot for, as it's set in Melbourne and features a couple of places I see all the time (Flinders Street Station, the West Gate Bridge, etc). It's all about a boy who wants to free a cow from a suburban shed and lead it to the country. There's more than a couple of twists to this story though.

"UFD" stands for "Unidentified Flying Dog". It's short, but really cleverly done. That's all I'll say.

"Cracking Up" is another ghost story of sorts, though the ghost in this one likes to tickle people when it doesn't get its way. Kind of a strange thing to do, as it's a sad ghost pretty much all of the time.

"Greensleeves" is a bit gross, but it could all actually happen in real life. A sperm whale beaches itself in a coastal town, dies, and begins to stink up the place. A boy and his father are hired to blow it up, but things go horribly wrong...

"Mousechap" is a pretty simple story, but it's well told I think. A boy visits his uncle, but is shocked to find that he now acts like a mouse. There are a few other shocks in this story to be had as well...

"Spaghetti Pig-Out" is another classic Paul Jennings' tale, and has gone on to be a pretty influential story, actually. A lonely boy discovers that his remote control for his video can change real life. He can pause his cat, he can fast forward a fly, he can make a man eat backwards. It's all great fun, but in the hands of the school bully, chaos follows. What does this mean kid plan to do with the remote at the spaghetti eating contest?

"Know All" is probably the scariest story Paul Jennings has ever written. It's just something in the way he's done it, the setting, the pace, everything. A family discovers a trunk of circus clothes, and the daughter of the family, Kate, realizes that whoever wears the clothes takes on the abilities of its former owner. Wear the knife throwers outfit, and you'll hit the target every time. Put on a clown costume, and you'll become quite the comedian. Kate's dad has gone and put the tight rope walker costume on their scarecrow, and now it's face has changed. No one believes her, but Kate thinks it looks meaner than it did before...

If you're a newcomer to Paul Jennings, "Uncanny" is a great place to start. It's got atmosphere, some of his best stories, and even some elements he'd go on to use in his TV series "Round the Twist" (the bully James Gribble, the town of Port Niranda, the twins Pete and "Repeat", etc). If you really like this one, check out some of the other books in the series like "Unbearable", "Unreal" and "Unseen".
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