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by Morris West

  • Author: Morris West
  • ISBN: 0688003095
  • ISBN13: 978-0688003098
  • ePub: 1678 kb | FB2: 1714 kb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: William Morrow & Co (September 1, 1974)
  • Pages: 324
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 798
  • Format: docx lrf mbr lrf
Harlequin: A Novel ePub download

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Head of a prestigious European bank, George Harlequin belongs to a vanishing class of gentlemen whose handshake is their bond.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. But when an envious corporate raider frames Harlequin for murder.

Morris West wrote 30 books and many plays, and several of his novels were adapted for film. Each new book he wrote after he became an established writer sold more than one million copies.

West helped to found the Australian Society of Authors, was chairman of the National Book Council, chairman of the National Library of Australia and a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. Apart from writing novels, West also wrote screenplays, radio dramas, plays and was also an artist.

by. West, Morris, 1916-1999. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. His novel, The Devil's Advocate, was nominated for the National Book Award

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When an envious corporate raider frames the courtly head of a prestigious European bank, George Harlequin, for murder. His novel, The Devil's Advocate, was nominated for the National Book Award.

Harlequin (novel), an historical novel by Bernard Cornwell. Harlequin, a science fiction book by Ian Watson (author). Harlequin, a novel by Morris West. The Harlequin (novel), a vampire novel by Laurell K. Hamilton. Harlequin (album), an album by Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour. Harlequin (band), a rock group. Harlequin," an art rock song by Audience on Audience (album). Harlequin", a progressive rock song by Genesis on Nursery Cryme.

Published by William Morrow & Co. ISBN 10: 0688003095 ISBN 13: 9780688003098.

This is a 1974 Hardbound book Harlequin by Morris West. Book is in acceptable condition. Natcissus and Goldman Novel by Herman Hesse (1981,13th printing, paperback). The book itself has a strong binding and pages are solid. What others are saying. This is a 1974 Hardbound book Harlequin by Morris West. Tool Kit Creative People Card Games Playing Card Games. Observation Deck A Tool Kit for Writers Naomi Epel Book&Flashcards Inspirational.

Paul Desmond admires his close friend George Harlequin for his impeccable European breeding. No commitment, cancel anytime.

Head of a prestigious European bank, George Harlequin belongs to a vanishing class of gentlemen whose handshake is their bond. But when an envious corporate raider frames Harlequin for murder, no deed is too dirty if it will save Harlequin's reputation, his bank and his life.

"In a tiny group of best-selling novelists, Morris West qualifies as the brains of the organization."


Yellow Judge
Ug what can I say - thank god it was 200 pages less than the last book - lots and lots of sex and the plot was very hopeful but dull sadly since the focus of the book was mostly all the sex and the build up came and went with a quick tie up at the end. Could have been better and felt like a narcissists masturbation of ego book more than anything -even the main characters were off their game and cruel and sadistic. I already skipped some books since it was not needed and will be skipping ahead again since the books after are reviewed about the same as this one was. Hoping it really does get better like everyone says the series will.
Well, if it weren't for the continuity errors in this book, I'd say it was just more of the same. Sex, talk, talk, talk, agonize over Anita's lost humanity, sex, sex, sex, talk, destroy another formerly wonderful charactger (Rafael), sex, talk, listen to Richard agonize over HIS lost humanity, sex . . . . you get the picture. Bad sex at that.

Continuity . . . Willie McCoy's life love was not some unknown . . . Candy??? It was Hannah. Reread Burnt Offerings Ms. Hamilton if you need a refresher. At the end of Obsidian Butterfly, Olaf did not take the heart of the vampire while Anita took the head. It was the other way around.

Richard . . . what can I say. I don't know who he represents in LKH's real life, although we can guess. He has all the components of a very unhappy divorce and justification. Please . . . just kill him off. I'm sick to death of scene after scene of the reasons why he and Anita are no longer together. You've already destroyed every other worthwhile character in the book, just kill Richard off. I'm sure Anita and Jean Claude will survive it.
Less than exciting romances of Anita, who seems more interested in sex and the city than solving crimes. I've been reading several of Laurell's Anita novels and was jumping back into it after around Book 10. It's more of the same -- major force in the supernatural world, Anita might be able to handle it, some angst regarding who loves who the best.

I remember with nostalgia the Anita of Book 1, interesting, exciting supernatural detective novels; the struggle between what society considers these beings to be and Anita overcoming her own prejudices. Alas, no more.


Once you slog through 200 plus pages of soap opera and softcore porn, you finally get some storyline. It's a power struggle between Anita's group and the vampires pretending to be Harlequin. Some characters die, others are inspired. Richard is just an idiot as one can see once one reads the book through. I wonder how his lack of courage will affect the Triumphate. Not really that interested.

The true Hamilton fan will probably enjoy it. I believe this is the 15th entry. Laurell Hamilton needs to return to Anita's roots as a supernatural detective rather than a Dark Shadows soap opera queen.
People start acting differently when a mask is delivered to Anita and Nathaniel at a movie theater followed by a mask with gold music notes that is delivered to Jean-Claude. This is not normal because the Harlequin seems to know what is happening. They are also controlling the mental processes of those around Anita and Jean-Claude. Well-written suspension drama erotica with well-developed characterization. Adult readers due to violence and sexual content.
I liked this one better than the last. The plot wasn't as thin, and there was a better balance between action/character development and the sex scenes. I also noticed fewer typos, and fewer repeated phrases. What I did notice a lot more of, however, was that the author got on her "moral highground" soapbox too much. The story/plot would be running along smoothly and suddenly everything would stop so she could get on her soapbox (with Richard usually as the instigator). It was very jarring, and seemed like the author is working through something in her own life in this book. And speaking of Richard - enough is enough. He's never going to accept Anita for who she is, and she's never going to understand why he's so bothered by her lifestyle. That horse has been beaten, dead, and should've been buried wayyyyy down several couple books ago. Unfortunately, I bet we'll read all about it again in the next book. Yes, I'll keep going. For now. :) Due to the soapbox and Richard-dead-horse issues, I'd really rate this as a 3.5, but can't, so I rounded up this time around.
I've been reading the Anita Blake series for years. It was the original confident and self-sufficient Anita who had me loving these books. She knew what she wanted and what she was about, and she went after it. I know that people/characters evolve. Stories stagnate if no one ever changes. Her changes, however, turned her into a shadow of her former self, and it was painful to see this persist over the course of several books. I was ready to throw in the towel and write Anita off. The last book that I truly enjoyed was book 9, Obsidian Butterfly, which also happened to feature another of my favorite characters, Edward. I slogged my way through the next 5, hoping to see Anita find her way out of her circle of self-doubt and endless sex. This book took a turn for the better. The plot was tighter and there was less of an emphasis on Anita needing sex to feed the ardeur. She's still agonizing over Richard though. UGH! Hamilton is at her best when she's crafting action scenes that have Anita tackling bad guys coming at her from all sides, and there was some good action in this one. The Harlequin will not rank among my favorites in the series, but it gives me hope. I'm not going to give up on Anita or LKH yet.
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