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by John McGahern

  • Author: John McGahern
  • ISBN: 0142004251
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  • Publisher: Penguin Books (December 30, 2003)
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The Barracks ePub download

Una would get sweets or pennies, the slice of fruit cake and the glass of orange if she went and she didn’t care whether Sheila had to sleep alone in their cold room or not, even when the smaller girl began to sob.

It was published in 2005, and the writer died in 2006

It was published in 2005, and the writer died in 2006. It recalls, amongst other things, his formative years in Leitrim, Ireland, the death of his beloved mother, Susan, and his relationship with his dark and enigmatic father. Themes from his childhood experiences run throughout his canon of fiction.

John McGahern was born in Dublin in 1934 and brought up in the Republic of Ireland. In 2005, his autobiography, Memoir, won the South Bank Literature Award. John McGahern died in 2006. He trained to be a primary-school teacher before becoming a full-time writer, and later taught and travelled extensively. He lived in County Leitrim.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. One of the preeminent Irish writers of our time, John McGahern has captivated readers with such poignant and heart-wrenching novels as Amongst Women and The Dark. Moving between tragedy and savage comedy.

Do you know what I think, Elizabeth? We should get a nurse, you’re four weeks down now, and with a nurse we’d have you on yer feet in no time. What do you think, Elizabeth?. ling, uneasy tones as the vibrations of their feet descending the stairs shivered through the floor boards and furniture. What? How do you mean? she asked. She jerked out of her drowsiness where the prayers and the touch of fresh lips and fingers lingered in confusion in her mind

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Author: John McGahern ISBN 10: 0571119905. Title: The Barracks Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Used-like N : The book pretty much look like a new book. Read full description. See details and exclusions. The Barracks by John McGahern (Paperback, 1998). Pre-owned: lowest price.

One of the preeminent Irish writers of our time, John McGahern has captivated readers with such poignant and heart-wrenching novels as Amongst Women and The Dark. Moving between tragedy and savage comedy, desperation and joy, McGahernÂ's first novel, The Barracks, is one of haunting power. Elizabeth Reegan, after years of freedom—and loneliness—marries into the enclosed Irish village of her upbringing. The children are not her own; her husband is straining to break free from the servile security of the police force; and her own life, threatened by illness, seems to be losing the last vestiges of its purpose.
I have read several of McGahern's books and have also read quite a bit about the writer.
This is his first book and it has the same feel, location and character types as all of his books.
A police sergeant who loathes his superior officer is also a father and husband. He and his
second wife live in the police barracks. Elizabeth, the stepmother and wife is not a joyful person.
She does her job, is loved and admired by her family, but she is lacking in real warmth. Elizabeth
seems to just tolerating the people in her life. She wants little out of life and puts little into life.
She is diagnose with cancer and also a weak heart. Since she had been a nurse in her early life
she knows the score with this illness. McGahern 's father was a policeman, the family lived in the police
barracks and his mom died of cancer. In this book, his first, McGahern wrote his life. The story was slow moving.
This is a book where nothing happens---just life. However, the reader keeps on reading. The beautiful words and the wonderful
characterization will hold your interest. Elizabeth, as she was dying expressed a little anger, but chastised
herself for showing this emotion. She regretted that she had been annoyed by her noisy children.
She even admitted to herself that as uneventful has her life had been, she was not ready to die. Nobody in
this story is a person you would enjoy knowing. In "The Barracks" there were no memorable people---just ordinary people.
McGahern has the skill and the power to make these ordinary people live. For a few hundred pages they breathe.
I like everything this author writes, and for those who like all things Irish, this is the author. He takes you right into life in Ireland as it used to be and I find his books real page turners and never want to put them down.
very good book, quite sad aileen bryce
Scoreboard Bleeding
I had to look for a long time for a copy of this novel when I wanted to read it last year; it's fantastic that it's been brought back into print in the US and abroad. The success of McG's recent novels Amongst Women and By the Lake/That They May Face the Rising Sun casts a soft light upon his earlier fiction from the 1960s, but this novel is no romantic landscape.

In the bogs of west-central Ireland, a policeman cycles about pretending to do his duty while his wife takes care of the children and waits to find out whether she has a terminal disease. Told in a powerful voice largely from within her consciousness, the narrative style shows amazing assurance for a then emerging writer. The last scene from her point-of-view ranks in my estimation with Joyce's closing of "The Dead."

I heard McG introduced at a reading as the greatest Irish author from the second half of the 20th (and 21st?) century. This is no hyperbole. While his reticence means he is not the showman that Seamus Heaney is, and while his oblique commentary acknowledges the trauma of the past Irish century rather than exploiting it like many of his lesser contemporaries, McG's dignity in the face of 1960s censorship (for subsequent work) commands respect and a renewal of interest in his entire body of work. Read this story and you'll find the ebb of rural Ireland charted precisely.
The late John McGahern wrote incredibly poetic and beautiful novels set in his native country. The Barracks is about a middle-aged woman named Elizabeth Reegan who marries a widowed man with three children. A frustrated police officer with dreams of buying his own farm, and fulfilling the legacy of the Reegans, her husband is a man all but oblivious to Elizabeth and her needs. Already a widower, when he learns Elizabeth has breast cancer he can hardly bring himself to face the reality. When his first wife died his only thought was what a horror it was seeing her in the morgue. Any feelings of love or support are simply beyond him, leaving Elizabeth to deal with mortality on her own.

As she worsens, declining into death, Elizabeth is able to observe the family as an outsider. Already all but a ghost, she watches them go about their daily tasks while inside she's screaming with frustration, hoping for any bit of attention or kindness she doesn't dare ask for.

The Barracks is a heartbreaking novel, and a masterful one. McGahern gets inside the head of Elizabeth, expressing her plight with such empathy it's staggering. The prose is poetic and lyrical. I would even say it's flawless, and as perfect a work of fiction as I've ever read.

What a loss to literature, and to humanity, when McGahern died earlier this year, leaving behind him an award-winning body of fiction. There simply aren't enough contemporary writers out there like McGahern, more's the pity, but that's what made him stand out like a shining light while he was alive. Better to have written like an angel and then been lost than never to have written like an angel at all.
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