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High Five (Stephanie Plum, No. 5) (Stephanie Plum Novels) ePub download

by Janet Evanovich

  • Author: Janet Evanovich
  • ISBN: 0312971346
  • ISBN13: 978-0312971342
  • ePub: 1853 kb | FB2: 1359 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Humor & Satire
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (June 15, 2000)
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 427
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High Five (Stephanie Plum, No. 5) (Stephanie Plum Novels) ePub download

Stephanie Plum 5 - High Five. Stephanie Plum 5 - High Five. 1. WHEN I WAS a little girl I used to dress Barbie up without underpants. Going FTA is a definite no- no in the criminal justice system, but that doesn't usually stop people from doing it. Connie slid a manila folder over to me.

Stephanie Plum 5 - High Five. This is the only FTA I've got, and it's not worth much. Connie is the office manager for Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. She's a couple of years older than me, which puts her in her early thirties. She wears her hair teased high. She takes grief from no one. And if breasts were money, Connie'd be Bill Gates. Vinnie's overjoyed, Connie said. He's making money by the fistful. No bounty hunters to pay.

Book 5 of 25 in the Stephanie Plum Series.

Живите в радости (комедия, реж.

Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter with attitude. Book 4-5. Four to Score & High Five: Two Novels in One. by Janet Evanovich. Shelve Four to Score & High Five: Two Novels in One. Want to Read.

V2 txt by lzmini remove last 20 pages from book 4 (Four to Score) that were at the front of this book insert chapter 1 Remove duplicate of chapter 4 scan Last page of Chapter 4 and insert it along with the missing chapter five Remove everything after "Nice dress," he said. Take it of. (last page) this does not exist in the paperback. Chapter One.

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Year Published: 1994. Tell No One. I, Robot. The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden. The Secret of Ella and Micha. Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich. Year Published: 1996. High Five (Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich. Year Published: 1999. Hot Six (Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich. Year Published: 2000. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

This Stephanie Plum book is by far the best (so far) in my humble opinion. It's the doubled-over, wiping the tears from my eyes type of funny and unpredictable book

This Stephanie Plum book is by far the best (so far) in my humble opinion. It's the doubled-over, wiping the tears from my eyes type of funny and unpredictable book.

Out of bail skippers and rent money, Stephanie Plum throws caution to the wind and follows in the entrepreneurial bootsteps of Super Bounty Hunter, Ranger, engaging in morally correct and marginally legal enterprises. So, a scumball blows himself to smithereens on her first day of policing a crack house and the sheik she was chauffeuring stole the limo. But hey, nobody's perfect! Anyway, Stephanie has other things on her mind. Her mother wants her to find Uncle Fred who's missing after arguing with his garbage company; homicidal rapist Benito Ramirez is back, quoting scripture and stalking Stephanie; vice cop Joe Morelli has a box of condoms with Stephanie's name on it; and Stephanie's afraid Ranger has his finger on her trigger. The whole gang's here for mirth and mayhem in Janet Evanovich's High Five. Read at your own risk in public places.
Stephanie never ceases to amaze me, the sweetest klutz from planet Calamity does it again, this time she has two potential romantic interests ( one all ready taken for a ride and the other giving her many nice shiny rides, I'm talking cars and other things wink wink, but please don't be discouraged this is not a romance novel) not to mention Briggs, a new roommate who was never invited and someone tagging her on the outside, you have to read it for yourself to believe it because it's too hilarious for words. Briggs is actually a little person who reminded me of Tyrion from the Game of Thrones books. He made me cackle because that was some brilliant characterization and it added a nice edge to the book, never mind that he was actually the first FTA (Failure to Appear in court) that Steph had to take down to the station, he still made himself a little nest in her life and it was a hoot, the exchange them made the book for me even better, Evanovich is once again on point with the supporting cast of characters, I just hope to see them all again ( Sally in book #4 and Briggs from #5).

In book five Stephanie is looking for her penny pinching uncle Fred who has somehow got himself tangled up in some funny business while she works some side jobs with Ranger and his fellow team of commandos who probably eat Green Berets for breakfast. Her sass and charm and super bad luck when it comes to blowing up cars and getting people tased always adds a nice touch, not to mention her shifting outlook on her dating life and a new potential squeeze who gives Morelli a run for his money! I loved this story and gobbled it right up, half the time I think that the case/mystery of who done it is just a side show for displaying Stephanie's whacky life and her crazy friends and relatives who only make it more colorful. The ending of this book is sick, sick good that is and mighty tempting to open the next one, it's rarely that I read three books form a series in a row in one week but this might just be that sort of a week... lucky me!

- Kasia S.
What's a bounty hunter to do when there is no one to hunt down? Well, you go to a fellow bounty hunter who seems to always be busy no matter how slow it is where you work that's what. Stephanie is a pay check to pay check kind of girl, and this whole "dry spell" of work is not what she needs or wants. She isn't thrilled with the case that does come her way of a measly 70 bucks, but it's more than nothing. In the meantime she starts working with Ranger on "special" assignments he picks up from...well who knows where. The job with Ranger is a bit over Stephanie's head, but she really needs money, so she muddles through the best she can. Soon, however, she finds herself in a pickle and then some. She is in dangerous situations, she has gotten shot at, her "easy" 70 buck case is way more than she ever dreamed and worth much much more than a measly 70 bucks for all the crap she is dealing with this guy about. Before she knows it she is living with a little person, being hit on by Ranger, having her life threatened by more than one person, wanting to jump Joe Morelli's bones, and to top all that off her bills are late and her Uncle Fred has gone missing. Stephanie's family recruits her to look for Uncle Fred. As she does, she finds out things that shock her and she can't understand. Like why would a cheapskate like Fred just leave after buying groceries and picking up his dry cleaning? And why on earth does he have photos of garbage bags with body parts in them in his desk??!! What was Fred into with this guy named Bunches, who keeps following Stephanie telling her that he needs to find Fred?? Can Stephanie find Uncle Fred...and alive? Will she survive long enough to find him? And what the heck can she do to get this little person out on bail out of her home?!? Is bounty hunting really for her or should she hang it all up and try to find a "real" job?

I just loved this book! Once again I was not disappointed with Evanovich's writing style or talent. This is a book filled with adventure, suspense, murder, mayhem, humor, and touches of romance. You just can't help but love a book with such great characters, old and new. This was one of those books that hooked you in the first few pages and you just couldn't get off that hook until the very last word on the last page. No one can get into as much trouble as Stephanie does and she is such a great character to follow because of it. There were many times in this book that I just had to laugh out loud because it was so funny! The things the characters do and say at times just leave you smiling and laughing. Stephanie's love life is something worth reading about too and how all that plays out. I simply love this series and can't wait to read on. I personally think every book gets better and better. The characters develop more with every book and there are always new characters to come to love too. This book was one that was best if you had read the previous books, but could have been read as a stand alone too if need be or you didn't realize it was part of a series. I say best if you have read the previous books because this book had a character re-appearing in it from the past, that just made more sense if you had read the past book. For me this was a great book written by one of my favorite authors that I think everyone should experience reading.

5/5 Stars!!
Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter. Ummm...a Bail Enforcement Agent. And she works for her cousin Vinnie bringing in people that skip out on bail. Trouble is, business is a little slow and the rent is due. Enter Ranger, the Superman of Bounty Hunters. He handles all the really big, dangerous criminals and when he's not out catching bad guys, he's doing other odd jobs, mostly legal and sometimes moral. He lets Steph join the group, which includes guys with names like Tank. The jobs range from "interior decorating" (security) to chauferring a shiek. And Ranger even gives her a snazzy Porsche to use as a "company" car.

Then Steph's Uncle Fred disappears and her family wants her to look into the case. But when she starts digging into Fred's things, she finds pictures of a dead body....or at least the body parts. And what does all this have to do with the problems Fred has had with the garbage company....the errand he was running when he suddenly went missing??

What can I say?? I need to read something light and funny. And High Five was certainly all that. There is just no getting around laughing at the things Stephanie gets herself mixed up in. With a cast of characters that grows longer with each book, Evanovich weaves a good mystery with lots of fun. And sexual tension. The ever-present debate over who Stephanie should end up with is big talk among Plum fans. Should it be Morelli, the sexy cop with the smoldering looks that Stephanie has know all her life? Or should it be Ranger, the dark, dangerous bounty hunter that is gorgeous and built for speed?? For the first four books, I've been solidly in the Morelli camp. But Book 5, stepped up Ranger's interest....and I have to say I may be wavering a little!!

If you are looking for some fun, light reading, this is definitely the series for you. Now that I've finished High Five, I may have Plum Fever again. I definitely can't wait to see what trouble Stephanie can get into next!!
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