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A Holly Jolly Murder (Claire Malloy Mysteries, No. 12) ePub download

by Joan Hess

  • Author: Joan Hess
  • ISBN: 0525942408
  • ISBN13: 978-0525942405
  • ePub: 1503 kb | FB2: 1315 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: History & Criticism
  • Publisher: Dutton Adult; First Edition edition (November 1, 1997)
  • Pages: 272
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 161
  • Format: doc lrf azw docx
A Holly Jolly Murder (Claire Malloy Mysteries, No. 12) ePub download

JOAN HESS is the author of both the Claire Malloy and the Maggody mystery series. She is a winner of the American Mystery Award, a member of Sisters in Crime, and a former president of the American Crime Writers League. She lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Библиографические данные. A Holly, Jolly Murder: A Claire Malloy Mystery Claire Malloy Mysteries (Том 12).

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Praise for Joan Hess and her Claire Malloy Mysteries. You’ll see wit and humanity all wrapped up in a nifty murder mystery. In that we’d done no more than make bland observations regarding the weather, I was not prepared for her abrupt pronouncement. A wildly entertaining series. Claire Malloy is one of the most engaging narrators in mystery. Harlan Coben, author of Just One Look. Joan Hess is seriously funny. I edged behind the counter, wishing there was at least one other customer in my dusty bookstore. As usual, there was not.

Perennially put-upon bookseller Claire Malloy (A Holly, Jolly Murder, 1999, et. is marching to an assertive . is marching to an assertive new beat these days. She may have been impoverished by the untimely demise of her. Joan Hess is the winner of the American Mystery Award and the author of twelve previous Claire Malloy books, including Dear Miss Demeanor and Strangled Prose, as well as the Maggody mystery series. A member of Sisters in Crime and a former president of the American Crime Writers League, she lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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A Holly, Jolly Murder book. Shelves: mystery, fiction. Joan Hess, A Claire Malloy Mystery, Bk 12, PB-B @ 1997, 5/10

A Holly, Jolly Murder book. The gift that gives on giving. Joan Hess, A Claire Malloy Mystery, Bk 12, PB-B @ 1997, 5/10. Bookseller Claire gets involved with wacko witches and druids when their benefactor is found dead of a gunshot wound, and the druids are harboring secrets.

Claire Malloy Mysteries (Volume 12). Joan Hess. A Holly, Jolly Murder showcases Claire at her lovable best, struggling with a mystery just as she tries to widen her horizons by diving into the middle of New Age elements. A pleasant, entertaining series addition.

Holly Jolly Murder is Joan Hess's 12th mystery featuring Book Depot proprietor and attractive widow Malloy as an inadvertent sleuth. Better known are Hess's Maggody books, which richly parody livin', dyin', and prayin' in the backwoods of Arkansas. The Malloy series is similarly witty, but its humor is a bit more subtle and less predictable than that of its country cousin. The college town that Malloy inhabits allows for occasional digs at academia as well as a broader range of quirky and seemingly less contrived characters-a Druid priestess being the obvious example.

Published by Thriftbooks. i loved the humor in here

Published by Thriftbooks. i loved the humor in here. i am a 50 year old woman and for me, at least, there were some pages that had me literally laughing so hard that i had tears in my eyes. i am looking forward to passing each.

A Holly, Jolly Murder "showcases Claire at her lovable best, struggling with a mystery just as she tries to widen her horizons by diving into the middle of New Age elements. But instead of wrapping up the case, she finds out tis the season for ho- ho- homicide. and she may be the next victim. Delightful entertainment, a just-right antidote to holiday busy-ness or anytime blahs. "Publishers Weekly" ""A Holly, Jolly Murder "showcases Claire at her lovable best, struggling with a mystery just as she tries to widen her horizons by diving into the middle of New Age elements. Painted Rock" "A pleasant, entertaining series addition.

Languishing from a fizzled love affair and keen for a lark during the holiday season, mild-mannered bookseller Claire Malloy visits a cabal of would-be Druids and Wiccans who find their wealthy benefactor murdered.
Ordinarily I would give Joan Hess automatic five stars especially for the Claire Malloy books which I have loved from the start. She is such a good writer and this series is a hoot! Once the story got started it was fun and the further it grew the better it became. I just think it took so very long to get started. The companion I was reading this with wanted to stop because they were so bored but I urged them to continue(I was a few chapters ahead). They too, liked it the deeper the story grew, but stuck to their opinion that it just took so long to get started. That said, it was fun, a great slew of characters, and it moved me right into the next book!
I haven't quite finished this one yet but the teenage daughter is so profoundly irritating that it is hard to do. I think people who read English cozy type murder mysteries aren't the same people who suffer spoiled brats gladly.
If you like the mysteries which play on words then this one is for you. The story line wasn't anywhere nearly as complex as the language. Many puns, word plays and an investigator that talks to herself if no one else is around because that is how important the word play is in this book. If you prefer more crime and detection you will not like this one.
I've worked my way through almost all of Hess's books, but somehow had overlooked this earlier one. It's a fun mystery, as all of her books are, and it was fun to see Caron tackle a problem on her own.
Good story but frags just a bit. Story premise is sort of strange but her books read well
I gave this book more than enough chances to wow me. I started it, set it aside, plugged along a little more, read something else, came back to it, all the time hoping to at least finish it despite the fact that I was clearly bored. The premise was cozy enough: a book shop owner gets roped into helping a bunch of neo-Druids solve a murder at Christmas time. I expected the Druid characters to be delightfully weird for weird's sake--like how they'd be portrayed by the writers of Law & Order or any other fuddy duddy show on NBC (which, don't get me wrong, I love nearly universally)--and they were, but that wasn't why I eventually stopped reading.

The main character, who it seems has her own series, is unreadable. And by that I don't mean the colloquial "I can't get a read on her motives," I mean I cannot read about this character for an entire book! She runs a bookshop and yet closes it several times a day to run the most trivial of errands, then wonders why she has no customers! It's the week before Christmas and there are days she only makes seventeen dollars in sales all day! Then she complains about the financial difficulties of being a single mother! She has no employees (hence the frequent closing of the store based on her own schedule for the day) but when her teenaged daughter is desperate for work she never suggests she come to the shop! Honestly, how on earth could she afford a can of tuna, let alone her store rent and home mortgage? It boggles the mind.

Beyond that the rest of the book just wasn't very good. The author doesn't do even a passable job of explaining why any of the characters would be investigating the murder in the first place, why they would consistently withhold information from the police, or why Claire would feel any loyalty to any of them (She doesn't know them!). It seems like the fact that a total stranger has been accused (rightly?) of killing another total stranger is of far more importance to her than, say, the fact that her own daughter has not only been fired but is being sued, or the fact that her boyfriend is skipping Christmas to spend more time with his ex-wife (this story line is treated as though Claire is being "an irrational female" who is over-reacting, which I found particularly implausible).

Okay, bottom line: No more Claire Malloy mysteries!

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Another entertaining and (and conceivably enlightening) outing in this fine series. Steadfast heroine Claire Malloy wanders into a typically bizarre set of characters- led by Ambesek, the Eater of Intestines- who somehow find it easier to deal with her than with each other, and finds herself inextricably entangled in yet another murder, to the chagrin of her police inspector boyfriend. The story involves various winter solstice celebrations that predate Christmas, an indescribably weird set of characters, and an inexplicable murder. What more could you ask for?
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