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by Alice Hoffman

  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 0425165299
  • ISBN13: 978-0425165294
  • ePub: 1554 kb | FB2: 1467 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: Berkley (November 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 272
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 881
  • Format: lit azw mobi lrf
At Risk ePub download

Also by Alice Hoffman. A Berkley Book, published by arrangement with G P. Putnam’s Sons.

Also by Alice Hoffman. PRACTICAL MAGIC AT RISK. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form wi.

At Risk is a 1988 book by Alice Hoffman about Amanda, an 11-year-old girl who contracts AIDS from a blood transfusion. Polly - Amanda's mother. Ivan - Amanda's father. Charlie - Amanda's brother. Jessie Eagan - Amanda's best friend. Sevrin - Charlie's best friend. Laurel Smith - medium, friend to Amamda. Linda Gleason - Principal of the Cheshire School.

In my opinion this is a definite must read.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. striking ( Village Voice ) novel that vividly portrays an American family shattered by tragedy. Ivan and Polly Farrell have two bright and talented children. Eight-year-old Charlie has his father's scientific mind.

They have been best friends for three years, and they can slip notes to each other so fast a teacher would have to have X-ray vision to catch them.

They have been best friends for three years, and they can slip notes to each other so fast a teacher would have to have X-ray vision to catch them s already waiting when Polly drives up in front of the school. Amanda and Jessie have carefully planned their outfits; they’re wearing matching polka dot dresses identical in all ways, except that Amanda’s dress has been painstakingly ironed by her Grandma Claire, up for a visit over the long Labor Day weekend.

Here On Earth Alice Hoffman Oprah Book Club Selection Hardcover. At Risk" by Alice Hoffman - this is quite dated, but I still love it. About a family with a young girl who gets AIDS during the early years of the epidemic and the stigma they face. Books-A-Million Online Book Store : Books, Toys, Tech &. The World’s Largest Independent Bookstore. At Risk by Alice Hoffman. Alice Hoffman Books I Love Books Books To Read Telling Stories Any Book Books For Teens Pulp Fiction So Little Time Local Girls.

Torn apart by the prospect of their loss, Polly, Ivan, and Charlie must find the courage to come back together again-for Amanda’s sake and for their own. At Risk is an exquisite book about true sorrow and even truer devotion. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Rules of Magic comes a “memorable...striking”(Village Voice) novel that vividly portrays an American family shattered by tragedy.Ivan and Polly Farrell have two bright and talented children. Eight-year-old Charlie has his father's scientific mind. Amanda, eleven, possesses the unusual strength and determination that has made her a promising gymnast. But her strength runs out as she becomes ill—and when she is diagnosed with AIDS, her family must draw on their own strengths as they come face-to-face with their deepest fears.“Brilliant...explosive...heart-rending.”—Chicago Tribune“Compelling power...tenderness and perceptiveness.”—The New York Times
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I believe this book was originally published in the late '80's, and has to be reviewed considering that time period. What was true for a diagnosis of Aids about 25 years ago, has changed a great deal. For me, the excellence of the writing was not so much about the story of the family's reaction following the diagnosis, and the reaction of the people in their town, but the amazing character study of each of the individuals involved. Alice Hoffman has an uncanny ability to expose the reader to a multitude of emotional responses from each of the characters in the book. It was a study in human reaction to grief, incredible stress and what makes one say and do the things they do when under intense pressure. She is so good at her portrayal of emotion, that one would wonder if this literary artist did not have at least a minor in psychology.
I started reading this book by mistake, but after a few pages I continued reading, finding it simple and similar to the people in my home town. They were real people with everyday problems. The main character, Amanda, is a charming champion middle school gymnist. She was close to her brother, Charlie, and his best friend, Mevrin, who were consumed by all things scientific , like studying dinosaurs, turtles, frogs, birds, bugs, rodents, having a menagerie of various creatures caged in their basements, such as newts, gerbils, white rats, mice, insects. They had telescopes of every variety, and frequently accompanied Charlie's father to his work, studying astronomy ... the earth, planets, the atmosphere. Charlie carried a book wherever he went, always studying, even off in a corner while attending his sister's gymnastic meets, with his nose stuck I n a book and one eye on his sister's performance. Amanda usually claimed first place in all her events. Being the best, her future in gymnastics was golden. She loved her sport passionately. Charlie and Sevrin spent days collecting specimens, looking for the one special creature no one had discovered yet. A large dark something surfaced before their eyes in the pond they frequented daily. It vanished before they could get a good look at it, but whatever it was, was unusual, mysterious, capturing their attention for days and nights on end while they waited for it to surface.

Amanda, five years earlier was admitted to the hospital with acute appendicitis, requiring an appendectomy followed by blood
transfusions. It was prior to the sophisticated Recently, after all this time, she began showing symptoms resulting in a diagnosis of the dreaded AIDS.
It was before the sophisticated tests were established for diagnosing AIDS in blood samples. Her family physician was devastated that this happened to a little girl he loved, from a favorite family and patients. Her best friend, Jesse, was her coaches daughter and Amanda's teammate. The coach believed Amanda to be the shining example his daughter needed to emulate. Jesse lacked the devotion Amanda had for gymnastics, however she idolized Amanda, was proud of Amanda's talent but without envy or jealousy. Jesse was the only classmate who befriended Amanda and stuck by her through the difficult days ahead.

After knowing of the AIDS in their school, many children transferred to other schools, parents forbid their children to associate with Amanda and Charlie. It was a lonely, frightening time for Aimanda's entire family. To watch a healthy, strong champion gymnast slowly and painfully deteriate and fade away was sad and difficult to imagine.

The story is well written, knowledgeable of AIDS, with empathy and sorrowful understanding for the charming Amanda, who, for one so young, fought her fight with courage and dignity, who understood the pain it caused her family and friends and exhibited
remarkable compassion for those who suffered along with her. Though it isn't the kind of book I was searching for, I read it and
appreciated the superior writing and subject matter. The timing was not right for me. It surfaced at a bad time, catching me unaware. I had recently lost my husband of forty-four years, and missed him desperately. I needed to read material to lift my spirits to comfort and sustain me. However, it is a good read I do recommend it.
It is surprising to me how the HIV and AIDs virus has since disappeared from our radar. This book reminds us how scary the epidemic was only 20 years ago when we did not have medications to extend out the lives of those infected. This is a story of a young child who acquired the virus from a blood transfusion and how family members handled the new family dynamics. I really thought the side story of the hotline volunteer and the relationship between him and the young girl's father was very well written and revealed an unlikely bond filled with compassion and friendship.
Amanda is only eleven years old and has been diagnosed with AIDS. At Risk was written at a time when little was understood about the HIV virus, and before there were effective treatments to slow the escalation of this terrible disease. Ignorance and fear played a big role in the way people treated Amanda and her family. But more than just a novel about AIDS and death, At Risk is the story of a beautiful little girl whose life was cut short and the loved ones who would keep her alive in their hearts. It made me smile and broke my heart, all at the same time. Alice Hoffman's writing is beautiful and haunting and her characters so real that you feel their loss as your own
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This was my second Adult Fiction title by Hoffman. I did not connect to this book characterwise like I did Faithful because there were too many basically flat characters who had been partially fleshed out, and I was hemming and hawng about giving it 3.5 stars on my blog; which would have meant I would not be reviewing it there.

These side character's stories could have easily been given in the narratives of essential characters. Hoffman is skilled at weaving storylines together; showing how lives touch and react to other lives, and I felt this was muddied by two or three of the character inclusions. However, the message in this story is deep and profound, so I will leave it at four stars.

I also want to touch base on some of the reviews saying the story felt "dated" because of the subject matter. I am scratching my head at this because since when are books about periods of history not read as historical fiction, no matter how recent that history might be?
A profoundly sad story. My first Hoffman book and certainly not my last. I could feel the emotion, the sadness with her writing. I could feel the father's rage, the mother's sorrow and guilt, the son's anger and depression over being shunned and the daughter's desire to continue with her life and her school. I could feel the father's trembling, the mother's weakness and helplessness. But, I still cannot understand the reaction of neighbors, classmates, and friends (supposedly). Are most humans naturally cruel?

The books has some bright spots, it is not all sadness. It is not depressing but enlightening. We can learn from such books. Alice Hoffman is an author that can make us think, make us see what is wrong and what should be right.
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