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by Richard Herman Jr

  • Author: Richard Herman Jr
  • ISBN: 045054852X
  • ISBN13: 978-0450548529
  • ePub: 1248 kb | FB2: 1204 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division; First Paperback Edition edition (October 3, 1991)
  • Pages: 400
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 155
  • Format: lit lrf mobi txt
Force of Eagles ePub download

Read 'Warbirds' Jack Locke book 1 and just finished 'Force of Eagles' Jack Locke book 2. Both excellent reads and at times real page turners.

A former weapons system operator, Richard Herman was a member of the United States Air Force for twenty-one years, until he retired in 1983 with the rank of major. He is the author of ten previous novels, including The Warbirds, Power Curve, Against All Enemies, Edge of Honor, and The Trojan Sea, all published by Avon Books. Herman currently lives and works in Gold River, a suburb of Sacramento, California. Read 'Warbirds' Jack Locke book 1 and just finished 'Force of Eagles' Jack Locke book 2. Published 4 months ago.

The two compass-gray F-15 Eagles punched out of the top of the broken cloud deck scudding over the Arizona desert.

First published in the . The two compass-gray F-15 Eagles punched out of the top of the broken cloud deck scudding over the Arizona desert. The flight lead’s voice came over the UHF radio, Fence check. His wingman, Colonel Rupert Stansell, did not acknowledge the call as his fingers flicked the switches that would arm the fighter for combat.

Dark Wing (Matt Pontowski, by. Richard Herman. The China Sea by.

Force of Eagles book. Standard military thriller fare from Richard Herman

Force of Eagles book. Standard military thriller fare from Richard Herman. Character stories, aerial combat and then typical Herman suspense as to which important character he's going to kill off during the story. For those who enjoy this genre, a good read. However, to fully understand the characters, Warbirds must be read first.

New York : Avon Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana.

She had pulled the blackout curtain around her and turned up the table lamp, giving her enough light to work by on the darkened flight deck. and she kept pushing it aside. Pilot, navigator -she always tried to maintain proper intercom discipline- problems. Go ahead, Kowalski acknowledged. Because they were wearing oxygen masks they could hear each other breathe when they keyed the intercom to talk. We haven’t got the winds to drop the Rangers as planned. They’re out of the north but not strong enough.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Herman Richard P Jr. Категория: fiction.

For the MIAs, the men who went missing in action in Southeast Asia, and whose only homecoming is in the memories and love of those they left behind. Many thanks are always due to those who help a writer and I am no exception

This one was hard to put down. Action packed and suspense filled, you can't go wrong buying this one. I have read a couple of other books by this author and had noticed that there was always a distracting political aspect included, this book contains that factor as well as that of career military officers only interested in advancing their career. Unlike the other books, Mr. Herman has learned how to include these types of aspects without distracting from the main story, in fact these aspects are integral to this story. I hope he continues with this style. As always with my reviews of 5 star material I choose not to disclose content so the reader can enjoy the book to its fullest.
A very entertaining and fast paced read. Not sure when it was written but it is dated by a couple or three decades. I like to lead character and fully appreciated the kind of crap from bureaucratic generals the Pentagon produces in numbers. I like the acknowledgment that the US is rather incompetent in its military disposition, largely from the senior officer level and politicians, but that it is the actual troops with boots on the ground that pull their ass out of the fire. A good read and I will read more, just like to see something more current.
I'm really surprised that I have not heard of any of Mr. Hermans books before. I know that this is a common or overused atatement, but I really did have a hard time putting the book down once I started reading it. Many times I'd be mad at myself for "not getting anything done" around the house because I was so locked into reading the book.
I'd rate Mr Herman right up there at the top with authors like Clancy, Griffin etc. I could tell that while I was reading "Force of Eagles" that it must have been one in a series. That was disappointing because I hate to start in the middle of a series. So when I finished it, I looked up his name on Wikipedia because they are pretty good about letting you know everything he has written and in what order. Boy was I shocked to find out he wasn't even listed there, Somebody's agent needs to pick up some slack! After doing some other research, I found out that the name of the book that I wanted first is titled "The Warbirds." I ordered that one right away. I also believe that Amazon Kindle owes it to their customers to let them know that it's a serial book and show you what number the book is in the series..
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I worked with F-16's through Block 70 and rebuilding F-111's. I also got air support from F-4's. The view of the politics and routine foolishness of the decision making and leadership in the US military seemed accurate. The Blue-Green Team was realistic. There are conflicts still between the branches of the military. The blending into one team seemed real.

The difference in this story is that the odds of a ground pounder (i.e. infantry, Ranger, scout, marine, Special Ops) is more probable than an Air Force type in today's military ops. The opposite was the case in this story. Putting a Ranger Battalion opconned to a Air Force exercise is rare.

The role of the NCO's is important and is generally quite different between a Army ground based unit versus an Air Force unit. This seemed to be accurate.

It's a good tale that may take place in the near term soon. It is a good story.
Did no one proof this after it was scanned? I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Obviously, the author is familiar with Air Force capabilities and equipment or did a good job of research. I’ll give the author 4+ stars, but whoever scanned the book for the Kindle edition and then failed to proof the results rates 1 or less. There are numerous cases of scanning errors that were not corrected, the worst being characters’ names, resulting in several characters being identified by two different names during the course of a conversation. There were other errors like plumb instead of plume, Gulfstream HI instead of Gulfstream III, or corner rather than comer (m being scanned as rn was common). It would not have taken long for an editor to review the scanned edition for errors.
His prior book "The Warbirds" was a real page turner, suspenseful, very realistic combat scenes, sad in places. "Force of Eagles" takes the action up a notch or two. Gripping, fast paced ground and air combat scenes. You want to scream at a couple of semi-lead characters who are more concerned about advancing their personal careers than completing the "Mission" and rescuing their countrymen. The "in-fighting" and "politics" is maddening. At times one would like to "punch-out" a couple of the leaders. The detail in the air and ground combat scenes in amazing.This book will wring out your emotions. NOTE: make sure to read "The Warbirds" before "Force of Eagles".
The Iranians are holding 282 POWs from the remains of the 45th Tactical Fighter Wing from the base at Ras Assanya at a prison outside of Kermanshah in Western Iran. Because negotiations for their release is breaking down, a rescue contingency has been ordered by the President and assigned to Delta Force. But the President also wants the AF Chief of Staff, General Lawrence "Sundown" Cunningham, to put together a decoy rescue plan to divert attention from Delta Force. General Cunningham assigns Colonel Rupert Stansell to come up with the decoy plan and make it simple and workable. And as you might guess, the Delta Force plan becomes compromised and the decoy plan becomes the plan. It's a wild read and as fast as Jack Locke's F-15E.
Richard Herman's books on the Iraqi war from the perspective of pilots was a new venture for me. I typically read forensics or covert ops stories. I enjoyed this change. Both of the books by Herman that I have read had great stories but also very strong character development. The initial alphabet soup was difficult to wade through but that did not impede the flow of the story. I regret that I was required to score this as some violence rather than no violence. It was appropriate for the story and not overpowering considering it was about war.
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