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by Morris L. West

  • Author: Morris L. West
  • ISBN: 1558001484
  • ISBN13: 978-1558001480
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: Dove Entertainment Inc (June 1, 1989)
  • Rating: 4.4/5
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Shoes of the Fisherman ePub download

The Shoes of the Fisherman is a novel by the Australian writer Morris West first published in 1963. The novel concerns the election of a Ukrainian pope, and is a dissection of Vatican politics.

The Shoes of the Fisherman is a novel by the Australian writer Morris West first published in 1963. Many of the characteristics of Father Telemond were based on the controversial French Jesuit palaeontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Morris West wrote 30 books and many plays, and several of his novels were adapted for film. The See of Peter was vacant

Morris West wrote 30 books and many plays, and several of his novels were adapted for film. Each new book he wrote after he became an established writer sold more than one million copies. The See of Peter was vacant. So the Cardinals of the Sacred College assumed trusteeship over the authority of the Fisherman, though they lacked the power to exercise it. The power did not reside in them but in Christ and none could assume it but by lawful transmission and election.

Morris L. West’s most popular book is The Shoes of the Fisherman. Books by Morris L. West. Showing 30 distinct works. The Shoes of the Fisherman by. Morris L.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. Book 1 of 3 in the Vatican Series.

An international bestseller, The Shoes of the Fisherman is one of the great novels of. .It is the first novel in Morris West's Vatican trilogy.

An international bestseller, The Shoes of the Fisherman is one of the great novels of the twentieth century and is still widely read today. Tough, spare, brilliant, vital. He is best known for his novels The Devil's Advocate, The Shoes of the Fisherman and The Clowns of God.

This is the book on which the 1968 movie, The Shoes of the Fisherman, was based. Morris West is one of those rare authors who can conjure up an excellent book from minimal material. The movie is vastly different than the book. Shoes of the Fisherman, one of his best, is a heart warming look at the Papacy.

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The Shoes of the Fisherman is a 1968 American drama film based on the 1963 novel of the same name by the Australian novelist Morris West. Shot in Rome, the motion picture was directed by Michael Anderson and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Was made into a movie starring Anthony Quinn. Has DJ,but it is not in good condition. Was made into a movie starring Anthony Quinn.

A pope has died, and the corridors of the Vatican hum with intrigue as cardinals from all over the world gather to choose his successor. Suddenly, the election is concluded with a surprise result. The new pope is the youngest cardinal of all--and a Russian!
I first watched the movie, staring Anthony Quinn when it came out on television. I was impressed with the movie and the plot. The music score dramatic-I like even though I was listening a mono sound color TV. The production scenes of the vatican and St. Peter's and the sistine chapel were the first I had seen. I am a Lutheran and not a Roman Catholic but I was fascinated with the with the whole background. I grew during Pope John 23 and Pope Paul IV and Vatican 2. After watching the movie I picked up an old paperback and started reading it but stopped because the material was dense for me at a younger age. After the election Pope John Paul II, everybody felt that the Pope Kiri l was the story almost of the new non -Italian western Pope.

So Later, I decided to go and re-read the book on my Kindle after the election of Pope Francis. I finally read this book from cover to cover and I am glad I did. and I was amazed that even for non roman catholic how all topics Morris West wrote in 1962 are lime coming even now. After reading this book my assessment that Pope Kiril I is not not manifested in Pope John Paul II, but in the Present Pope Francis.

Morris West was and is a great and masterful story teller trying to resolve the spiritual and theological l issues that was layman try to grasp and deal with everyday. I went and bough is other trolley series
on this subject.
The book is built around the election of a Russian Pope and then describes his trials and tribulations. The book was written in the early 1960s and may have seemed bold at the time, but subsequent true-life Vatican history has been more intriguing, thus rendering this book kinda tame. So, I found myself reading it mainly for the description of how a pope goes about his days. There's not much of a plot here. There is a lot of Catholic theology and emotional stress, but it's not the kind of book that will keep you up till 3 in the morning (although I just finished it -- at 3 in the morning!) West is an excellent writer and hardly a page goes by when I am not impressed by his command of the language and his insight into papal thought. So, as I say, it was interesting, but annoyingly dated.
A fictional study of life during the Cold War from a different point of view, the Catholic Church. Everybody has read fiction and non-fiction about the Cold War, but nobody has looked at a group committed to peace and given a view from that point of view. It’s an interesting read and well done.
Rich Vulture
West is an authritative novelist on Vatican protocols and produces realistic portraits of the burdens and intrigues facing any pontiff
It has an interesting topic, but for me, not enough plot. A collection of essays, which could be good if you're in the mood for it. There's SOME plot, just not enough for me. Many interesting word choices. Keep your dictionary handy.
I loved this book. I remember hearing about it in 1968 when it was first published and right before the Academy Awards program this year I saw the end of the movie on TCM. That's when I bought it. "The Shoes of the Fisherman" could have been written today. It is a great read and I can't wait to read the other two of the trilogy.
Outstanding and enlightening..absolutely amazing writer, working on the rest of the Trilogy. Finished THE CLOWNS OF GOD and am reading LAZARUS
This is a good book about people and their roles in the church. It makes the Pope very human and tells a story about a fictitious Pope who not only leads the church, but struggles to help others. It is the lives of people and the choices they make. OK read.
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