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by Jacob K. Ray

  • Author: Jacob K. Ray
  • ISBN: 1453644563
  • ISBN13: 978-1453644560
  • ePub: 1156 kb | FB2: 1446 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 23, 2010)
  • Pages: 180
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 331
  • Format: mobi doc mbr azw
Pill-Billies ePub download

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Sissy Raymond struggles to find release after landing herself in a jail-rehab. Riddled with guilt, sex addiction.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Pill-Billies by Jacob K. Ray (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

Billies Bunch, Cole, Harry, Used; Good Book.

Pill-billies takes place in Kentucky. Florida becomes an unwitting supplier as the addicts figure out to drive to the Pain Management clinics that cancer the Sunshine State.

Select Format: Paperback. Pill-billies takes place in Kentucky. What others are saying.

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Jacob K Ray. Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. The Jets of Enceladus (a Journal from the First Manned Mission to the Saturnian System). Jacob K Ray.

Sissy Raymond struggles to find release after landing herself in a jail-rehab. Riddled with guilt, sex addiction, abusive relationships, and bereavement over the loss of her twenty-year old Brother, Sissy claws her way out through writing. Pill-billies takes place in Kentucky. Florida becomes an unwitting supplier as the addicts figure out to drive to the Pain Management clinics that cancer the Sunshine State. Addicts soon discovered they could drive to Florida's Pain-Management Clinics to stock up on oxycontin. Follow a drug-muling pill addict from her days as a smuggler & prostitute to her stint in rehab-jail. Sissy, a Licensed Vocational Nurse, spills her heart out after a funeral, with her vision of the afterlife, free from her addiction... "I will get to the great pond and row away further from these only shores I've ever known. Further than land can be seen. I will finally stop and just look up at the stars that made me. I will let them transform me into light. I will fly away to a heaven-like sphere. There, floating in the rounded ether will be all the good childhoods, the kind parents, and the lovers of the world. I will let myself join this new cosmos. It will embrace me, fully. There, each song is a promise and joy drips from long branches strewn with the harps and discarded wings of the cherubs who've cocooned into full Angels. Sweet manna will rain down from time to time. We take honey baths and the milk bubbles. The sun always shines in my eternal place. There is no more night or cold moon. There is no death-shade blue. There is no nightmaring allowed. There is no day where it all ends but you must have had endings while earthbound to make it feel like forever does and can. And, you must marry yourself to feeling everlasting peace to thrive here. If you cannot your wings won't be issued. God will keep working on you until you let go. You spin silk around you and wait to butterfly. Then, the birds of paradise can flutter around you as you become one with the light. You look down and behind you. You are finally flying. The nest that was your earthly life has been left. You can now join eternity. Be careful. You won't be able to stop it from becoming you. It will soon take you over with a swift love. I pray you let it take you. I pray you learn to let it sooth you. I pray you let it cradle your wounds from this world as it heals them all. I pray you stop lying to yourself if you are an addict. I pray you make it. If you do you can hear the Angels sing. It is the sound of all souls before yours singing, at once. It resounds through the universe and lights the sky. If you don't stop, you won't hear it. You won't let it flicker and drip. You will drown it out. You will only hear the howls. You will try to tune them out. They come back louder with each rejection. You can hear them now. Just go look in the mirror. Look deep. Do you hear them? They are the downturned corners of your mouth. They are your sad eyes. They are your jaundiced skin. They are your bad breath. They are the messy bathroom. They are the confused animal looking back. Stop their cries. Walk away now. Never go back. They will only get louder. You can bury your head in the dirt to try to get away from them but then your ass is waiting to get kicked by something else. Just let go. What have they done for you anyway? Don't let looking cool interfere with being human. Drugs make you a slave animal. Take the jagged dagger out of your hand and see what happens. I bet you start to see heaven all around you...or at least a shimmer..." Let nine-time Bestselling Kindle Author, Jacob Ray take you on this grim but important journey. Pill-billies is a follow-up to his Novel, The Bridge Burners which is now in its Second Edition. Other works by Jacob K. Ray include: The Ride Home (A Surf Novel) *BestSeller Pig-Skinned *BestSeller The Undead of the Low Country The Tongueless Language My O.B. The Jets of Enceladus
I LOVED this little book and wished only that it was about three times longer. Maybe the grammar wasn't perfect but if you know anything about the addict lifestyle then you will feel it's beating heart here. Very highly recommended!!!
Very pleased!
I bought this book because it was less than a buck and I figured that it would be entertaining. While the book had its moments, it was poorly written. It seemed like there was a lack of editing before this book was released. I am an AOD administrator and like to read addiction books to help further my knowledge. This one lacked true addiction theory and understanding. It is a fictional book that just described parting and doing drugs in Kentucky. There was no thought of why people became addicted or how to get clean. If quitting was as easy as the book described I would be out of work.

Update: Beware of so called author. If you give a negative review he simply bashes you and harasses you trying to get you to remove it. Better give him a 5 star review or else....hahahahaha what a JOKE.
Though a short quick read I suppose I was expecting more... not bad though. I enjoyed the read and would recommend this memoir to others
So I loved the title and read the reviews and was happy to pay 99 cents for this book. I just didn't love it...
It was easy to read in one go, and I understand it was a novel, however, I didn't find it believable.
The attitude of the characters were believable but the story as a whole wasn't. I guess I expected something different and you don't know that until you read it. Compare the stories in this book to the lives and dysfunction of some addicts you know in real life and it doesn't come close.
Buy it and make up your own mind - it's only 99cents!
worth a read
I have to continuously remind myself that when I pay one or two dollars for a book, I should not be expecting great literature. However, Pill-Billies was poorly written AND lacked an organized plot. I can't even call it an "easy read" because the lack of quality prose and flow made it a little difficult to read. However, it had some interesting ideas and it wasn't bad for an afternoon on the beach. Don't know why it's captioned as "this summer's naughtiest read"... Can't quite remember any titillating passages that I would describe as "naughty"!
I have to say the plot of this story was very interesting....except for all the rambling and the back and forth! If the author would of just stayed on track when he was talking about the characters it could of been great! Too much detail on the extra characters..BLAH! I was still absorbed about this book ,however,because it seened like a very real story. It felt like the person had really gone through this life,it could of been written better however.
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